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If you want to visit a casino online, you have many options. You can go to hundreds of parties to play the best games. To attract you as a player and customer, a bonus is often offered by online casinos. That is a reward that you can receive to create an account and for depositing money into the account.

Below we tell you more about casino bonuses, what types of rewards there are, what you should pay attention to when choosing, how to receive bonuses and what the conditions are to get them.

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Why are there casino bonuses?

First of all, we will explain why bonuses are distributed by casinos online. If you want to gamble online, you will soon end up the most diverse casinos. There you can create an account for playing different types of games that you can also find in a physical casino.

You can think of games such as poker, roulette, BlackJack And different types of slot machines. Casinos want as many people as possible to play in the online environment they have made. Therefore, there are different rewards to attract new players.

What is a casino bonus?

As soon as you want to gamble online and look for a casino, you get offers from the most diverse bonuses. The casino bonus is primarily intended to persuade you as a player to come to the casino.

Of course, such a reward also has advantages for you. This way the chances of winning go up and you have more money to play with. Many bonuses can be obtained by making a deposit. To play for real prizes, you deposit money into the account with which you want to play. By doing this you can in many cases get a reward.

Different types of

There are rewards for online gambling in different types. The casino bonus that you can encounter most often and use are free spins, deposits and welcome bonuses. The rewards can consist of a certain percentage of an amount that you deposit, free playing rates or, for example, points that you can save to use in the relevant casino.

A so -called deposit bonus is often given as a welcome bonus. For this you deposit a certain amount on the account, after which you receive a certain percentage of that amount. Below you can read more about the different types.

🎰 welcome bonus

The most common is the welcome bonus. In general, that is the reward that you get to create an account and in some cases because you are going to play with real money. Almost every casino has an offer online with a welcome bonus to recruit players.

You can only get the reward as a new player and not if you already have an account with the party in question. An advantage for you as a player is that you can get acquainted with the casino and the games they offer in an attractive way.

How do you get a welcome bonus?

If you want to gamble online and you choose a casino with a welcome bonus, it often consists of free spins or free play credit. You can then play without having to deposit money first. It is important that you create an account to receive the reward.

If there is a free spins, you will often get a certain number of free playings for 1 or more games selected by the casino. You can get free play credit because in many cases this must first be used a certain number of times on the gaming tables.

🎰 Free Spins

Free spins, also known as free spins, are play rates that you can use on certain games in a casino. If you want to gamble online and you create an account where you can get free spins, then they can often only be used on specially selected games.

For example, you can play for free to get to know a new game. The advantage of this is that you can keep the profit that you may make as a result. Not every casino offers the free spins for gambling online.

Free spins can be given away as a bonus or as an extra reward because you play certain games. It is not possible to convert it into money.

🎰 No deposit bonus

The "no deposit" or "no deposit bonus" is also a highly sought after reward. For this you don't have to deposit money into the account with which you want to play. You create an account and then get a certain amount available to play with. This is one of the most lucrative bonuses that you can come across if you want to find an online casino.

A "no deposit bonus" is often only intended for new players. Conditions to be able to use this are often that you have to complete a registration and enter certain information. You can also be asked for a code that ensures that you can unlock the casino bonus.

🎰 Storting Bonus

There is also the deposit bonus. As the description suggests, that is a reward that you can get when you make a deposit with real money. You can then use that money for online gambling in the casino. This is also called a deposit bonus and can be offered in various forms.

In many cases you can get a certain percentage of the amount that you deposit as a bonus with a certain maximum attached to it. Suppose you can, for example, get a 100% bonus with a maximum of $ 200, then you get 100% of that amount as a reward on the first deposit that you make.

🎰 Cashback and loyalty points

In addition to free playing rates and play credit, there are also other species that are offered less often. Cashback is a good example of this. This ensures that you can get a certain percentage of the amount that you have lost over a certain period.

Usually it concerns 10 to 20 percent of the lost amount over a certain period. A loyalty program is intended to connect players to the casino. With that you can save points associated with the amounts you deposit on the account to play. You can then trade in the points that you save for, for example, free play rates or something else.


Bonuses are meant to bring people to an online casino for online gambling. If you want gambling and make use of a casino bonus, then there are also conditions attached to it. An online casino does not just give a certain amount away to every new player, you have to free casino bonus.

In many cases, the credit you have received first play a certain number of times before you can keep it. If that were not done, then people could abuse it. They could then create an account, then receive the extra money and have it paid out immediately.

Bonus conditions are not always clear and sometimes difficult to find. Common conditions are for example:

  • A bonus can only be used once per account;
  • To receive a bonus, a minimum amount must be deposited into the account;
  • The credit that you can receive must be used and played around at least a certain number of times before you can keep it;
  • Free spins and no deposit bonuses are often associated with maximum amounts that you can win;
  • Free spins can usually only be used at 1 or a few games.

Which one do you choose?

The question now is of course for which you can best choose. In the first place, it is always wise to think carefully about the possibilities you have and to find out how the bonuses you want to use.

Look at the conditions that are set and make sure you find a bonus that suits your way of playing. Do you want a bonus in the form of free playing rates that you can use on gambling machines or would you rather gamble online with free play credit? By asking yourself a number of questions you can choose the best bonus.

What is the best casino bonus?

As you understand, there are many different types and every provider has a different way of rewarding. Answer the question what the best bonus is, is therefore also very difficult. Which is best for you depends on, among other things, the games you want to play and the way you want to do that.

To discover which casino bonus is most suitable for you as a player, you can ask a number of questions to yourself. By answering those questions, you can look targeted for an attractive bonus. You can then think of questions such as:

  • Do I want to receive a bonus to play at slot machines or prefer to use for online gambling on gambling tables?
  • Do I have enough of a single one or do I want to receive a bonus every week?
  • What is the amount that I want to deposit to play with?
  • How often can I use a deposit bonus?
  • Do I want to be able to use free spins and can I use it at multiple games?

Top casino bonus

Which is best for you as a player is therefore very personal. From a casino it can be offered in the form of a top casino bonus.

A top casino bonus is simply linked to the top players who are currently active in the relevant casino. So it may well be that at first glance such a bonus does not seem attractive to you as a player.

A good top casino bonus is characterized by a number of properties and can consist of a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, free play rings and other rewards. Characteristics of such a bonus include:

  • It can be used on several games and not only on a selected number of slot machines;
  • Online gambling for a top casino bonus is often for attractive play conditions. For example, you have to use the reward less often to actually get it;
  • There is no limit to the profit that you can achieve;
  • You often get ample time to meet the conditions;
  • The minimum amount that you have to deposit is never higher than the usual minimum.

Frequently asked questions about bonuses

Bonuses are attractive rewards that you can get when you play in an online casino. There are conditions attached to it and every casino has a different policy when it comes to giving away rewards. Below you can read some frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers about bonuses in online casinos.

Which bonuses are there?

There are many different types of bonuses. Which one you can get depends on the casino where you are going to play. That can be in the form of free play credit, free spins or a certain percentage of the amount you deposit to play with.

Other species include a cashback bonus that ensures that you get a percentage of your lost bet back and loyalty points that you can use for extras in the casino where you play.

Are bonuses free?

Whether it is free depends on the species. In some cases you only have to create an account to get for example for free playing teases or play credit. There are often conditions attached to it that ensure that you first have to use a certain number of times.

A deposit bonus is not free. For that you have to deposit money into the account to get the relevant bonus

Do you always have to create an account for a bonus?

If you want to use it, you must also create an account at the casino where you want to play. Often a minimum amount has to be deposited into the account in order to receive the reward.