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Not all players who gamble online know how and where they can gamble safely and legally in the Netherlands, whether this is free, or for money. This series of informative articles explains how you can safely gamble, which casinos are legal in the Netherlands, how you can gamble for free, and where you can best gamble for a lot of money.



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Also, players are not always aware of how it works exactly with depositing and paying out balance. This is another fundamental part of online gambling that we hope to create clarity.

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Safety is essential for gambling, especially when it comes to online gambling. It is advisable to gamble on a site that is affiliated with a well -known regulating authority. In front of American casinos applies that you can safely gamble at casinos that have a permit from the KSA.

As a player you also have your own responsibility to keep gambling safe. It is simply an addictive activity and can unintentionally lead to problems. A gambler is wise to keep the next three things in mind: gambling must stay a pleasure, gambling should not pass by your limits, and gamble as much as possible with friends.

Legal gambling sites

It took some time, but in the end the online gambling market in the Netherlands opened its digital doors. From October 2021 you can take a virtual gamble at a American casino.

The new distance Gambling (KOA) Act entered into force on 1 March 2021. Providers of gambling games were allowed to submit a permit application to the American Gaming Authority (KSA) to legally offer their services on 1 October 2021. The KSA previously announced that it had received more than fifty applications for a permit.

The conditions for getting a permit are pretty tough. For example, the parties must put in an amount of 48,000 euros to see their application being seriously processed. That amount is the highest in the world, but with that the watchdog wants to filter out bad parties. In the end, 28 of the more than fifty applications remained.

These companies must also show what they are actively doing in the field of prevention against gambling addiction and what measures they are taking against money laundering.

“The intention of the law is to channel players from illegal providers to legal reliable providers. With this number of applications I trust that there will soon be a sufficiently attractive and varied offer to achieve this objective. ”

René Jansen, chairman of the board of directors of the Gaming Authority

The KSA also investigates whether an applicant does sufficiently to prevent gambling addiction. They also look at whether it is a healthy company that deals with player credits in a responsible manner. Furthermore, a license holder must be affiliated with the Central Register Exclusion Gambling (CRUKKS). Only when this investigation is completed will the permit actually be granted.

Free gambling

Free gambling is of course always a good idea. But how do you do that? In principle, there are two ways to gamble for free. The first way is that your slots and others Casino Games Plays at an online casino without registering. So you play for fun. You can play infinitely long and drag a lot of bonuses in, but you will never earn anything from it.

There is also a way to earn money from free gambling. You do this by making smart use of the bonus offers. If you register with a gambling site you often get a welcome bonus with free spins and a deposit bonus. In addition, there are weekly reload and high roller Bonuses to get hold of existing players. So there is a lot of money to be earned to gamble for free.

Gambling for money

Most gamblers really do it for the money. The chance of large cash prizes keeps many gambling on an online gambling site for hours. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then look online casinos where it is about the big money. At Betamo, for example, you can earn a Lamborghini as a High Roller, at Lucky Days you get a whopping 1000 euro welcome bonus, and at Spinia you have a chance to win one of the many progressive jackpots that can run into the millions of euros.

Live casino games are known for the large cash prizes. Famous examples of casino games with high jackpots are roulette and hold'em poker. Casino software Producers, such as Evolution Gaming for example, released improved versions with even more chance of even higher jackpots. Especially try live Lightning Roulette and Two Hand Casino Hold'em.

Pay off

The speed of payment is extremely important. If you have a lot of money, you want to have it as soon as possible. The fastest way of paying is on an e-wallet such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. Sometimes you already have your balance within the hour, sometimes it takes a little longer - up to a maximum of a working day. You can also have your balance paid out to your credit card or bank account. This can sometimes take a few days.

A casino is obliged to do a number of checks and to pay taxes before being able to pay out your balance. That's why it sometimes takes a while. You can prevent unnecessary delay by sending all mandatory documentation directly upon registration. You also do well to properly read all the conditions, the paying minima and playing requirements to prevent disappointment.

To deposit

Depositing money is just as important as having it paid out. In general, depositing is much faster, and in almost all cases you can start gambling directly with your new balance.

iDEAL is used the most but the credit card is also popular. It is also important to keep in mind that a casino uses the same way for depositing and paying.

A casino encourages its customers to deposit. One of the techniques is the 100% match deposit bonus.

Where can you gamble reliably online?

You can recognize a reliable casino site by a number of different things. At the bottom of a website, you often see important information about the operator of the gambling site. This not only applies to gambling websites, but also to web shops, for example.

A good online casino contains the following information in their footers:

  • Is there a permit and/or license
  • They use certified play software
  • What payment methods are there
  • Property information of the Website, such as owner and information
  • General terms and conditions and information about the protection of your privacy
  • Warnings against excessive gambling and information about help with a gambling addiction

An online casino must meet a lot of conditions in order to operate legally. If they comply with all the rules, you can assume that they make extensive mention of it. If not, look for another provider

We have made an extensive overview of characteristics that you can recognize a legal casino online:

  • A legal online casino must have a license certificate from the KSA

Every Netherlands legally online casino, live casino or gambling site must have a license certificate from the KSA. It is possible that a website has a license a permit in another country. In principle reliable but we still recommend that you do online gambling at a casino with a license in the Netherlands.

  • Check which payment methods the casino website uses.

Look at which payment methods the online casino works. Large parties such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller will not want to identify with fraudulent practices or unreliable sites.

Illegal casino websites can also make payment difficult. For example, it takes a long time or they charge a high committee. Because they prefer that your money won immediately gambles again. The legal American websites do not do this, at least not that extreme.

  • Check the software makers that the website uses

Every online casino has special software for their games. These software companies must also have a license and are also strictly controlled. This is important, because you often have to install this software on your computer. You don't want to give any malicious figures access to your computer, so be careful with that.

You can see from the software that casinos use whether they work legally or not. Software from, for example, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming are known as legal and reliable. There are several parties that work with this software. So check the software they use if you are not sure of your case. Otherwise, do not register on such a website.

Many online casinos also offer an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. Sometimes you can opt for "instant play", so then you play directly on the website. So then you don't have to download software if you prefer not to.

  • View the reviews of the gambling website

Reviews and reviews are also a handy check tool to see at which American casino online you want to play.