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A 5 × 5 bingo playing card with a slot machine roll underneath, or the combination between slots and bingo. Slingo Originals now has an even newer and nicer version on this original game, namely Slingo Fortunes. With this game you can As a slot machine or bingo enthusiast win nice cash prizes where you imagine yourself while playing in the Far East and also get the feeling that you are in the TV Show Deal or No Deal.

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Slingo Fortunes is a variant of the Slingo Originals. With the original Lingo Game is a bingo card combined with a slot machine. At Slingo Fortunes you will be taken to the Far East. The game consists of a 5 × 5 playing card with a slot machine underneath where songs appear. This game is very similar to the popular Slingo version Deal or No Deal and if you are a fan of this TV Show, Slingo Fortunes is also for you.

The operation of Slingo Fortunes is almost the same as the TV show. You have to open an envelope and then gamble until you are asked to make a choice. With this game a lot happens on your screen and you also have to do a lot, so you do not stares at the screen all the time while the website does the rest as it often works with many games. Slingo Fortunes is already known because it is partly based on the Fortunes gambling machine but Slingo Fortunes has its own style and rules.


You start Slingo Fortunes with choosing your bet. This bet can vary from 1 euro to 100 euros. After that you will be asked to choose a "lucky envelope" that you don't get right away, it is saved for later and you will not get to know the hidden price yet. After you have chosen, the game starts as with the original Slingo Game.

On the left side of the playing field you can see a ladder that indicates how high your prize money is at that time. To climb on the ladder you have to cross 5 songs on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You can cross a song by matching songs on the bingo playing card with the songs that appear during spinning. Slingo Fortunes you start with 10 free spins, with each spider 5 random numbers appear.

In addition to the songs, there are also special symbols that help you climb higher on the ladder. The Joker and the Super Joker take care of opening envelopes, with the Free Spin you get extra spins for free. There is also the devil symbol that can work against you. This symbol can block potential number matches on your playing field.

The prize money you can win

The prize money at Slingo Fortunes depends on the bet you chose at the start of the game. The bet already starts with a euro but if you have a lot of confidence you can also start with 100 euros. The price ladder on the left side of the playing field shows what your prize money is at the time of playing and you can always choose to have this paid out or continue playing.

The bet in this game can be multiplied by a maximum of a thousand. In addition, bonuses and direct cash prizes can be won while playing. The return to player percentage at Slingo Fortunes is 95%.

Try Slingo Fortunes now

Slingo Fortunes is very similar to the TV Show Deal or No Deal, where you have to open envelopes just like on TV. Slingo Fortunes combines the TV show with an atmosphere from the Far East. By climbing higher on the profit ladder you see your commitment multiplication. Your bet can be multiplied up to 1000 times. All you have to do is cross rows of 5 songs on the 5 × 5 playing card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you play Slingo Fortunes with real money?

You can find Slingo Fortunes at many online casinos. If you are considering using real money, always check the conditions and rules of the online casino where you want to play and also check the licenses that this casino has. By one Legal American Casino like Jack’s Online Are you sure!

Wat is het Return to Player percentage?

Slingo Fortunes has a return to player percentage of 95 percent.

What is the minimum and maximum bet at Slingo Fortunes?

You can already play Slingo Fortunes for real money from 1 euro. Are you already experienced more and do you know that you are lucky on your side? Then you can use up to a maximum of 100 euros.

What are the special symbols in this game?

The symbols that you can encounter at Slingo Fortunes are the Joker, the Super Joker, the Devil and the Free Spin.