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As you probably know, the proverbial "bull in a China Shop" refers to a person who is emotionally or physically awkward. The literal interpretation of Play’n Go of this concept will therefore undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

The cartoon-like visuals fit perfectly with the theme, and the equally fitting classic soundtrack is not something that you hear too often in slots. The Pagoda-tiled role is made in such a way that it looks like a real Japanese space screen, a Shoji.

The rolls are filled with porcelain pieces and the bull with the ring in the nose comes through the screens when it is activated. The basic game is varied thanks to the 3 wild symbols and the bonus round you can really take with you for a "wild ride", depending on which of the 3 functions you choose.

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How does the game work

Located in a Chinese store, you will see a pagoda-like tiled structure. The play area consists of 5 rolls with 20 paylines. As mentioned, the roles are designed as Shoji screens, while various symbols further emphasize the Eastern feeling.

However, the Asian influence is not predominant, so do not expect rain from dragons, tigers or frogs when the game progresses. It is more subtle than that.

As you understand, the bull clearly has the leading role in this game. The moody beast is the so-called wild symbol. This means that it can replace all regular symbols to help you form winning combinations.

Most people are aware of the saying "Bull in a China Shop", known to us as "an elephant in the porcelain cupboard"

Info, Settings and Interface of Bull in A China Shop

At the bottom of the screen you have an info icon where you get the game rules of Bull in a China Shop in the picture when you click on it. This also states what exactly the value of all symbols is so that you know exactly where you stand during the game.

It is wise to take a look at this before you start. Furthermore, the settings icon and the volume symbol can also be found. Under the word Balance is what your balance is at that time and it says how high your bet value is at that time.

Free spins

Having a bull in the title means that the sniffing beast with the ring in the nose in most functions shines. This includes a number of random features and three types of free spins in the form of bonus games.

Every time the wild bull symbolizes the basic game, he not only replaces basic symbols to form winning combinations, the bull also activates one of the three random effects.

  • The cheerful bull places 2 to 6 wild symbols in random positions.
  • The proud bull transforms up to 5 rolls completely wild.
  • The angry bull sprinkles between 2 to 6 multiplier-wilds on the rolls that multiply the bet by 2.

The Golden Bull

The golden bull is the symbol that can appear on rolls 1, 3 and 5. If three are in the picture, 10 free spins are awarded as part of the bonus. There are three options for players to choose one. The cheerful free spins, the proud free spins and the Angry Free Spins. These multipliers have random values of X2, X3, X5 or X10 and are used on all wilds. However, it is possible to trigger each of the bonus games once more, which means a total of a maximum of 20 free spins.

Deployment of lines and height of bets

Despite a good number of features and bonus games, Bull is a fairly simple game to play in a China Shop. The game offers bets between $ 0.10 and $ 100 per turn and uses nine symbols. These are the clay, windows, hearts and kicks of low values that are provided with a porcelain in porcelain ming designs.

The symbols of higher values are also based on this theme. These symbols are four delicate porcelain pieces and an older lady who is probably the nervous owner of the China Shop. If you get a row of five premium symbols, you will receive a payment of 5 to 25 times the deployment. You have a total of 20 deployment lines at Bull in a China Shop.

Payments and RTP

RTP of 96.20%

It is far from a hit by the developer Play'n Go and this is mainly because of the average volatility that has been rated with 5 out of 10. This means that you cannot earn very high profits per turn and therefore a lot of patience must have to build your balance slowly.

The RTP, Return to Player, goes from Bull in A China Shop above average with 96.20% when it comes to the standard level. Although this can also be lower if a provider has lowered the RTP. This is why you always have to check what the RTP is before you start the game.

Conclusion of Bull in a China Shop

Bull in a China Shop is one of those games that could easily have been overlooked if the stream of endless Slots who can be played. Where Play’n Go managed to avoid this to a certain extent, is the smart theme choice and gameplay.

Most people are aware of the saying "Bull in a China Shop", known to us as "an elephant in the porcelain cupboard". By responding to this, everything in the game is logical and ironic. Instead of only a fairly standard game with 20 paylines, the same features in the basic game are reused in the bonus.

The functions are not very original, although the theme is. This makes Bull in A China Shop as a whole quite distinctive, albeit a bit simple. Bull in a China Shop looks good, is easy to play and offers profits up to almost 6,000 times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP from Bull in a China Shop?

The highest standard RPT from Bull in A China Shop is 96.2%. However, providers of the game can adjust this to different levels, depending on the license.

Is there a free spins feature in Bull in a China Shop?

Yes, you can choose between the free spins Happy, Proud or Angry Bull. Each option comes with a wild symbol that simulates the basic game. You also get 10 free spins on top, regardless of what you choose.

What is the highest possible maximum profit from Bull in A China Shop?

You can earn back up to 5,800 times your bet in Bull in a China Shop. This is fairly average for this type of slots.