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In order to be able to keep gambling in the Netherlands physically, the Gaming Authority (KSA) was established on April 1, 2012. With this establishment, our government wanted to ensure that there is an independent supervision of the entire gambling market that can be found in the Netherlands is.

Online Gambling in the Netherlands For a long time, of course, the conversation of the day has been, but by regulating this market through the Gaming Authority, our country wants to ensure that consumers can always find a reliable gambling offer for online gambling.

although The Gaming Authority is an independent party, they are under the regime of the State Secretary for Justice and Security. In the event of problems, the State Secretary is therefore always the one who can be the ultimate responsible for the person.

Legalization of online gambling

The legalization that is currently arranged by the American Gaming Authority has been fully created on the basis of the wishes of the American government. The authorities have been given an important task with this, because the laws issued within the European Union also play a major role in regulating online casinos.

In order to get the online gambling well with the horns, the Gaming Authority has of course set the necessary goals to achieve within the legislation. Permits are issued for different ways of gambling, whereby a distinction is made between physical play and playing online.

Incidentally, it is not only the issuing of permits in the Netherlands, but also ensuring that after obtaining a license the laws are lived in a neat way. On the other hand, the Gaming Authority is of course also to suppress illegal gambling parts, which in turn applies to both online gambling and playing on physical games of chance.

Gambling addiction and the gambling authority

Gambling can of course yield a lot of profit and also provide the necessary pleasure thanks to the tension, but one Gambling Always lurking. The Gaming Authority is not to combat addictions, but aims to prevent them. Gambling providers are therefore obliged to point out the dangers of gambling and also informative sites such as those of ours are supposed to give responsible play tips.

That there are many people who soon have to deal with a gambling addiction of course has everything to do with money. A tip that we certainly want to give you is that you should never get greedy, but you should also be able to settle for a loss that you may still be able to win back at a later stage.

Hand in hand with other authorities

The American Gaming Authority is not entirely alone to process signals from illegal gambling, but works closely with all kinds of other authorities to combat illegality. Both physically and on the internet there are many activities that do not meet legal requirements. These practices are stopped together with the police and the tax authorities.

The KSA ensures that the necessary information is available and is therefore also finding out what a case should have met. The American police will of course have to ensure that things are being rolled on and the tax authorities will have to go after the money usually Gambling tax is held behind.

Fines for illegal gambling can amount to up to hundreds of thousands of euros outside the tax that still has to be worn over the money.

American Gaming permits

In order to properly regulate the games of chance in the Netherlands, the Gaming Authority has chosen to issue various permits on online gambling sites and land-based casinos. The activities determine which licenses are needed and what a casino will have to meet to get them.

You play with a Legal American Casino With a permit and do you manage to take a profit? Keep in mind that you are always required to pay 30.1% gambling tax.