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When it comes to the most common casino games, you can easily forget that the version played at Holland Casino is not the only variant. In fact, casino games such as blackjack, craps and roulette all have different variations that are used in casinos, both physically and online, all over the world.

These "other" versions often give players better opportunities. Nowadays almost every version of every casino game is available somewhere online. Below you will find different versions of roulette and how they differ from each other. In this way you can determine for yourself which variant you prefer to play and with which your opportunities to win are highest.

American roulette

Most players have accepted the American version of Roulette as standard. To be honest, it's not a bad option either. If you look at all the games available at most casinos, this version of Roulette is one of the top options in terms of opportunities and a low house advantage.

However, if you look at online options, it looks a lot less attractive. Only because it is a good option does not mean that it is the best there is. The version with which Americans are most familiar came in the country towards the end of the 18th century. It underwent a few different transformations before it finally settled with what is nowadays accepted as the American version of the game.

Double zero

The most important characteristic of American roulette is the presence of both a 0 and a 00 flat on the wheel. Moreover, the order of the numbers 1 to 36 that are between the two 0 surfaces is different from other forms of roulette that are seen all over the world. However, the table setup is the same.

Although it is a good option for gamblers and offers the possibility to earn some money, the opportunities are not as favorable as with other forms of the game. It home advantage When focusing on one number in American roulette, around 5.3%is. What it comes down to is that, although American roulette does not have the absolute best opportunities, when you are in a casino, there are worse games to play.

European roulette

European roulette does not differ much from American roulette, but there is one big difference. The reason that the European version of the game is more popular among gamblers is due to the fact that the house benefit is half of what it is in the American counterpart. Unlike American roulette, which has a total of 38 boxes, including two zeros, European Roulette has 37 boxes and only one zero box.

In comparison with the house advantage of 5.3% in American roulette, the house advantage of 2.6% at European roulette will undoubtedly look more attractive. The reason why America has the extra zero, and therefore a doubled house advantage, is that the casinos make money so faster. There are even casinos with 3 green compartments in Las Vegas.

Roulette with double ball

There is also a version of Roulette with the double ball. This first appeared in Vegas. It ensures that the tension of the game makes a few steps up, you guessed it, because a small white ball is still being thrown into the wheel. The game actually started as an experiment by casinos, only a few have ever offered it.

The idea was that it would yield a little more excitement than the standard version of the game. This was the way to seduce new players to give it a try. Usually the game was played on a European wheel, which means that the low house advantage that you see at European Roulette is also applied to double ball roulette.

Roulette with multiple wheels

If you thought roulette with double ball sounded exciting, wait until you learn something about multi-wheelette. Instead of just betting on one ball and wheel combination, you get eight wheels to use at the same time. An important thing to note is that you place the same bet on all active wheels, so you don't use eight eight. This would be pretty intense.

If you wonder how the payments for victories work, it is probably easier than you think. For example, if you bet black and four of the eight wheels turn black, you will get the win of all four wheels. An interesting aspect of this game is that you can choose which wheels are active.

Online versions

It should be noted that you will probably not find this game in a physical casino. That said, there are many online versions, which is good for one important reason: the visual aspect of the game interface. It is clear that there is a lot going on when up to eight roulette wheels are going on at the same time.

That means it is important to find a version of the game that seems visually good. The advice is to look around for one Legal Casino What makes you feel comfortable before you make a down payment in the form of a sum of money in an account.

Rapid Roulette (of Video Roulette)

If you play roulette for real money, this game has a relatively low house advantage. For casinos this means that they have to have players used on more spins to get the number of bets that are needed to make a nice profit. This is the philosophy behind the low house advantage, but very profitable slot machine industry.

"Fast" roulette differs from the traditional setup by offering the game in video shape or by having the players posted the bets on a "video" table. The wheel itself is not virtual, and it is possible that a real person performs the spider every time. In some cases the ball is used electronically, but once it touches the wheel, the ball can land everywhere.

Fast payments

Experienced roulette players who have often played at tables with various other players know that it can be frustrating not to be paid immediately after a victory. This problem is completely eliminated when playing the video version of the game. Payments are automatic and direct, so you get your money well on time to use for the next game.

If you are looking for a fast version of roulette, it is good to think that this version of roulette is often difficult to beat. It is a fun and good game to play. Precisely because it is fast, there is no interaction with other players or a dealer and your profit is paid immediately.

Mini Roulette

There is also another version of roulette where the normal variant is made a lot easier. This is the game mini roulette. This game, which functions as it sounds, uses the well -known roulette procedures, but with a wheel on which 13 digits stand instead of the standard 37 for European or 38 for American.

One thing to note is that mini-roulette is played slightly differently. Apart from the reduced numbers, the fact is that a bet where you do not cover the zero, you only lose half if the ball ends at zero. With regular roulette you would lose everything. Mini Roulette is a fun game and it can be profitable if you have happiness and a good use strategy.


roulette Is about as classic and traditional as it can be in terms of games that you can find in the casino. Although familiarity is ultimately a good thing for most gamblers, it can lose part of the tension after so many spins.

If a version of the game starts losing the shine, consider trying another roulette variant. If you can't find it in your local casino, go online and it only takes a few minutes to find a nice version of the game.