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Through our website we want to offer you information about the possibilities that there are to take a gamble in the Netherlands. Our site is not a gambling platform where you will be able to place and play responsibly is still at the top of our list.

To put responsibility first, we have set up five tips that you could follow. On the other hand, you need to know that there are different authorities where you can be helped if you feel that with a Gambling have to contend. On the Website of the Gaming Authority Do you find everything about the current regulations in the field of gambling in the Netherlands.

🎰 Make use of the possibility to practice

If you want to gamble online at a legal American casino you need to know that there is always the possibility to practice for free. So you will not get the obligation to play for money in any way and will not be tempted to do so. You can play for free without needing an account for that and therefore directly in the browser of your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You make use of a virtual credit and will not be present in any way that you could also lose money.

🎰 Determine your play budget before you start playing

A golden rule that we use before we take a chance at an online American casino is determining our budget. Not everyone has the same amount of money available for gambling, which of course is not a disaster. If you can properly determine in advance what you can miss to the maximum in order to be able to do the groceries, there is nothing wrong. For the small budget, a legal American casino offers the possibility to play with low bets and if you have more money available you will also be able to get started with high bets.

🎰 Possibly play with a bonus

Do you want to go for winning money, but have you never played before at an online casino? At an online casino you can always use a welcome bonus. Based on your first deposit you can get up to a few hundred euros bonus money and you always first have the option to play with a free credit before addressing your own money. Incidentally, it does not have to be that you have to deposit money to get a bonus. If you create an account you can often also obtain an x number of free spins without adding money.

🎰 Deal with your money in a wise way

If you know how much money you have available, it is wise to determine how you will use in advance. You can go to online slots from just $ 0.01 cents per turn and on gaming tables it is already possible to play from just $ 0.10 cents. On the other hand, you need to know that at a legal American casino you could always easily play with a casino strategy. This means that you follow a system for a certain way of deploying and you can use it to influence your chances of achieving a profit yourself.

🎰 Do everything to prevent gambling addiction

The last tip we want to give you has everything to do with a gambling addiction. Gambling is just as addictive as smoking or drinking alcohol and that is something you have to watch out for. Our tip for responsible play in this area is that you have to know limits. Do not play for too long, but play once in a while. Moreover, determines how far you are willing to go with regard to a possible loss and therefore also stop achieving this limit. After all, if you get excited, you will lose more money if you are actually sweet. Play safely, but consciously!