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A phenomenon at the online casino is the possibility to take a gamble at the Live Casino. This popular part has everything to do with live gambling and is therefore based on playing as if you have entered a physical casino location.

A American live casino at the legal online providers offers various casino games with real dealers. All action is followed via a webcam. It is therefore possible to play with a dealer from home at a gaming table.

The best American live casinos

How does a American live casino work?

The live casinos that are offered in the Netherlands work with the best software and hundreds of cameras. This makes your casino experience optimal and you no longer have to leave the house to gamble live.

You will then log in to a online casinoo, but you play all the games with real experienced dealers and croupiers. Via a webcam you have a connection and you are in a space that is furnished as a casino with accompanying gaming tables. The advantage of the American Live Casino is that you can play your favorite games 24 hours a day.

From all over the world you can go to a American live casino and it is sometimes even possible to play privately with a live dealer. The use is of course still digitally via the buttons on your screen, but otherwise everything goes the same as in a physical casino. Via the chat you can also have a nice chat with the fun and handsome dealers.

These dealers lead the game and really share the cards, turn the roulette wheel, throw the ball and talk to each other game shows. All in all you get a nice real casino experience.

How do you start a game at a live casino?

  1. Find a legal American Live Casino

    You look for a legal American casino. We made it easy for you and put all the top providers on our casino page.

    These casinos are all controlled by the Gaming Authority and that is why you know for sure that it is safe to play.

    The providers with whom we collaborate also deliver live games developed by the best companies in their field. The wide range of game is supplied by, Evolution, Netent, Pragmatic Play and Authentic Gaming.

  2. Start registration

    If you have found a casino that suits you, you will register yourself. This a simple step that you can complete in a few minutes. After entering data you will receive a confirmation email after which you can deposit.

    Every casino has different conditions for depositing. Read before you deposit whether it meets your requirements. You can deposit and include an online casino via different payment methods.

    One thing is certain, with the legal live casino providers your money is safe.

  3. Choose a game

    On the homepage at a live casino you can easily navigate to all games. Are you an experienced casino visitor, then you already know which game you are looking for.

    If you play for the first time, it can be a bit more difficult because each game has its own rules again. Keep this site to hand, because with us you will find all the explanation for every live casino game.

  4. You can play now

    When you start playing, you start to get the minimum use so that you will understand the game and the game. You can chat with the dealer and you will also be able to explain things that you do not yet understand.

    For every game there are strategies that help you to enjoy your money for as long as possible. All strategies and tips can be found with us at

Playing in a live casino is more fun

If you are going to play in a live casino, you will get close to the experience you would have in Holland Casino, for example. You see the dealer turning the ball or giving the cards and that already gives a much safer and, however, feeling than playing a computer.

How everything is filmed also gives an extra dimension to play in a live casino. From all corners the actions are filmed and a slow motion when the ball falls into the song makes everything extra exciting.

In addition, with the usually very attractive dealer you can also communicate via the chat function. Stay polite and you will have the evening of your life.

American live casino games

The online providers have a live casino section on the homepage. Nevertheless, the offer can differ at the different providers. Every American live casino has live roulette in their package. Blackjack is also a game that is very popular and what you can play in different forms. Another game that lends itself very well to play live is Baccarat or Punto Banco.

Live game shows are indispensable in a American live casino. You have to think of games such as Crazy Time, Dreamcatcher, Monopoly Live and Mega Ball. Very nice games where the nice hostess or gentleman talks to each other. Be careful not to get addicted because they are really terribly fun to play.

In addition to the range of different casino games, you also have to look at the number of tables that are being offered. With a small provider it is possible that all tables are full. The minimum and maximum use can also be important for you. If you are a small player, you don't want to play with a minimum bet of $ 25. If you are a high roller then a maximum bet of $ 100 is much too low again.

live roulette

live roulette

The Roulette game is well known for many and also very popular within the Live Casino. If you want to play live roulette online, you can count on the same rules as with the physical game and therefore start like this. When playing live roulette, your goal is to predict within the specified time which song will bring the win during a round of play.

You use for this with the available tokens of different values and you can opt for both inside and outside bets. Once a bet placed, the dealer will let the ball go around in the roulette wheel after the end of time and will be able to deliver a possible payment in the event of a standstill.

live blackjack

As you may already know, online blackjack is played with a number of decks of 52 cards. Live Blackjack is certainly popular within the Live Casino and of course has different options to make a profit. Your goal is to achieve the highest point as possible when playing a hand. In addition, the most important is to achieve more points than the dealer with his or her hand, but no more than 21 points total.

