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In our daily lives, the thought that by specializing yourself in something, you will ultimately earn more than if you don't do this. For example, a doctor who has specialized earns more than, for example, a general practitioner. What many people, however, realize less is that there are also enough successful people who have never specialized in anything.

If we extend this to the casino floor, you can ask yourself how useful it is to specialize yourself in a certain type of game. I myself specialize in a number of specific casino games. I therefore endorse the benefits of a specialized player. It is good to think about whether specializing can also provide the necessary benefits for you.

You can choose to first specialize in a certain game and then choose the next game. The knowledge and skills that you have previously gained will not be lost.

To play Blackjack or Poker at a professional level, you really don't have to sit behind for 40 or 50 hours and the table. Usually 20 hours of playing a week is enough to stay sharp.

With me everything went more or less automatically. If I should put it over, I would first specialize myself in poker. After that I would like to learn how to count cards and finally want to know everything about betting on sports competitions.

Why specialize in a specific game?

The biggest advantage of specialization is of course that you can focus all your time and attention on a game. The more you know about a certain game, the more skilled you will become. The learning curve is much shorter and the yield is therefore much greater.

When you try to learn to control different games together, it all takes much longer. You spend more time to achieve any specific goal. So it takes much longer and therefore the yield is also much lower.

Let's say it takes about 500 hours before you get the hang of a determined game. We respect the fact that there are people who can learn two things at the same time. In this time frame, they therefore learn to fully control two games, without negatively influencing their results. However, most people cannot do this, so let that be our starting point.

Once you fully control a certain game, you can choose to learn a completely different game. But you can also choose to stay within your specialty.

  • Professional blackjack players, for example, often start to learn to count cards and then delve into Ace Sequencing or Shuffle tracking for example
  • Poker players who completely control Texas Holdem often try to control Omaha Poker or participate in tournaments.

Learning a specific game and continuing to build on it can be much more profitable in the long term.

Why not specialize in a specific game?

Players who have specialized in a certain game will always have to look for ideal winning moments. If they overlook it or are not there, this can lead to the bankroll's drying out in the long term. As a specialized player you will therefore have to be sharp and have to sit on top of the action.

Those who want to make optimum use of the possibilities that occur in a certain area are better to specialize. However, if you are willing to spend more time learning different games, you will ultimately have many more options.

The biggest advantage of learning different games is that certain techniques that you can use in one game can also be used in other games.

Specialized players control their game as a master, but often have to abandon other opportunities. Players who control several games very well do have the opportunity to respond to possibilities that present themselves. They don't really care where the win comes from, as long as a profit is made. Specialized players must really have the game and the strategies for which they have chosen.

To learn by practise

What works for one person does not always have to be the best way for someone else. Someone who has been poker for years and has been successful with it can move forward. However, one can also choose to consider some other games over time.

Many strategies and insights that are needed during poker also come in handy in other games. That way you can take advantage of the opportunities that other games have to offer.


Whether you are planning to specialize yourself in a specific game or not, the approach is the same. In any case, you start choosing a game. Get so good at this that you make more profit on average than losses.

If that succeeded, then you can learn to learn other game or find deepening in the game that you fully control. Specializing in a certain game or not, is really a personal choice. You probably already know which game you can choose.

However, if you have no idea which game is best to start with, then I absolutely recommend blackjack. Learn to count cards and practice this until you really make a profit with it. As soon as that is the case, you can choose another game or more Blackjack strategies Learn to control.