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The Enchanted Meadow slot machine was developed by the company Play ‘n Go and is one of the most popular games of this developer. It is a company that has been around since 2004 and has brought a whole series of good games on the online casino market.

The games of play 'n go are of very high quality and also have a very large entertainment value. The developer offers Enchanted Meadow to several Online casinos Giving you a wide selection of places where you can play this online slot machine.

Enchanted Meadow is a game with a fantasy theme that can of course be found. Yet this game stands out partly due to the graphics and nice extras that you can activate in the game.

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How does the game work

Enchanted Meadows is a game that works like a lot of slots. The playing field consists of 5 rolls and you see symbols on 3 rows. In the game you have different symbols that have a low or high value. The card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and the AAS are the low -paid symbols, where the mouse and fairies are the high -paid symbols.

In the game you have a lot of differences extra symbols with which your bonus functions activate and increases your chances of winning. By getting 3 to 5 the same symbols on the paylines, you can earn money with the game where the value of the symbol determines how much.

With the extra symbols you can recover your bet much more often when you are lucky in the game.

They game gaming

The Enchanted Meadow slot machine is an incredibly fun slot machine, where you walk into the enchanted alien forest and can wander around. You come across perfectly animated fairies everywhere, amazing magical oak trees and lots of fairy tales that you can collect to win money.

The background noises are very nicely made and really give you the feeling that you have ended up in a beautiful magical place. The clear, colorful fairy -tale surroundings houses a grid of 5 × 3 rolls and rows made from branches and vines.

The extensive user interface can be found under the roles, between the plants. It contains everything you need while playing Enchanted Meadow, including the rotary knob, a payment table button, the Autoplay option, total profit and the current deployment.

The oak and the fairy

Enchanted Meadow has several spectacular features and functions that will make you a fan of the game. Hereby slot Is the oak the highest paying symbol. If you get 5 of these symbols on the playing field, you get 2,500 points.

The second best paying symbol is the fee, from which you get 750 points if you have 5 on a payline. The oak is a wild symbol. This means that it replaces any other symbol except the bonus and scatter symbols that are needed to create different combinations.

The moment the oak comes to roll 3, all 3 lines are filled, so that you can easily increase your profit.

The Purple Tulip and Hide and See Bonus

The purple tulip in this slot machine is a bonus symbol. When you have three symbols of the purple tulip, the Hide and Seek Bonus function is activated in the game.

The purpose of this function is to make the clogged fairies appear. Each of the fairies that appears yields free coins or spins. This bonus round in the game ends when you get a wasp.

This round starts with the free spins function with a multiplier of 2 times. This feature can be reactivated so that you can get extra free spins, up to 50 free spins.

Every time you get at least 2 fairies on the roles, the multiplier starts to increase to a maximum of 5. The golden emblem is a bonus symbol for re-spins.

Windlines and height of bets

The Enchanted Meadow game is a slot machine where you have a traditional playing field with 5 rolls and 3 rows. You have 15 paylines at your disposal to use.

You can use the slot machine for each twist between $ 0.15 to $ 18.75. You pay $ 0.01 per payline and you can use a maximum of $ 18.75.

Enchanted Meadow also contains very handy and fun functions such as multiplicates, bonus rounds, free spins, wilds, re-spins, expanding wilds and much more to increase your winnings. When you manage to realize 3 to 5 symbols on your playing field, you will be reimbursed your bet. It depends on what symbol you have managed to make the combination with.

Payments and RTP

You need to know what to look out for if you want to play an online casino game as Enchanted Meadow. Like all other slots, this slot machine is offered by a developer at an online casino with a standard RTP, Return To Player.

This percentage indicates how much will be reimbursed over the long term. At Enchanted Meadow, the standard RTP is set at 96.18%. Since 96% is normally standard, Play ‘n Go uses the RTP with this slot machine above average.

However, it may differ per online casino how high this percentage is actually. Do not be surprised if this is often lower than the standard RTP. You can regain your bet up to 50 times if you can use the multiple features and bonuses in the game.


The Enchanted Meadow slot machine is a game where you will have few big fluctuations in your balance. You can win smaller amounts with this game and the threshold to use is therefore low with $ 0.15 per spin.

You can earn more with the different bonuses and extra functions, but then they are not a sample. The Enchanted Meadow Video Slot Game is more a game for the recreational user than an avid online casino player.

It is a very nice game to play partly due to the magical fantasy theme. Although the playing field is traditional, the extra features and bonuses have also been nicely created and give it that extra bit of magic to Enchanted Meadow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theme of Enchanted Meadows?

Enchanted Meadows is a slot machine based on a fantasy world. You will have to deal with fairies, beautiful plants and valuable trees. It is a slot machine with a traditional playing field, but among other things the magical creatures and the background music of the game, give you the feeling that you have ended up in a fantasy world.

How many free spins can you earn in Enchanted Meadows?

These can go up to 50 times.

What is the RTP of Enchanted Meadows?

Enchanted Meadows is offered by Play ‘n Go with a standard RTP of 96.18%. However, this can differ per online casino on the type of license they have. Keep in mind that at the online casinos it is often lower than the standard RTP.