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Slot machines have been the most popular casino games for decades. Nowadays you can find thousands of gambling games that are not only visually attractive, but also quite lucrative.

Many online casinos in particular offer high average returns that attract more and more players. Yet slots are games of chance and there are no strategies or gambling systems that guarantee profits. This regardless of sounding statements in a large number of gambling related books.

However, there are rules that must be followed by players. There are also certain strategies that can help them minimize their losses. Most experienced slot machine players know very well that it is almost impossible to beat the house.

Playing slot machines must be considered pure entertainment. Certainly, with Lady Luck by your side, you can collect some profit while you have fun.

But no system can improve your chances of winning, so do not fall for the myths and misconceptions about slots. Take the time to investigate games well before you play them. As with all forms of gambling, good understanding and money management is essential. There are strategies that ensure that your bankroll lasts longer. The use of some simple strategies can ensure that your bankroll lasts longer.

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What is RTP?

Before players really invest money in a gambling game, players must know which games are a good gamble and which are not. Understanding the RTP or return to player percentage can make the difference between an entertaining casino experience and lose all your money.

This is a term used by casinos and refers to the average return that players can expect. It is displayed as a percentage of the complete deployment.

For example, if you bet $ 100 on a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, you can expect that the game will return part of the money that you have invested in it, or $ 95 to be precise. Online slots usually offer an average return of 95%. There are slots that only repay 87%. But there are also cupboards that give back 97%.

So when gamblers choose a game or casino to play, they want the RTP percentages to be as high as possible. This means that after a long time they bet on such a game, limit their losses and have more chance of winning. However, it should also be noted that most of the operators of online gambling do not disclose this type of information.

random number generator

One of the most important things you need to know about slots is how these games work. To make the right decisions, you need to know how winning combinations are determined. You should also know how payout systems are formed ..

Unlike mechanical slot machines, modern slots have no moving roles, large levers and payment cycles, they are nowadays powered by random number generators.

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, is an advanced piece of technology that generates long series random numbers. Technically, they are not really random at all, but they do offer randomness for all practical purposes. Each symbol in a gambling game corresponds to a song. When the RNG chooses a number, the corresponding symbol ends up on the roles. The RNG also determines what position the symbol will fall.

Cold and hot slots

One of the most popular expressions in casinos on the mainland and even in casinogists is "hot" and "cold" slots. A cold slot machine is a slot machine that has not paid substantial profits for a while. A hot slot machine is the opposite.

The idea is that you have to find a game that is either hot or will be hot soon, so that you can win more. At the same time, cold slots must be avoided because they only eat your money.

The perception that slots get hot and cold comes from old, mechanical fruit machines that really had winning cycles. The experienced and more attentive players were in fact able to notice the patterns and take advantage of them.

However, there are no patterns and no winning or losing cycles in modern slots. The reason for this is the Random Number Generator that we have already discussed. After it was introduced and became a standard, gambling games, both online and in physical casinos, became pure coincidence.

Another interesting fact about the RNG that many gambling players are not aware of is that it constantly generates songs. Also if the game is not played. What is even more important, the outcome of the spider is determined when the player places a bet for the new round. This means that by the time you press the spin button, your destiny has already been determined and the RNG has determined whether you win or lose.

Adjust the commitment

There are many gambling systems that are recommended by various experts and experienced players. But there is no evidence that they would help you win slots and beat the casino. None of these systems is actually effective to increase your chances of winning.

What you can use as an effective strategy is to adjust your insert size. Your experience, your bankroll and of course with the type of game you play have influence.

For example, many players recommend starting the gambling session with the lowest bets accepted by the game. As soon as you start winning, you double the insert size. Some claim that the best strategy is to gradually increase the number and denomination of the coins with which you play. Other orders again that you bet the maximum when you start to win.

Although there may be some logic behind these strategies, it is unproductive to use them independently of factors such as the type of game or the average RTP. If you achieve 4 or 5 consecutive victories in a game with a low theoretical return, you cannot expect that the next combination is still a victory. So if you use the maximum amount, you can lose a larger amount.

Advantage of bonuses and free spins

Online casinos offer their customers different bonuses, but many players overestimate or underestimate them often. It is essential to understand that with deposit bonuses and free spins, most gambling operators focus on slots players.

Almost all casinopromotions share this property. They are specifically designed to maximize the gambling experience of slot machine fans. Those who, on the other hand, prefer BlackJack- Or roulette games, these kinds of benefits are not offered.

Most bonuses, welcome bonuses or regular bonuses are supplied with specific deployment requirements that can be met. Players are usually obliged to use the amount of the bonus they receive a certain number of times (from 10 to 50, depending on the casino).

Usually bets on slots contribute 100% to this requirement, while games such as roulette or video poker contribute only 50%. For example, you have received a $ 20 bonus with a bet requirement of 25 times. This means that you have to place bets that are equal to $ 500 or more before you can request a payment. If you bet $ 500 on roulette, only $ 250 contributes to the deployment and you have to use another $ 500 if you want to meet the requirements of the casino.

Choose games with many bonus functions

Another good strategy that you can use is choosing gambling games with bonus functions. Unlike most casino games, slots are often full of extra functions, these are free spins, multiplicators, bonus rounds and special symbols.

