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When you go to a casino and view the map, it seems likely that the layout is done in such a way that you can only get lost. By getting lost you will also lose time. Casinos want you to stay there for as long as possible and spend money.

The larger casinos have an advantage in this point of view. After all, the biggest casinos are already tired, so that the maze does not have to be made immediately. After all, you get lost when you walk around, even if the entire floor were empty. However, this is nothing if you go to the biggest Legal casinos in the world is going to look. Here you can spend much more than just your money on table games and slots.

The article below therefore describes a number of the largest casinos in the world, so that you see what else you could do.

Winstar World Casino

One of the largest casinos in the world is the Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma. There is more than 600,000 square meters of leeway available, so that you will see little of the casino with a single visit. There are more than 7000 Slots and about 100 table games. There is also a smoke -free poker room and a bingohal with which more than 800 players can participate in the tournaments at the same time.

You will soon notice that the casino is not so big and popular for nothing. There are nine playgrounds, all of which come with its own theme. These are based on cities from all over the world. You can, as it were, a trip to make the world by spending your money at this casino. You will also get hungry soon. There are many different places where you can get something to get and you no longer have to leave the casino.

What the casino distinguishes itself in is the fact that no free alcohol is offered. So you have to pay for this in this casino. However, there are also enough options and you will be satisfied with your visit for the casino at all times. And you never just go over your budget, because you have everything in hand.

The Venetian in Macau

With 546,000 square meters, Macau is also one of the largest casinos in the world. The Venetian casino is located in China and has 39 different areas. In addition, the casino has a lot to offer. There are more than 6000 slots and 800 table games. These are divided into four different areas in multiple themes. The resort looks like winding canals, where there are several orientation points that can offer a unique experience. This is not just about gambling.

There are also various shops, restaurants and conference rooms in the Macau. Because there are many different things to do, a maximum of 15,000 guests can go. Here you will also find electronic table games. You no longer have to sit at the tables and there is often more possible. The only thing the dealers are responsible for is that the game will be played in the right way. Only you can use your use here digitally. As a result, cheaters get fewer opportunities.

The resort itself is equipped with luxury suites, you can get dishes from all over the world and you have more than 325 stores at your disposal. Of course you can also undertake many other activities if you don't want to gamble. The rooms themselves had a renovation in 2017, so you can enjoy a lot of luxury. You lack nothing if you are going to visit this casino.

City of Dreams Casino

Again a casino that has many square meters to offer: City of Dreams Casino. This casino has made 420,000 square meters available for slots and other games. The entire interior can be seen as a Science Fiction film and there are many possibilities to be dragged with completely. There are enlightened and modern landscapes and for many people there are VIP lounges. These also come in several themes.

With more than 1500 slots and 450 table games you can have fun for hours with a visit to this casino. However, you don't have to focus on this alone. You can also use one of the four hotels, four spas and more than 175,000 square meters of stores. At the end of the day you can go to one of the many restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy the luxury.

Boring is certainly not possible at this casino. Everywhere you walk, there is plenty to see and even without gambling you are facing an unforgettable time.

Foxwoods Casino

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard is also one that can be added to the list. There is 340,000 square meters available. There is actually much more available, because the casino is owned by Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. This includes six different casinos. The Foxwoods Casino is equipped with more than 250 tables and more than 34000 slots.

You can find hours of fun at the Foxwoods Casino. You will be able to lose yourself completely, partly due to the bright lights and the possible profits. In addition, you can completely relax in the corresponding resort, where there are also many restaurants and you have a choice of a large number of stores. At this resort and casino you will never get bored.

Although you mainly come here to be able to gamble and take a holiday, you can also do other activities. Because it is a complete resort, for example, you can also enjoy a spa, golf courses, play halls, bowling lanes, karting and cable cars. The full range can be seen on the resort website. What is particularly striking within the range is the Topgolf-Trimment suite. This is a golf simulator bay in which several seating cabins, HD TVs and slot machines can be found.

The 80 golf courses also ensure a completely new experience. These are jobs from all over the world. You also have a number of extra games, such as hit ball, hockey, football, baseball and fairground games.

Wynn Macau Casino

Macau also has the Wynn Macau Casino. This casino has an area of 273,000 square meters, where there is more to be found than just the casino. There are also an art gallery, swimming pool, spa, several restaurants and a large number of designer shops.

What is particularly striking at this casino is that it is entirely devoted to visual art shows. There are enchanting installations, including the color -changing Tree of Prosperition, the Dragon of Fortune, a Performance Lake and Moon Jelly Aquarium. You look your eyes out at the movements that these installations make and the many extra technologies that have been added.

The casino was opened for a wide audience in 2006 and implemented the extensions in 2007. The biggest success came in 2009. The casino won the Forbes Five Star Award for Best Hotel. A second tower "Encore" was opened on April 21, 2010.

16 casino bridge

The Ponte 16 Casino is also located in Macau and has 270,000 square meters of floor space. It is a luxury American style hotel and has two VIP rooms, 307 slots and 109 table games. There are many different games in the range, including baccarat.

However, you will find much more here than just the casino. There are also many different eateries, an Angry Birds Play Center, Gift Gallery and different massages. In addition, you can find several street performances at the Outdoor Venue.

Rio Casino Resort

Another large casino is located in Klerksdorp (South Africa). This is the Rio Casino Resort, which has 266,330 square meters. The theme of the casino is the carnival atmosphere of Rio de Jeneiro and you will let your eyes look out. It was opened in 2002 under the name Tusk Rio Casino Resort, but changed ownership in 2006 and therefore also its name.

You can enjoy 24-hour slots, where you will find 247 machines and 12 table games. There are also regular poker tournaments where you can participate. There is a salon private for the high rollers, you can enjoy the hotel and there are two restaurants and a bar. There is also plenty to experience for the children in the Speelhal and you can possibly take them to the daycare center.


At the largest casino in the world there are no casinos from Las Vegas. However, this is not possible at all on the strip. However, there are enough large casinos in the rest of the world, where you can enjoy hours. Going on vacation has never been so entertaining.

The biggest casinos may not be the best in the world, but you can enjoy hours and even days.