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When you look at the popular slots for the first time, it may seem relatively easy. After all, you press a button and things happen on the screen. Although this is true, there is a whole series of processes behind the scenes that you never think about. One of those factors to consider is the payment percentage of online slots. It is a benchmark that is vital for every casino and one on which we assess all casino games.

The repayment percentage is often one of the first things you check once you are going to do in -depth research into gambling games. We have written this article for this, so that you can read more about this topic. Here you will find information about the basic functions of the payout percentage and the aspects that go with it.

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Payment percentage explained

The payout percentage and the return on the player are terms that are often used in the online gambling industry. What do they actually mean? The way in which Slots Working is that you use money and depending on your happiness you can or may not receive a payout.

To keep a casino in operation, the money has to be brought in. It does it by paying less money than it receives. The amount that it pays is called the payment percentage or the return on player percentage. It is the most important source of income for online casinos and it makes a gambling operation profitable.

The payout percentage differs per casino game and slot machine title. This is because each game has its own different opportunities and payment ratios, hit frequencies, etc. There are actually no two identical slots on the internet and each title offers a unique experience. That is why you can expect a different return percentage from each game. The reimbursement rate indicates the share of the total turnover that the casino pays out over a long period.

Those figures do not indicate the short -term payments and you should not confuse them as such. The data is collected in the course of possible millions. This is much more than a single player can reach in a single game session. The payout percentage is the most important measure that gamblers use to assess the honesty of casino games. In short, the higher the percentage, the fairer the game is for the players' file.

It means that the game comes closer to the real opportunities. You will not suffer much from the casino advantage. Of course you have to keep in mind what we have said before. Like a game one RTP has 95%, this does not mean that you can receive $ 95 for every $ 100 that you bet. The RNG system ensures that every turn is random and the outcome independent of the previous one.

The relationship between payment percentage and the house advantage

The payout percentage and the house advantage are intertwined. While the payout percentage indicates how much a certain casino game pays as a reward, the house advantage shows what percentage of all the money the casino holds as a profit.

The correlation between the two comes in how we calculate them. When you combine the house advantage and the reimbursement percentage, you always get an exact 100% or in other words, the total amount of sales. You can always calculate one statistics if the other is available. Therefore, if a gambling game has a house advantage of 5%, the payout percentage is 95% and vice versa.

The role of volatility in online slots

If you are talking about RTP and Huisvoordeel, you take into account the consistency of a long -term game. What you don't see is how the title functions in the short term. This is where volatility comes into effect. This aspect is not most discussed or refined in the gambling industry and we have relatively little information to continue.

This is mainly due to the fact that software suppliers have no problem with it and all the information we have about the volatility of a certain game. These are largely from the user experience. It is not as accurate as RTP or House Edge. It gives us some insight into how a game should function and what experience you can expect.

Volatility is a factor in modern slots that have to do with how often and how much a game will pay. It shows us the chance of a short -term victory and with this information we can better tailor our playing style to that specific game. Slots are generally in one of the categories: high volatility and low volatility.

Slot machines with high volatility are more susceptible to irregular payments during your game session. If you play such a game, you can expect you to play a lot of spins without a significant victory. To compensate for this, these titles will give you better rewards because they rarely appear.

High volatility can be distinguished from its opposite by the payout ratios for winning combinations. Usually a combination of 5x pays considerably more than a combination of 4x of the same symbol. More often than not, the larger combination yields you between 5 and 10 times more money, although this is only an example. It is important to take this information with a grain of salt. In some cases it cannot apply.

Regarding slots with low volatility, you will notice that they are the opposite. These games offer frequent hits, but that is at the expense of smaller rewards. You can reasonably expect that you score every pair of spins or a winning combination. However, you will not write about the rewards home. Since winning spins occur more often, the payouts will reflect your chances of winning. A combination of 5x in terms of rewards will not be more than 5 times higher than a 4x.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have dealt with the basic aspects of RTP and the other contributing factors. Now you have a good understanding of this phenomenon. However, you can also have additional questions about the subject. We put together a list with some of the most frequently asked questions about RTP. To give you an even better understanding of the subject, we have included them and their extensive answers below.

How important is the reimbursement percentage of a gambling game?

The repayment rate of a casino game is one of the most fundamental aspects. As we have already mentioned, there are some ways in which we can assess the honesty of gambling titles and so far RTP is the best tool we have at our disposal.

Although the RTP does not do anything for you in the short term, it is likely that if you play a game long enough, it will come into effect to a greater or lesser extent. If you have found a game that you like and are considering playing for a long time, we strongly advise you to view the RTP and casino advantage values to see if it is worthwhile to have money in the long term to use.

Is the RTP of a game generally known?

That would depend entirely on whether the software supplier publishes the RTP numbers of their games or not. Microgaming is an excellent example of a transparent software supplier, since you can easily find all RTP values for each of the hundreds of titles of this company.

Some of course prefer to keep that information away from the public and why they would do that is unknown to us. However, every legitimate software supplier has undergone extensive tests through regulatory government agencies and their games will certainly be honest to play.

If the outcome of every turn is random, how is the RTP then consistent?

There are various aspects that play a role in this comparison. It is true that the RNG system yields random results with every turn. However, it does this within established parameters and the opportunities for each outcome are calculated and known to the software supplier.

With the help of this information, the company that produces the game can set the payment ratio slightly lower for each winning outcome than your chances of securing that outcome. The results are random in the sense that the game randomly chooses one from all possible. This is how the game can give you random spins and a stable RTP value in the long term.

What is the acceptable RTP for online slots?

Online slots come in a wide variety and each title has its own unique opportunities and payment ratios. For this reason, RTP values can vary enormously between the different games. You can find slots with RTP values of 85% just as easy as slots with 95% and everything in between. If you want to play in the most optimal way, it goes without saying that you have to choose the slot machine with the highest RTP.

However, there are also other factors that you have to take into account. For example, your pleasure in the game is also very important. You may find a 95% -RTP title more fun than a 99% -RTP title and what do you do in this situation? Our recommendation is that you do not pay too much attention to RTP and Huisvoordeel if you want to have fun. In general, each game of more than 93-94% will not be less fun than a game with a higher reimbursement rate based on that factor alone.

Do I have to play slot machines with a lower RTP?

That is completely up to you. As long as you understand that games with a low RTP are not the optimum way to gamble with your money, you can play everything you want. The online gambling industry offers you thousands of unique slots, all from the comfort of your house.

With online casinos that host hundreds of titles, you will undoubtedly find a game that is both fun for you to play if a reasonable RTP value. Even if that is not always the case, there are thousands of others to choose from others Online casinos, so keep your options open and don't settle for something you don't want.

How do slots relate to each other in terms of RTP and to other games?

The RTP of gambling games differs almost everywhere. Given the incredibly large number of slot machines circulating in the online gambling industry, this is no surprise. There are thousands of unique titles on the internet in the slot machine genre and this means that we have a lot of diversity. That is why it is not surprising to discover that slots in RTP vary between 85% and 99%.

This is a major spread compared to most other casinogenes. Blackjack and video poker are known for having the highest RTP on average, usually between 95% and 100%, depending on the game in question. Other table games such as roulette and craps usually do not fall below 94%. Only slots can offer such a diverse experience, together with its positive and negative aspects.