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Toto is a well -known American betting provider for sport. If you like to bet at sports competitions, then you know TOTO and you probably have to use the TOTO to your favorite club or athlete. Now the Toto Casino is also online. You can play all kinds of games in this online casino. This review is about Toto Casino, our experiences with this online casino and of course you can read at the end of this review what our final judgment of Toto Casino is.

Is Toto Casino reliable?

Most people will know Toto as the provider in the Netherlands for betting on sports. It has been a reliable provider for years and a lot of people have devoted Toto to a sports competition or bets weekly, if not on sports daily. The Toto Casino was founded by TOTO. So you can assume that it is a reliable party.

Go directly to the Casino of Toto

The Toto Casino has also received a permit from the American Gaming Authority. So it's one Legal online casino And it meets all the requirements of the NKA. This authority also regularly checks online casinos. That is why you can assume that Toto Casino is reliable.

How do you create an account at TOTO?

Toto is one of the legal gambling providers in the Netherlands and they have sports competitions and a casino for you. Thanks to the good software suppliers you can enjoy slots, table games and a live casino of top quality.

To create an account you go through the steps below. It is arranged in 5 minutes.

Go to Toto and register

Cl. here To go to the Toto website. You now come to the landing break of the Toto. Click Register to create an account.

Verify with IDIN

You now have two options for creating an account.

  • Register with Idin
  • Register manually

The fastest is to use the first option. Idin is an online identification method, an initiative of all well -known American banks. You do not have to fill in data yourself, instead there is a secure and encrypted data transfer between the casino and your bank.

This is 100% reliable and you run no risk!

Select the bank where you have a checking account and which you want to link to your TOTO account. You now have the choice of ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING, Bunq, RegioBank and SNS.

After your choice you are ready for the next step. Use the orange "Register with Idin" button for this.

Now you come out of an internet banking environment that is known for you. If you have already settled online, chances are that this new screen will be familiar.

But instead of making a payment, you use it here to share your personal information via Idin.

Now you have two choices: sharing data by scanning the QR code, or logging in manually with username and password.

That first option is the fastest. You need your payment app for this. Click on "Scanner" here and hold the camera for the code.

On your mobile device, a whole new page now appears: "Sending data to the American Loterij Organization B.V." You will find the following info already entered:

  • Initials)
  • Last name
  • Gender (female or man)
  • Date of birth
  • Home address (street, zip code, place of residence and country)

Under optional you will see your e-mail address as you specified at the bank. If you prefer to receive Toto correspondence at another address, click on the pen on the right to change.

Agree to the "Continue" button and you will now find the Toto website again.

Make an account at TOTO

You now have to enter your email address again and create a password.

You always need this data to log in, so write it down for yourself, or save it under your Google passwords.

The password must meet the three conditions that Toto has set. For example, it must consist of at least 12 characters, of which 1 capital letter and 1 digit.

Make sure it is a strong password, or it should not be guessed for others. After entering it, the system indicates how strong your conceived password is.

After this you continue with the orange "Register" button.

fill in your personal details

Enter the information that is now being asked for truth. If you do not do this, you can get in trouble with payouts. All data must match your ID Kaar or Passport.

  • Birthdate and place
  • Address and telephone number
  • Citizen service number -

If you don't know your BSN, grab your ID card. This is because it is mentioned. After entering, it is checked on the basis of this whether you are stated in the Cruks. That is it Central register exclusion of games of chance.

If it appears after the check that it follows that you indeed appear on this list, then you cannot continue to coordinate.

Click on "Furthermore".

Enter your IBAN account number and click on "Furthermore".

Remove check marks or continue

A number of check marks are automatically checked. You can possibly turn this off.

Now click on "Register my account".

There is now a pop-up captcha, consisting of 6 images. This is intended as extra security. For example, the question is asked to click on the photos on which you see a car.

Then select the blue "verify" button.

Agree with general terms and conditions

Check that you agree with the Toto General Terms and Conditions.

Confirm email address

You now get an email. Confirm Your Email Address. Look in the spam when nothing comes in.

Click on "Furthermore".

