Another 3 days 20 free spins at Holland Casino

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Holland Casino has a special promotion for their players for three days. You can earn free spins every day if you play Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect on the slot machine.

This special casino bonus is valid until 5 June 11:59 pm. You automatically participate when you play on Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect. You must then meet the insert conditions. You can earn 20 free spins on this fun every day slot. To get the maximum number of free spins you have to use $ 40 in total. If you play 20 euros to 40 euros, you earn 10 free spins.

How do you receive the bonus

  • Login at Holland Casino
  • Go to the Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect slot machine
  • Place a minimum deployment of $ 20 or $ 40
  • Click on “Accept” to accept the bonus

Like all bonuses, the Leprechauns Luck-Bonus is also linked to conditions. First read this carefully before you play. In this case there are no play conditions applicable. All promotions at Holland Casino only apply to players 24 years and older.

For the entire overview with bonus conditions, visit the Holland Casino promotion page.

PlayTech has developed the Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect slot machine. With clover four, rainbows and pots with gold, it is a game that you will entertain. Central to the game is the special Cash Collect symbol. This symbol in combination with gold coins, diamonds or blue circles containing a number, yields cash prizes and sometimes free spins.

With Leprechaun’s Luck Cash Collect you can win the bet a maximum of 500 times. In any case, it is already a good slot machine to play, because the RTP is 95.38%. The promotion with free spins bonus is a upgraded version of the normal game.

Holland Casino is a legal online casino

According to its own words, Holland Casino is the only real casino in the Netherlands. It has fourteen branches distributed throughout the country. They have been around for more than forty years. The first location opened its doors in 1976 Tenandvoort. Since then it has grown into an empire of quality casinos. This also has in the rest of the world Legal Casino A good name.

Holland Casino also has an online casino since last year. In addition to legal gambling in a physical location, you can now also do that from any location.

It Range Also contains the games that you already played at the physical branches. Holland Casino is now also a bookmaker for betting lovers.