Free spins are exactly as they sound-free rounds that can be activated in many different ways, such as touching three scatter symbols. With some gambling games, free spins can even be reactivated, which means that you can win a new set of spins during a free spider. Often profits are doubled or tripled during such play. Multipliers also appear in bonus rounds or when you touch a specific combination of symbols.

Slots In traditional style, known as classic slots, usually have different symbols such as fruit, clocks, happiness bells, etc. They also have 3 rolls and a single payline. More advanced slots, on the other hand, have 5 roles (sometimes even 6 or 7) and several lines, which considerably increases the chances of winning.

Another exciting feature is the presence of special symbols - wilds and scatters. Wild symbols make forming winning combinations much easier because they behave like wildcards and replace any other symbol on the roles. They must be placed in a row, while scatter symbols, on the other hand, give you free spins or bonus rounds, where they also appear on the roles.


Payment lines are one of the basic characteristics of slots and one of the first aspects that each player must consider before he starts playing a certain final game. Windlines are those lines where corresponding symbols fall to form a winning combination.

Older slot machines used to have a single payline that ran across the center of the roles. For example, players had to hit three cherries to win. Modern slots not only have 5 or sometimes more virtual roles. They also have several lines in different forms. Right, V or reverse V-shapes, zigzag and many others.

Most of the popular video slots that you find at online casinos have 10, 25 or even 50 paylines, but there are also games with a hundred lines. The number of lines is essentially the same as the number of opportunities the player has to make a winning combination.

So you have to search for games with a higher average return and more bonus functions, but also for games that offer more opportunities to get three or more corresponding symbols.

Myths about slots

In particular, there are many myths around casinos and slots and although they are all invalidated, many players still believe in it. Some people only visited casinos on a specific day of the week or on their "happy" date of the month.

Others rub with their fingers against the coin in the conviction that they would have a greater chance of winning in this way. There are also numerous misconceptions about online slots. Although they are so strange that they are ridiculous, there are still players who consider them true.

Cold and hot slots

The perception of slots with warm and cold streaks is widely spread in both land-based and online casinos. On some gambling sites you may even see slots that are described as "hot". All virtual or automated casino games, whether they are slots, roulette, blackjack or video poker games, are programmed so that they are really random.

The RNG technology guarantees that the games are fair and that the chances of winning are exactly the same for each individual twist. This means that there are no warm or cold slots, but that it is rather the player who experiences a winning or losing series.

Final transfers are based on predictable cycles

Several other myths are related to the idea of coldness or warmth of a slot machine. One of the most popular is, for example, that after paying a huge jackpot, the game will not pay a big profit. And the reason for this is that the Cycli slots are supposedly programmed.

RNG-driven games do not have such cycles and the outcome cannot be predicted. Older fruit machines, on the other hand, were really based on cycles and after a big win, players had to switch to another game.

Online casinos manipulate slots to ensure that the house always wins

This is one of the strangest myths about online and physical casinos. In fact, the house always wins - this is one of the golden rules of gambling that each player must be aware of before he starts playing for real money. Casinos do not have to "prepare" or manipulate games because they already have the advantage. This applies to all games and all casinos and the opportunities are always against you.

However, there are a few small exceptions. Players who have the knowledge and apply the right strategy can increase their chances for certain games such as poker, blackjack or Video poker to win. In essence, all games in which skills are involved will enable you to change the opportunities and change them to your advantage.

But when it comes to slots, the opportunities are pretty clear and they are certainly against you. No casino with the right licenses and certificates would even think about manipulating the games. So as long as you play with a good, reliable online (or country-based) casino, you don't have to worry that slots are manipulated.

You have less chance of winning at fruit machines if you play with bonuses

Many casinos attract new players and reward ordinary players with different bonuses, but many customers hesitate to use such bonuses. Some believe that the chance of winning decreases if you play with a bonus or free money. This is just not true.

In fact, the chances of winning are the same, whether you play with your own money or with the bonus money that you receive. The same applies to all free spins with which you play. The RNG simply cannot distinguish between real money and bonus money or free spins.

The use of the Autoplay function reduces the opportunities to win

This is another widespread myth around playing slot machines in online casinos. It is not based on factual facts or reasonable logic. On the contrary, it shows how confusing online casinos are still for some players. The truth is that the autoplay function in most gambling games has nothing to do with the opportunities.

Money management

One of the most effective slot machine strategies, if not the most effective, is to properly manage your finances when you play online. Before you start playing, you must determine how much you are willing to lose. If losses are unacceptable, you should not start gambling first.

Remember that slots are mainly for entertainment and if you plan to generate regular income, you have to look for another hobby. However, you must know exactly how much you can lose. Most experienced slot machine players recommend ending the game session after you have lost 50% of the original amount with which you started.

If you are a new player, you have to try to only play well -known games and use small amounts. Those with years of experience never gamble all their money. This is a good strategy that everyone can hold on - if you win $ 50, save $ 25 and do not use them to use.

This is how you can guarantee that you will never lose all your money. Another gold rule of gambling is to never pursue losses, or in other words, stop playing if you lose a larger amount. Even with a game with the highest payout, there is no guaranteed win and unfortunately it is very unlikely that the next turn will win the jackpot and you will get losses back.