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Playing online at a casino is gaining more and more popularity. We are going to help you find a reliable and safely legal casino. In our reviews you will find the providers with a license and they are assessed on customer -friendliness, game offerings, bonuses, deposit options and payouts.

Reliable and safe

By choosing a casino with a permit in the Netherlands, you can be sure that everything is honest. With these legal casinos you know for sure that you will also get a won jackpot neatly paid out.

Data remains safe and are not sold to third parties, the games are supplied by the best software companies and you can safely bank. Of course you have with everyone Legal Netherlands Casino Also a customer service where you will be talked about in American.

Because it has to remain a game and it should not be an addiction, the casinos all have the duty to keep an eye on their players. There are deposit limits and you will find addresses and numbers of addiction care on their sites.

The best legal American online casinos

From April 2021 licenses can be requested for online casinos. The providers who meet all requirements may virtually open their doors from 1 October 2021. From that date you will find best online casinos with us on the site.

Free money

A big advantage of a casino online is that you Bonuses can receive. You will not experience this in a Holland Casino location, but you will be spoiled online with extras.

Often you just get free spins or money to get to know the casino by registering. It is expected that you complete the registration and enter your data. If you are going to put money on your account, there is usually a bonus in return.

In addition to this welcome bonus, there are many more types of bonuses with which they want to bind you as a customer to the casino. Please note that you read the conditions associated with a bonus.

Online but still live

Many people do not trust software and this despite the many controls by the government. No problem because you can now sit online at real Live casino games. A dealer leads the game and gives the cards or throws the ball just like in Holland Casino.

The casinos are very atmospheric and you can simply talk to the dealer with the chat function. Because you also have the opportunity to play with very low bets, many people have already exchanged the physical casinos for a live casino online.


If you play against the software, it has the advantage that it can be done very quickly. You are the opponent of the software and you don't have to wait for anyone. Bet and play. But the greatest advantage of playing against software is that you can also play all games for free.

The games you can play are slots, bingo, video slots, video poker and the famous table games such as BlackJack a roulette.

What do we look at in our casino reviews

About the safety in Bonuses Have we already had it. There are more things that are important for a good online casino.

  • The range of games; When we are talking about the range of game, it is not only about the number of games that a casino has, but certainly also about the quality of the games. We look at the reliability and user -friendliness and who the software suppliers are.

These software suppliers are the makers of all games and make them available to the various casinos for a fee. Extra safe is the fact that these suppliers are also under strict control.

  • Usability; You should think of the possibility to play on a tablet or on a phone. The games still work so well. If you are thrown out in the middle of an exciting game, the fun of playing online will quickly go.

The findability of your favorite games in a well -arranged menu on the homepage also contributes to a good play experience.

  • preventively help against gambling addiction; Has the casino a deposit limit that you can set in advance. Is there a possibility to deregister for a certain period. Such a cooling -off period can be very important for certain players. You then talk about exclusion of 24 hours, a week, a month or even a year or permanent.
  • Customer service; Today's online casinos work so well and are so clear that you will probably never need customer service. If there is a problem, it is so useful if it is solved as quickly as possible.

We look at different points to assess customer service. Think of speed, opening times, ways of , languages and kindness.

What to do with complaints?

If customer services cannot resolve your complaint satisfactorily, then you always have the option to submit the complaint to the Gaming Authority. If you are in your right, they will certainly act against the online casino.

Play in an online casino within a few minutes

  1. Go to a reliable provider

    On our online casino page you will find all providers with a license in the Netherlands. Read the reviews and choose a casino that suits you.

    If it is the bonus for which you choose a casino, pay attention to the free play conditions.

  2. Register yourself

    If you are over 18 and you want to play online, you must register yourself. Enter everything truthfully because this can be important later if you want to pay profits.

    After entering the data you will receive an activation link by e -mail. You can confirm the registration here.

  3. If necessary, deposit money

    At the online casinos you have the option to play games for free. Most people find the games more fun when money is played.

    There are different ways to put money on your account. This is possible with a credit card or simply with iDeal. Please note that a welcome bonus often belongs to the first deposit. Read the conditions to take maximum advantage of this bonus.

  4. Play with pleasure

    After your deposit including bonus you have money to try the games. Everything you find in a physical casino can also be played online.

    Roulette, slots, craps or bingo, everything can now be found at the online casinos. For sports enthusiasts among us there is also a section for sports betting.

    The most important thing is that you have to play for pleasure. Keep it nice for you and your environment.

The benefits of online gambling

The great thing about the online casinos is that they are open 24 hours a day and that you can play from every place. In bed, on the toilet, on the train or on vacation, with the mobile versions you can play your favorite game any time of the day.

How about the money you save by gambling at home. You save gasoline and parking costs, but also entrance and money for food and drink. If you only count this money, added with a bonus, then you can already have an evening of online pleasure. If you have no money, you just play on the free tables.

Another big advantage is that you can play with very small bets online. Fiches that sometimes cost $ 10 in Holland Casino can be here for 0.10 cents. If you win, you will deposit the money back to your account safely. Better than walking on the street with too much money in your pocket.

In the weekends it is often very busy in Holland Casino and it is difficult to get a place on your favorite game. You will not be bothered by this online, there is always room. There are also more games online. In front of craps You don't have to go to Las Vegas, but you play it at home from the couch.

In the end there is a big advantage of playing online. The payments at the slots are higher. On average, an online slot machine pays 97%. With the HC this is 93 % and with the gambling halls sometimes only 85 %.

Is there nothing negative to say?

Of course, there are also disadvantages to the online gambling. First there will be people who miss the fun of a physical casino. There is a nice chat function online, but that is slightly different.

You are also a few clicks online from depositing money again. Of course you have to be careful that in the heat of the fight you don't lose more than you love.

Being able to play 24/7 can, in addition to an advantage, also be a disadvantage for people who have difficulty stopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of playing online?

There are many benefits such as being able to play from your lazy chair. You save on travel costs, entrance, drinks and food so that you can spend all that money gambling. Because of the possibility of playing with small bets, you have much longer fun. And of course the bonuses too.

Which game can you best play online?

If you are good at it then that is certainly poker. Video poker and blackjack also have a low house advantage.

Where can I find the best bonuses?

Keep an eye on this website. We have always selected the latest and best offers for you.