Upload documents

  • TOTO now needs your identity documents to verify your identity. That can be an ID card, passport or driver's license. You can choose this yourself. Make sure that your important data such as your BSN number is not covered. Otherwise your documents will be rejected.
  • TOTO gives tips for uploading and getting the documents accepted as quickly as possible. Go through these points. The photos serve:
    • Clearly readable and razor -sharp
    • No reflections
    • Be provided with a background that is as neutral as possible
    • To fully visualize the documents, including corners. You can easily take the photos with your phone, for example. By the way, don't scan your documents. Take photos of it, otherwise they will be rejected immediately. Continue with the green bold "+"To upload the documents. You now get a green shield in the picture with "Start Verification". Now click on "Start". The previous image is now followed by one that is entirely in English. You can read: "Choose Your Issuing Country/Region", or: "Choose the country where you live". If all goes well, this is already selected for you. Now you determine the ID-Type, so whether you want to use your valid passport, ID card or driver's license. A credit card, student ID or only a birth certificate are not sufficient. You now have 3 options:
    • Continue on mobile (Ga door met smartphone)
    • Take Photo Using Webcam (Take a photo with the camera of your laptop/PC)
    • Upload file from this device (upload the documents from this device). If you already have the photos ready, you choose option 3.
    • The assignment follows: "Upload front or *type identity document *". Click on "Choose File" and select the front of the relevant documen t. You now see the photo in the picture. To be sure, check it out at the points underneath.
    • Then you continue with "complete ".nu it is time for the back of the document with" Upload Back or *Type of identity document *", with again" Choose File ". You can also take a good look at that. Then click on "complete". "Checking Image Quality" appears in the picture.
    • If the attempt is successful, you will now see "your upload has succeeded!". Use the orange "back to overview" button now. Toto thanks you for uploading the documents and indicates that you can now continue creating your account. Select "Furthermore".

Set the limits

  • Here you decide what amount you want to have in your account, what your maximum deposit amount is per deposit and you indicate a playing time limit.
  • Your indicated choices are not forever. In your account you can easily adjust it yourself. If you want lower limits, your new conditions will take effect immediately. If you want them higher limits, you must take into account a processing time of 7 days. This is done for your own safety, so that you don't make hasty decisions.
  • Continue with "Set limits".
    • Choose what amount in euros you want to be able to deposit a maximum per day, week or month, and then click on "Set limit".
    • Select how much money you want at most in your account. This must be an amount between $ 5 and $ 99,999. If this comes out by cashing a profit above your limit, it will be transferred too much automatically to your bank account.
    • Click on 'Set Limit' again.
    • Let us know how long you want to be able to play in hours per day. Choose "Set limit again".
    • What follows is an overview with all the choices you have made.
    • Select the "Confirm limits" button.

Wait for approval

The system automatically regulates approval. Then sometimes it can take a few minutes.

Make a deposit

Choose "upgrade" and choose the amount you want to deposit. For the time being you can deposit with iDeal.

Enjoy the offer

Have fun with the betting on Sport or take a gamble in the Casino of Toto.

The range of games from Toto Casino

Toto Casino offers a wide range of online games. This way you can choose from different slots, table games, jackpots and there is a live casino. If you click on a game of your choice, you will get a good explanation of how the game should be played and you see who has developed the game. You can first try out every game. Then you don't have to put anything in, but you can experience how the game works.

Live Casino: Play online together

The live casino is also highly recommended. Together with other players who are online, you can participate in, for example, a roulette table, a blackjack table and live poker. The minimum bet for these games varies from 0.50 euros to 20 euros. The maximum bet can be different for each game, but is never more than 5,000 euros. You can also in it Live Casino play nice other games, such as Monopoly live, Mega Ball of Football Studio.

Register at Toto Casino

Before you can really play at the Toto Casino, you must register. Hereby you create an account at Toto Casino. You still have to confirm this account by uploading a copy of your proof of identity, an address and possibly proof of your payment method. Toto Casino looks at whether all this is correct and if that is the case, your account is activated and confirmed. You can then deposit money directly into your account and start a game in the online casino.

Conditions for an account at Toto Casino

To be able to create an account at Toto Casino you must be 18 years or older. Your proof of identity must confirm this and you must be able to show proof of your address. This is often possible through a recent bank statement. It is also important that you link a valid account number to your account. This account must be on your name, so the name on your proof of identity. Otherwise, Toto Casino cannot pay your profit to you.

Deposit money on your account

Once you have a confirmed account at Toto Casino, you can deposit money into your account. This is possible through different payment options. The site of the online casino indicates exactly which methods they are. The money is directly on your account. If you deposit money on your account for the first time, this will be doubled by TOTO to an amount of 200 euros.

