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If the Lord of the Dead takes on the Lord of the Dead against the Ruler of the Living, you know that you can look forward to a pretty epic battle. This is the scene that Red Tiger has chosen for War or God.

As usual with this developer, there is no lack of the audiovisual presentation here. War or God is played on a schedule of 5 rolls that can be expanded during certain functions.

The game takes place deep in the fiery underworld in the midst of fallen columns, Sisyphus with a rock on his back and lots of light that rains from the sky. The soundtrack is appropriate epic; The result makes an excellent first impression. Read all about War or Gods below.

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How does War or Gods work

As mentioned, War or God is played on a playing field of 5 roles. With a storm of biblical proportions in the background, the 2 powerful gods will fight it on the 5 × 4 schedule. Both the symbols that upgrade the Zeus function and the roles-expanding Hades function, are already powerful.

However, things take a turn in the epic when they are combined to confront with Warring God. Unfortunately, the mediocre potential of the game ensures that epicness is drastically reduced. This is not least due to a combination of a low maximum bet and one under average RTP.

Info, institutions and interface at War of God

If you want to play War or God, it is advisable to look up and read the rules of the game. It is not a difficult game, but a little information before you start is always handy. You can find the rules of War of God with the Word Help.

At Pays you can see what the values of the different symbols are on the grid. At the top right are the three lines that show the settings when you click on it.

In the same angle there is also the volume symbol with which you can easily switch the game sounds on or off. Your current balance in War or Gods is at the top left. You can find the height of your bet at the word on the bottom left of your screen.

Wrath of Zeus

In this game you will not get wild symbols and no traditional free spins function. However, what you do get are 3 Hold & Win functions with epic names such as Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire and Warring Gods.

The Wrath of Zeus function is activated when you let two Zeus symbols of 1 × 2 format on rolls 1 and 5 land during the same turn. You will now only have high-quality 1 × 1 Zeus symbols (and spaces) land and these will be sticky on the roles.

The Zeus symbols can be expanded to 1 × 4 super symbols and there can also be a special upgrade symbol countries. This can happen up to 3 times and it will upgrade the Zeus symbol value every time. The function continues as long as you continue to land new symbols.

Hades Hellfire en Warring Gods

The Hades Hellfire function is activated when you let two 1 × 2 Hades symbols land on rolls 1 and 5 during the same turn. You now only get Sticky Hades symbols.

The Hades symbols can also be expanded to completely cover the rolls and you get a rack size up to 7 × 6. This increases the number of ways to win from 45 to 60.

The big highlight is the Warring Gods function. You activate the hold & win game by having a symbol of every god land on rolls 1 and 5. Now both Zeus and Hades symbols will get and both can be extended to complete roles.

With this you also benefit from both special symbols in the Warring Gods function. This means that you can upgrade the symbols in value a maximum of 3 times.

Deployment of lines and height of deployment at War or God

With the standard rack size of 5 × 4 in War or God, players get 30 paylines to land winning combinations of three or more of a species. There is also a stack of symbols that can help you. About half are special symbols that are used during features, the rest are eight regular payments.

In the latter category there are the Klaves, Windows, Hearts and Spokes as the symbols of low value, followed by parchment, horn cups, shields and helmets as the symbols of high value. If you are going to use, you can opt for a bet between $ 0.10 to $ 20 per turn.

Payments and RTP

A touch of disappointment occurs when going through the help file, in which you will find a slightly lower than average standard RTP of 95.66%. Most games have the RTP standard around 96%.

On the standard size, Five of A Kind-Winsten are possible, resulting in high payments worth 4 to 10 times the deployment. With so many symbols on the payout table, it might be a bit of a surprise to hear that there is no wild or God.

The maximum profit you have in this game can achieve 2.518 times your bet. With a maximum deployment of $ 20, this amounts to $ 50,360. This is a bit disappointing, looking at others Slots.

Conclusion War or God

War or God is a game that starts well, but does not benefit from the impact. Red Tiger regularly designs fantastic games and Wrath of God is another strong example. It is a game that comes across as a business game, where full use is made of the theme to create a deep atmosphere between the two titans.

The images have almost biblical quality, while the symphonic soundtrack adds extra drama. The gameplay is also fairly good, although, as with many Red Tiger-Slots, it can take time to activate the extra functions. In the best case you win an amount of 2,518 times your bet, which is quite disappointing for a game like this.

Frequently asked questions War or God

What is the RTP of War or God?

The standard RTP of this game is somewhat disappointing with 95.66%. Most slots have this as standard around 96%. It can also happen that Online casinos offer an even lower RTP. This has to do with the license that the operator has.

What is the maximum profit that is possible in War or God?

Although the game is really well put together, the maximum profit is somewhat disappointing. You can earn back 2,518 times your bet. This amounts to a maximum bet at $ 50,360.

Is there a free spins feature in War or God?

War of God has no free spins feature available. In the game it is all about the 3 unique hold & win functions, Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire and Warring Gods.