If you have achieved more than 21 points, you will always lose your bet. On your way to the point total you can choose to split, to ensure, double or take a card to increase your points with the cards present. Do you think the point total is enough to win? Then choose Passen!

Live Punto Banco

The last live casino game to be named with one Legal American Casino Is Live Punto Banco. This game is also handled on the basis of cards, but according to fixed regulations. The dealer always shares 2 cards for player and dealer, with which you can reach a maximum of 9 points.

You can win by placing a bet on the player hand, but also gambling on the dealer or going for a draw. When a profit is achieved, you can win up to a maximum of 9 times your bet with a draw and the other bets will be paid in the event of a profit. Note, however, that a 5% committee is still involved in a profit on a dealer, which has everything to do with the house advantage at this gaming table.

American Live Casino Showgames

You will also find live show games in the American live casinos. These are not the traditional casino games but risen game programs that often have a theme that you already know, for example Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal.

Monopoly live

The people who present this show are actually not a croupier but more a host of the show. The games are nicely talked to each other and you can talk and ask questions about the host. Make sure you stay tidy and treat the host with respect. If you do not do this, you can be put out of the live casino.

The game shows that are offered sentence are very nice and you can already participate for small bets. Hundreds of players can participate at the same time and you can always see the left in the picture what the payouts are to the other players.

Watch or play for free for money

Playing at a live casino do you usually do for money, but did you know that it is also possible to take a look for free? If you have created an account you can open all gaming tables by logging in. Most of these also know the option to practice, for which there will of course be a place available at the table.

Do you want to play immediately to achieve the win? Then you have to ensure that money is also available in your account. Deposits can easily be rounded off at the Live Casino with iDeal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard or Credit card and are possible from $ 10 euros.

Inzetlimieten live casino

If you are going to play at a physical casino, you must always take into account deployment limits, which will also apply at a live casino. However, the limits are many times more spacious, which is a direct advantage to play at an online live casino.

Starting with a bet is possible from $ 1 euro per round of round, but there is also enough experience for the Highrollers. Deployment from a few hundred to tens of thousands of euros per round of round is also simply possible at the Live Casino. Playing high bets is possible at an online casino just live and from home without having to take to the streets with a lot of money.

Studios of the American Live Casinos

Jack’s Online

The Nederlands Online Casino Jack’s will collaborate with their live casino with Evolution Gaming. This is a guarantee for beautiful live games because Evolution is the market leader in this area.

Evolution will ensure a "dedicated, branded environment". That means that Jack’s online gets a number of own exclusive gaming tables, entirely in the atmosphere of Jack’s Casino.

All Evolution games will be available, from the traditional roulette and blackjack, to the more innovative games such as Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal.

From November 26, 2021 it is possible to play live in the online environment of Jack’s.

Holland Casino

Holland Casino has been the only casino that can offer physical table games in the Netherlands for many years. They also have a license online since 1 October 2021 and they do everything they can to leave a good impression online. A live casino should of course not be missing.

There is an own studio decorated in Holland Casino Scheveningen. When you enter the location in Scheveningen you will see an enclosed space where the dealers and croupiers lead the games in front of a camera. Very good for the transparency of a live casino online. So you can just take a look at how things are going in such a studio.

The live casino of Holland Casino is not very large. You will find six tables where you as a visitor to Holland Casino can take place live. You have a roulette, a baccarat, all bets blackjack and 3 live blackjack tables as a choice.

The live casino studio is furnished by PlayTech but the dealers work for Holland Casino. The adopted employees have been employed specifically for the Live Casino. The managers in the Holland Casino Live mainly come from the physical location. So they have a lot of experience with Holland Casino and the games.

Holland Casino has even more live games in its offer. These do not come from Scheveningen but from the Playtech Studio in Riga. Think of games such as Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Quantum Roulette and Sic Bo de Luxe.

HC Scheveningen's live casino will open at 7 p.m. Before that time you can play all the games, but then you play along with the games that are streamed from Riga. From 7 pm to 2 am you are assured of American dealers.