Bonus at Toto Casino

Another possibility for a bonus is that E can opt for a doubling of your investment. You will then receive a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of 50 euros. You have to use this bonus by using at least $ 5 at a time at sports competitions with a quotation of 1.50 or more.

The bonus conditions of Toto Casino

Every online casino has conditions attached to their bonuses. They do this to prevent abuse of these bonuses. If you want to read the precise bonus conditions, you can go to Toto's "promotions page".

For the 100 Free spins the following conditions apply:

  • To activate the free spins, you must deposit at least $ 20 in one go
  • You can only bet the free spins on the tuxedo hot fruit slot machine. All other games are excluded from participation
  • Every free spider has a value of 50 cents. Because of this you must take profit limits into account
  • The free spins of the welcome bonus are valid for seven days. Free spins that have not been deployed will then be canceled
  • You can only activate the free spins if you are 24 or older
  • There are no playing conditions on the free spins

For the 100% deposit bonus, the conditions are:

  • You can only use the bonus money with a minimum value of $ 5
  • The total bet must have a quotation of 1.5 or higher
  • To use the landfill bonus you must be 24 years or older
  • You can use the 100% up to $ 50 dump bonus a maximum of once

Have your profit paid out

If you win at Spellen from Toto Casino, this will be credited directly to your account. You can request payouts of your profit by clicking on your personal page on "Payment". You will then immediately see what amount you can have paid out. The minimum amount that you can have paid out without transaction costs is 20 euros. If you want to pay less than 20 euros, you pay 2 percent transaction costs.

The maximum amount that you can have paid per day is 30,000 euros. The request to pay your profit must be approved by Toto Casino. That takes a maximum of 24 hours. After that you often have the money on your account within 1 to 3 days.

Contact Toto Casino

You can Toto Casino in various ways. First of all, they have an extensive list of frequently asked questions on their website. You can find an answer to many questions here. You can also reach Toto via Messenger or via Twitter. The reaction time of Messenger is on average 2 hours and via Twitter that is on average 6 hours.

Before ing customer service, it is advisable to first go through the frequently asked questions. There is a good chance that you can find the answers to your questions here.

If you prefer to speak to an employee, you can call a telephone number on the site. Someone can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this number.

Responsible play at Toto Casino

Toto Casino finds responsible play very important. That is why you can always set and adjust your limits in your personal account. For example, you can set a deposit limit. But it is also possible to set a loss limit. You can adjust these limits at any time of the day.

A reduction in a limit is always immediately activated. An increase in a limit is only active after 7. That means that Toto gives you 7 days to change your time whether you really want to increase your limit. This prevents the impulsive increase of your deposit limit or your loss limit.

Toto Casino app and mobile website

At TOTO you can gamble online in two ways from your mobile device. This is possible via the mobile website or via the app. At the moment, only sports bets are currently possible. For the online casino you can visit the mobile website.

The American think mobile gambling is increasingly important, making it of great importance to offer a properly functioning mobile casino.

The mobile website is very similar to the desktop version. It is less green, which makes everything happen to be calmer. You can use two menus. There are two horizontal stripes in the corner with the text "Menu". In addition, you see a slider at the top of the mobile website, where you can navigate between the different game pages of Toto Casino.

Thanks to the easy menu you can easily navigate through the game offer from Toto and you can play your favorite casino games in no time.

The Toto app can be downloaded in the Appstore or Play Store. After entering your login details you can start immediately and bet money on sports competitions.

The mobile website and the app are similar. They are user -friendly and enable you to gamble 24/7 from any place.

Final judgment Toto Casino

Toto Casino is a nice casino with a wide range of games. You can choose from different types of games, such as slots, table games and jackpots. You can also play in the live casino. You can play live with different table games, such as blackjack and roulette. But you can also play other games such as Monopoly Live with others in the online casino.

Creating an account is relatively easy at Toto Casino. Unfortunately you cannot play immediately, because your account must first be confirmed by Toto. And for this you have to send a number of documents yourself. That is of course good, because that way you know for sure that Toto adheres to all the rules of the NKA. They check for age (18 years or older) and whether your address is correct. Paying out your profit is also not complicated. You sometimes have to wait a long time until it is in your account. That can take five days.