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The Gaming Authority supervises the Gambling Market. Among other things, they grant permits to online casinos. This takes attention to protecting consumers, preventing gambling addiction and illegal games and combating criminal behavior. As of March 1, 2021, the new remote Gambling (KOA) Gambling Act came into effect. From that moment on, companies in gambling games can apply for a permit from the Gaming Authority to offer their services digitally.

In the meantime, since 1 October 2021, you can gamble online in the Netherlands with more and more online casinos that have received a permit from the Gaming Authority. Online casinos that do not have a permit may not work on the American market.

As of October 1, 2021 you can gamble online legally at different online legal casinos. The Gaming Authority expects 80 percent of gamblers to gamble at legal companies. For gamblers it is important to know where you can gamble online safely and legally. Here we highlight eleven online casinos where you can take an online gamble legally with confidence. In addition, you will find a list of multiple online casinos where you can also go at a later time, but which is not yet clear when they receive a permit from the Gaming Authority.

Well -known American casinos

Conditions permit online gambling for companies

The conditions for obtaining a permit are anything but simple. Companies that apply for a permit must first of all put in an amount of 48,000 euros for the application. Worldwide, the Netherlands asks for the highest amount for this. In this way, the Gaming Authority wants to prevent that not serious or unreliable parties receive a permit.

In addition, the application pays attention to what a company does to prevent gambling addictions and money laundering. This is positive for casino lovers, because they can now gamble safely, reliable and legally.

After the payment and sharing of the intended prevention measures, the so -called inspection starts for the permit applicant. The Gaming Authority investigates to what extent the company is working on preventing gambling addiction, whether the company is healthy and can deal with player statements in a responsible manner and whether the company connects to the Central Register Exclusion Gambling.

In addition, all companies that register for a permit must have a branch in the Netherlands. This is in connection with the payment of American tax to the tax authorities. If the investigation has been completed completely with good results, the permit may be granted.

Advantages of online gambling games

Online gambling has a number of favorable benefits for gamblers. The most obvious advantage is that you can play a gambling game at any time of the day. Gambling is often accompanied by a neat tuxedo, but with online gambling there is no question of a dress code. Just gamble with your comfortable home suit. Furthermore, you can (usually) play at any time of the day.

Another additional advantage of online gambling is that one online casinoo has many more game options and is therefore much larger than a tangible casino. Online there are even various gambling games to play completely for free. In addition, online gambling games for companies are a lot cheaper, because they do not have to pay for a building and need a lot fewer staff than with offline casinos.

Disadvantages of online gambling games

Online gambling is much less glamorous compared to offline gambling. Most offline casinos ask their guests to adhere to a certain dress code that is accompanied by a lot of glamor. As at Holland Casino the Dresscode Stylish and Well Groomed is. In this way they ensure that their visitors make it an extra special evening.

With online gambling it doesn't matter what you wear, there is no one you see. This makes online gambling less special. The luxurious feeling of a night out with a snack, drink and meeting other people is lost. Another disadvantage is that you will only receive your profit later at digital casinos, with offline casinos you will receive your money won on the spot.

Companies with an online permit

Since the new remote Gambling Act, it is only possible to take a chance at online casinos with a permit. Most other companies without a permit have been taken offline. But where, as a Americanman, can you go for a legal online game of gambling?

There are various online casinos in the Netherlands with a permit explained below: Holland Casino Online, BET365, Toto, Bingoal, Batavia Casino, BetCity, Jack’s Online, GGPoker, LiveScore BET and Tombola. They are clearly listed below for you. If you are not sure whether a gambling site is legal or not, you can of course check this yourself on the relevant website.

Holland Casino Online

The most famous casino in the Netherlands is of course Holland Casino. And in the field of online gambling games, Holland Casino does not want to be left behind, because she wants to continue to lead the competition. Holland Casino Director Erwin van Lambaart expects the digital gambling market to deliver around 700 million euros annually and would therefore be happy to invest in this.

Behind the scenes, Holland Casino was already busy with online games such as digital poker. Only because there was no law yet, they could not continue. But due to the new law, the doors are open for the casino and designs all kinds of online options for gamblers together with Playtech. Such as Holland Casino online where you play on location in Scheveningen during Live Casino, but then just from your own seat. In addition, it is possible to play gambling games via the Playtech play network.


Bet365 is a well -known gambling company from the United Kingdom and has received a permit for online gambling in the Netherlands of the American Gaming Authority. On a global scale, BET365 is one of the few digital gambling companies that has received a permit for online gambling in the Netherlands. The reason for this is that Bet365 is a very reliable gambling company.

This good name owes Bet365 to the action to withdraw as an online casino in the Netherlands when they heard that foreign parties would be fined if they were active here. So sticking to the rules pays off.


Toto is a American online gambling site with a permit for online gambling. Toto is owned by the American state and falls under the American lottery. The American Loterij is the umbrella name of various well -known games of chance such as Staatsloterij, Lucky Day, Million Game, Scratch Locks and not to mention Toto. The proceeds from these lotteries go to charities and American sport. At TOTO you can gamble legally online under the names Toto Casino and Toto Sport.


