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Of Standard bet that bookmakers put in a competition is the 1x2 bet. With this way of betting you predict whether the win for the home team, a draw or win for the playing team becomes.

The starting gambler on sports competitions often thinks that this is the only way to bet on a competition. Nothing is less true. The bookmakers often have more than 100 different bets for a competition.

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How does the 1x2 bet work?

The 1 stands for the profit of the home team, the X for a draw and the 2 for the profit of the team. This bet only applies to the regular playing time. Extensions and penalties do not count.

Example 1x2

In the example, the 1 win is for PSV and you get 1.2 times your bet. The X stands for a draw and you get 7 times your bet for that. The 2 stands for the win of SK Sturm Graz and you get 12 times your bet with the Austrians's winnings.

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More options with the 1x2 bet

If you predict a competition well, you have a profit. If you want the profit to rise even higher, you can combine a few 1x2 bets. If you take three games with an ODD of 2.3 you win 2.3x 2.3x 2.3 = 12.17 times your bet.

You can win very large amounts with combining, but you should remember that you also have to predict all competitions well. If you have gambled a rash, your whole bet will be lost. If you go on safe, you bet in the three games separately. Less money but more chance.

Is there a 1x2 bet at every match?

Another name for 1x2 is a 3-way bet. The name says it all, you have 3 possible outcomes. With football you always have a 1x2 option. With tennis, for example, no draw is possible. Here the X is missing and then it is a 2-way bet.

A 1x2 bet is possible with basketball. The X will often have a high ODD, but that is that not often the same is played as with football.