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With Fire Joker, Play’n Go has developed a classic game with 3 roles that borders a classic slot machine in a modern twist. The reason for this is the bonus functions, since there is both a sticky symbol re-spins function and a wheel or multipliers that you can benefit from.

Classic Slots Usually have more simple functions, so Fire Joker is definitely a relief. It all takes place on 3 roles, 3 rows and 5 ways to win. The Wild Joker symbol acts as a normal game, and it is also the best paying symbol.

The Flaming Re-spins function helps if you have lost a spider. The biggest attraction is the Wheel of Multipliers where you can benefit from a multiplication Boost up to 10 times.

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How does Fire Joker work

Since it is a classic slot machine, this game only yields a profit if you have 3 corresponding symbols land on a payline. The Wild Joker symbols are the symbol with by far the highest value.

As mentioned, it is a classic game that also plays you with the classic fruit machine symbols, such as the stars, the bar symbol and a lot of different types of fruit. The rolls of the slot machine are placed on a fiery background.

All symbols are known and do not need an introduction, although it is always wise to view the rules. The joker is the game of the game and will replace all symbols. It is also the symbol that pays the most.

Details about the Fire Joker slot machine

softwarePlay ’N GO
roll3 roles
Paylines5 paylines
payment percentage96.15% RTP
Coin value€0.05 – $100.00
Maximum payout€80.000
Autoplay optionAnd
Bonus gamesAnd
Progressive JackpotNee
Scatter symbolsNee
Wild symbolsAnd

Info, Settings and Interface of Joker Wild

You can use the Settings section (bottom left) to adjust the sound or choose to run in the "Fast Play" mode, which is just a little faster than normal playback.

When you click on the info symbol, you will see all the information as rules and values of the symbols. It is also possible to use the Autoplay function. This way you can automatically play between 10 and 100 spins. On your screen you can see at Balance exactly how much money you have available and at "Bet" you can see which bet you play with.

Flaming Re-spins en Wheel of Multipliers

Because Fire Joker is a classic game, you cannot expect too many great functions. Although Fire Joker has something to offer in this area. In fact, it has more beautiful bonus functions than many other classic slots, such as the Wild symbol.

Then you have something called Flaming Re-Spins, and this function comes to life in non-winning spins. The really big profits will come during the Wheel of Multipliers function and this is really the most important attraction of this game.

The wheel or multipliers are activated when you fill the rolls with matching symbols and your profit is increased by a multiplier up to 10 times your bet.

Re-spins function and the jackpot

Fire Joker is, as indicated, a classic game with 3 rolls and most of such games have no free spins function. Fire Joker Slot is no exception to this "rule".

But the truth is that most classic games also do not have a re-spins function, but at least you will find that in Fire Joker.

The jackpot of the game, if you want to call it that, will be won when you fill the roles with Fire Joker Wilds and are lucky to get a boost through the wheel or multipliers function. This gives you the maximum profit of the game of 800 times your bet. If you play with the highest possible deployment of $ 100, you can win up to $ 80,000.

Deployment of lines and height of bets

Due to the fact that this is an old-school fruit machine, the rules of the game are as simple as they can be. This means that even beginners will be able to play as pros in just a few spins.

The Fire Joker Machine Slot Game has a classic schedule of 3 × 3 rolls and benefits from 5 fixed paylines. It is quite clear that you have to place three corresponding symbols on a payline to win. This should not be such a big problem, because symbols tend to fall into groups.

You can set the bet somewhere between $ 0.05 and $ 100 per turn and you are ready to play. The jokers are wild and also pay the most: 80 times by 3 in a row.

Payments and RTP

The Joker Wild pays the most as said and offers 80 coins for Three of A Kind. Other symbols don't pay so much. Lucky Sevens, for example, deliver 25 for the maximum combination, while three stars offer 20 coins on a payline.

Players can win the bet in a single twist up to 800 times. Use the wheel or multipliers to increase the profit.

The RTP, Return to Player, from Fire Joker is 96.15%. This is quite average since most games have a standard RTP of 96%. Look before you play the game at which RTP the provider uses. This can vary a lot and you can save some opportunities.

Conclusion of Joker Wild

Fire Joker is essentially a simple slot machine, but it is very fun and exciting once you start playing. The stacked symbols and stacked wilds help you to get lucrative payments, but also help you to activate re-spins. a

Once you have filled all the cells with identical symbols, activate the wheel or multipliers and you can increase your profit up to 10 times. Fire Joker is a classic game that comes with somewhat beautiful bonus functions that you will usually not find in these types of games. It is probably one of the reasons that it is such a great success among players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fire Joker's RTP?

The RTP in the game can vary per operator where you play the game. The standard RTP from Fire Joker is 96.15% for your real money, you should first view this RTP from Fire Joker. This way you can find the best possible deal when it comes to your chances of winning.

What is the maximum profit that is possible in Fire Joker?

The maximum profit from Fire Joker is 800 times your bet. With a deployment of $ 100 per turn you can therefore win $ 80,000.

Which symbol in Fire Joker has the highest value?

The Joker symbol has the highest value in this game. This brings you 80 coins if you have 3 in a row. For the value of all symbols you can look at the information icon.