Bingoal is an online and offline gambling company from neighboring Belgium where you can enjoy different gambling games 100 % online. At Bingoal, the focus is on online and offline sports betting, horse racing, bets and casino games. Bingoal works in the Netherlands together with the renowned slot machines Casino Hommerson. Hommerson has various play halls in the Netherlands and an online permit from the American Gaming Authority for Bingoal was therefore quite ahead.


Bee Kansino You can go to the Netherlands for legal online gambling. Kansino is part of the company Play North LTD from Malta that received its permit in 2021 for online gambling on the American market of the Gaming Authority in The Hague. As a gambler after registration you can go here for more than 800 casino games, live roulette and blackjack. You know for sure that the games are honest and paid.


BetCity is an online gambling company that falls under the umbrella company Amsterdam. BetCity received a permit for legal online gambling from the American Gaming Authority in 2021. Changes, and therefore also BetCity, is a young company of already well -known initiators from the gambling world.

In addition to this online company, owner Mario Slingers also runs five offline casinos in Amsterdam. He now also wants to conquer the online gambling world. With the Gaming Platform BetCity, garlands and his team want to convey emotion, excitement and excitement with their online gambling games.

Jack’s Online

Jack’s Casino falls under parent company JVH Gaming. JVH Gaming is a well -known gambling company in the Netherlands and operates casinos such as Jack’s Casino, Flamingo Casino and Flash Casino. The company has more than 80 offline gambling halls spread in the Netherlands and is therefore one of the largest. JVH Gaming also wants to enter the market online with different gambling games. Since 2021, the company with Jack’s Online has its first legal online gambling platform that is safe and reliable for gamblers in the Netherlands.


GGPoker has been a proud owner of a permit from the Gaming Authority for its online gambling games on the American market since 2021. GGPoker was founded in Asia and wants to conquer the American market with its range of game. At GGPoker you can go for a serious game of online poker.

In other countries you can also go to GGPoker for Live Casino and Casino with Slots. In the Netherlands it is first only when playing online poker. You can sit here online at a table and you can know how much money your bet. There are also online poker tournaments that you can participate in.

LiveScore Bet

At LiveScore Bet it's all about sports competitions. LiveScore Bet falls under the English company LiveScore that was founded in 1998. The well -known football player Christiano Ronaldo who is considered one of the best football players in the world is an official ambassador of LiveScore. This makes LiveScore extremely popular with football fans.

LiveScore Bet is, in contrast to LiveScore, an online casino. You can follow intermediate positions and final positions of various sports competitions on the website and via the LiveScore Bet app. Since 2021, LiveScore has received a permit from the American Gaming Authority to enter the market in the Netherlands with the online range of gambling games. This is only all about sports betting.


Tombola is a British bingo company where you can play a bingo game online. The prices mainly consist of cash prizes. Tombola is the largest online bingo company in the world and founded in the United Kingdom. Playing a game of bingo online at Tombola is reliable and legal.

The online gambling company has received a American permit from the American Gaming Authority for online gambling players. The site is very popular in the United Kingdom, Spain and Denmark. And since 2021 also in the Netherlands.

Illegal online casinos

Most illegal gambling sites were taken offline after they were told that a American permit from the Gaming Authority was needed. Applying for a permit and getting is difficult and therefore some gambling sites follow a wrong route. As a gambler you run the risk of not being paid or that your personal information is not carefully processed. It is therefore urgently recommended to gambling sites without a license from the American Gaming Authority to avoid.

The following casinos are expected to receive an online gambling license in the future: Betsson Casino, Bwin - Entain, Governor or Poker, Loyal Casino - Oranje Casino, Polder Casino, PokerStars - Flutter Entertainment, Unibet - Kindred Group, Napoleon Casino, Casino Winner - Kroon Casino, Stafturf, Betsafe, Neo Bet, Kaize Gaming - Betano, One Casino and Casino City Amsterdam.

The following casinos may also want to apply for a permit: Platin Casino, Rembrandt Casino, Paddy Power, Bet-at-Home, Circus Casino, SuperGame-Novomatic, Betclic, 888Casino, Interwetten, Bingocams, Betway, PartyPoker-Partycasino, Leovegas and MR . Green - William Hill. As long as the gambling companies above have not yet received a permit from the Gaming Authority, they are not allowed to operate on the American online gambling market.

Checking reliability online gambling sites

You can recognize the reliability of online gambling sites on the basis of a number of characteristics. First of all you can check the footer on the website. The Footer is the foot text at the bottom of the site. This contains important information about the operator of the gambling website. Reliable casinos have, among other things, in their footer that they have a permit to be allowed to gamble online and have certified game software.

There is also information about the payment methods, ownership information of the website, general terms and conditions and privacy and information that can help against or with gambling addiction. If the information in the Footer is not complete or unclear, it is better to visit another gambling website where all these things are clearly mentioned.