You will not initially find the popular Live Game Show Spellen Deal or Deal Live and Monopoly Live in Holland Casino Online’s Live Casino. This is because these games were developed by Evolution. Holland Casino Online makes exclusive use of the services of PlayTech for its live casino, which means that these games cannot be played.

PlayTech does offer various other game shows from the studio in Riga. In its own live casino studio in Holland Casino Scheveningen there is not yet room for a game show. Holland Casino plays with the idea of coming immediately in the future completely developed game show.

– Stakelogic studio in Eindhoven

In an interview with Live Casino Comparer, the Anthony Summut department head says that they are setting up a live casino studio in Eindhoven. After they came up with the first images of the Live Casino in Malta in June, the company wants to open a live casino studio in Eindhoven at the beginning of 2022.

The demand for live casino games is very large throughout the world and now that many permits are being issued in the Netherlands, the demand has only become greater. With a studio in Eindhoven, games can be offered for the legal American casinos in the American language.

Stakelogic has opened all its office on Daalakkersweg in Eindhoven. It will have to compete with well -known companies such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech en Pragmatic Play.

- Live Casino of the Toto

To offer the Live Casino, the TOTO will collaborate with Evolution Gaming. The games will be presented from a studio in Malta. The croupiers are therefore not employed by the TOTO but at Evolution.

The American dealers and croupiers will first receive a three -week training on the Evolution Academy and they will have to settle in Malta.

At the Toto Casino you can play games roulette and blackjack live. Also the Game show games From Evolution you can find in the live casino part of the Toto.

Software live casinos

The software that a live casino will use is of great importance. The better casinos generally use the Evolution Gaming software. With the use of the software of this market leader, a casino is assured of the best live casino games.

Other well -known suppliers of Casino Software are Netent and Playtech. All these companies make beautiful online casino environments and have to ensure that the players can get a good connection with the live dealers.

So if you are looking for a good American live casino, you first check whether the software used by these well -known suppliers are.

American live casino bonuses

Most bonuses apply to slots. There are American casinos that also make a bonus available for the Live Casino. Read the reviews carefully to know if a provider has a bonus for the live casino.

For every bonus you have to read the general terms and conditions. A bonus may have to be played 20 or 30 times. With slots, playing around then counts 100% but with the live casino only for 10%.

$ 100 bonus with 20 times playing around a slot machine means that you have to use 2000 euros before your bonus is free. With a live casino it can mean that you must have used a total of 20,000 euros. That sounds like a lot of money but often goes fast because you always win and lose but the bets are added.

Many players also choose not to catch the bonus. You will then not be bothered by conditions about playing around and you can have it paid out at all times.

History of live casinos on the internet

Gambling is as old as humanity. With the arrival of the internet, it was therefore not surprising that software was being developed to Casino games online play. The first online casino opened its virtual doors in 1996. More providers came on the market quickly and the quality got better and better.

In 2011 a new chapter was added to the rich history of playing casino games. There was a possibility to play live through an HD camera. The images were "streamed" directly to your computer.

Now that there are licenses in the Netherlands for online casinos, the live sections are very popular and reliable. You can enjoy live casino games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using the mobile phones, all games are also made suitable for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the games streamed from?

From a real casino or from a studio of the provider. Everything is streamed in excellent HD quality and the croupiers that lead the games are really professionals. Holland Casino streams from a studio built in the Casino of Scheveningen.

Wat is lightning roulette?

This is a roulette game that you can also play live in the online casinos. The nice thing about the game is that you can get payouts up to 500 times you can get bet on some numbers. Makes the weather much more exciting than 35 times your bet.

Are live dealer games fair?

At all casinos with a license you can assume that everything is 100% fair. With these providers, your private data are safe and the games are also fair.

Does every American casino have a live casino?

First check in the review of a casino whether a live casino is being offered. There are casinos that offer no or only one live game. The software provider could also influence your choice for a live casino.

Is it reliable to play in a American live casino?

American casinos with a license from the KSA are reliable. The games are honest and you will certainly get paid out with a win.

What are the opening hours of a American casino online?

You can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a American Live Casino. At Holland Casino there are limited opening hours with regard to the streaming from Scheveningen. But here too you can play 24 hours, but from the studio in Riga.

There are bonuses for American live casinos

View the reviews to see if there are live bonuses available. Often you have to play a bonus for a live casino more often.