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As soon as you get started with a balance at an online casino, you will sooner or later have to deal with the so -called Know Your Customer process. This process, in American you know your customer and often in English abbreviated as KYC, is needed to confirm your identity. For this, the online casino will ask for certain documents of your choice.

If you do not consult these documents with the online casino, your balance can be seized and your account can even be completely blocked. Of course you want to prevent that.

But what exactly is that KYC process? And what is the use that an online casino can see all these documents? The need for the online casino for your personal information such as your home address or your identity is not always clear. The KYC process gives online casinos the opportunity to confirm your identity with these documents. Why this is important and how you do this the fastest, we explain to you here.

Unfortunately just true: KYC is mandatory

Nobody really likes a KYC duty. For casinos it is a big administrative hassle and for you as a player it is also a hassle. Yet each has to Legal American Online Casino That a license has with the Gaming Committee, this check questions.

Here it is required by law to ask documents with which the identity of players can be confirmed. This can be requested before you want to pay money, but it is also possible while you are requesting your account.

The different types of documents for verification

It depends on which documents will all be asked during the verification of your identity. Often three different types of documents are asked to confirm your identity: your ID, your veins and your used payment method. We walk through these three step by step with you.

1: Your proof of identity

To prove that you are who you say you are, you are often asked for proof of identity. These must be official and come from the government. In the Netherlands you can handle your identity card, your passport or your driver's license.

Make sure that these documents are clearly visible during submission. So if you already see that too much light shines on your document, so that information is not visible, take care of another photo. Also do not provide information such as your name or your photo. Afterwards, editing your photo or scan is also out of the question. Finally, it is important to check whether your proof of identity is still valid. After all, it is forbidden for casinos To use a proof of identity for verification.

Free tip from us: Use the "Copyid" app from the central government. With this app you can easily scan your proof of identity via your phone. With that you can also easily cross your BSN. This is the only part that you can remove, since online casinos have nothing to do with this for the time being. Only send your proof of identity to online casinos that you trust.

Also pay attention to the correct filling of all your names. Always use the names on your ID for this. Is your call sign other than your baptismal name on your ID? Then use the name on your ID. Even if you are married and have a maiden name, fill the full name on your ID. There have already been a lot of players where a payment was refused because the specified name did not fully match what was on the ID.

2: Your address

From payouts higher than 2300 euros, the online casino is always obliged to ask you for your address. To prevent this, many casinos nowadays include this in the general KYC procedure. For this you must be able to submit a document where your address is clearly on. This must therefore come from reasonably official companies instead of any webshop. Frequently used examples are bank statements, bills of energy companies or the invoice of a health insurance policy.

Please note: not every online casino accepts the same documents. Our tip is therefore to discuss in advance which documents are and are not valid. That saves a lot of nagging afterwards. If it is clear which document is suitable for verification, you ensure that all address rules can be clearly read. You are also not allowed to send documents that are three months or older.

3: Your payment method

Finally, the Online Casino wants to know that you are actually the owner of the money you play with. You must also use which method you use to appreciate your balance to verify your ownership.

  • Payments via payment cards or credit cards

For a credit card or debit card you need to pass on the first six and the last four digits of your account number. Your name and the expiry date of the card must also be sent for verification. We recommend that you clearly shield all other data, so that this cannot be abused.

For a credit card it also applies that you must of course screen the CVC code, consisting of 3 digits. It must also contain your signature. For both passes, all four corners of your pass must be clearly visible.

  • Payments via e-Wallets such as Neteller or Skrill

This is the easiest way to verify your payments. The only thing that is needed for this is a screenshot of the registration email. Here you must see your account number or ID, just like your name. If you send this screenshot, that's enough.

  • Payments via a bank transfer

You can also use a bank statement or screenshot for this method. On this, your own name and all account details must be read again. Advantage if you use iDEAL for a bank transfer: then you often do not have to show this information.

As the only player on an IP address

Each household often has the same IP address. For online casinos it is easy to say that only 1 account per IP address may be registered. This is to prevent a person from playing in multiple accounts. In this way, for example, the same person can use a welcome bonus extra often, which is only available once for other players. That is why multiple accounts on 1 IP address are often prohibited.

Therefore, ask your online casino in advance how it is with this and what is the case at your home. For example, do you know that your grandfather, who often comes to you, is also a fanatic player in the same online casino? Then consult this in advance, to prevent problems afterwards.

Duration of the verification process

In order not to be waiting for too long, most online casinos are very transparent about the status of your verification. For example, you can see whether your documents have already been approved, still waiting for approval or have already been rejected. If there is something wrong with the data supplied, an online casino will let you know as soon as possible.

You often hear within 1 to 3 working days whether your verification is approved. This depends on the available staff and the pressure within the online casino. Once your application has been fully dealt with, you can now perform super fast financial actions. This way, payouts are processed quickly and you are further relieved of this verification process!