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A relatively new concept in online casinos is Lingo. This combination of bingo and a classic slot machine is becoming increasingly popular. For example, you notice that directly from the amount of new Slingo variants appear daily in your online casino.

Each game gets its own unique theme. Because of all those different variants, which are often based on certain periods from the past, you can almost make a trip through history.

An important stopover from your journey is then on board a real Viking ship. In Slingo Berserk you sail on a sloop. With the final machine of 5 × 5 you try to conquer the loot and find your way to wealth. And what is a game about Vikings without one of their gods? That is why the goddess Freyr is also present. You would like to have that by your side, because she rewards you during the game of a jackpot!

Legal American casinos with Slingo

Where can I play Slingo Berserk?

You can play this new Slingo game at a number of online casinos. That does not mean that you have to play them at every online casino. They all differ in quality, service and such points, so that you play better at one casino than at the other casino.

You can currently play the best Slingo Berserk at the new online casino of Jack’s Casino. Here the quality is not only very high, but you are also sure that you can gamble safely. This American Casino Recently has a license from the American government. In addition, new players get a nice bonus, so you can use even more at Slingo Berserk or one of your other favorite games.

That's how Slingo Berserk works

The name choice for Slingo Berserk is certainly not just falling from the sky. Slingo naturally refers to the game type of this game, namely a combination of bingo and a classic lock machine. Berserk also comes back in this game.

When we literally translate "Berserk", we see that it means that someone bursts into a furious anger. This can sometimes even end violently. With this description, Vikings are often indicated. During their struggle, in which the ruthless Norwegians often fought with more than a bear sheet around their bodies and a weapon, they could become quite furious. That is why Slingo Berserk is definitely a suitable term for this game.

With the game you want to get 5 rows in the grid with 5 symbols each in a row. Then you make a Slingo. The direction of the row does not matter to win. This may therefore be both horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Before you can turn the wheel, you must first pay a bet per turn. The deployment can be determined at the bottom left of the corner. Have you determined your bet? Then you can start! For this you click on the "Start Game" button. You then get 11 spins. The intention is to run as many prizes as possible within these 11 spins.

On the left side of the screen you can see which prizes you can win. This way you do not get a price with 1 or 2 sling, and with 3 or 4 slings half of your bet or your bets per turn. From 5 Slingos in a turn you actually make a profit.

On the right side of the screen you see the prices that you want completely: these are the jackpots. Slingo Berserk has 4 different jackpots, each of which is displayed with a characteristic Viking sloop.

While playing, the atmosphere around the playing field is extra strengthened. This way you see lightning bolts in the background, possibly from another Norwegian god: Thor. The background music that you hear while playing also contributes enormously to the atmosphere.

You cannot turn on autoplay mode while playing. After completing the 11 spins, you can buy extra spins to extend your turn. We see this principle more often in Slingo games, so Slingo Berserk is no exception. However, it is not necessarily advisable to use this purchase, because the chance of winning in this extra round is extremely small. It is better to start a new series of 11 innings.

This is how you win a round of Slingo Berserk

The purpose of the game is therefore to get Slingo: five symbols in a row. It therefore does not matter whether this row is horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When you start your turn, you will get 11 innings to collect as many slings as possible. You can see how many spins you have left at the bottom right of the corner of the screen.

With every twist new numbers appear on a role that you will find under the grid with all your numbers. Just as it works with normal bingo, it is intended that you extend the numbers of the role on your grid. In this way you can collect a Slingo. And the more Slingos, the higher the price. With every Slingo you go a step higher on the price ladder, which you can see on the left in your screen.

You get a price from 3 Slingos in the same turn. Can you collect 11 Slingos in a turn? Then you win Full House: a price that will give you 5000 (!) Times your bet. However, if you receive extra spins, they will not contribute to the multiplication, so the maximum profit remains the same. So if you use 1 euro, you can win a maximum of 500 euros, regardless of how many extra spins you buy.

All bonus functions

Each spider ensures that new numbers appear on the role under your playing field. You can then cross this out. Not only numbers, but also special symbols can appear on this role. These can help you make Slingos easier, but they can also make it harder for you!

The first symbol that can appear is a green shield. As soon as you play this, you get extra free spins. That means more opportunities to make Slingos! This green shield adds one spider at a time to your total. You can see how many regular spins you have left at the bottom right of your screen. In addition, in an appropriate green surface, you can see how many extra spins you have earned and how many are left of it.

Are you turning a hammer with a lightning bolt on it? Then you have activated the wild function! At Slingo Berserk, this game means that you can strip a randomly flat out of your playing field. This must be from the column that is located above the wild itself. So if you turn the wild at position 2, you also have to select a number from the second column. So you want to run this wild as often as possible!

A symbol that you prefer to stay as far as possible is the club. This medieval weapon does the opposite of a game. The club prevents you from striping rotated numbers in the column above the club. This makes it more difficult to form a Slingo and therefore win.

In addition to these three symbols, there are also two other bonuses. We discussed one before: that is the option to buy extra spins after your turn. How expensive this function is is determined on the basis of the current intermediate position. So it is always more expensive to continue playing if you already have many Slingos or can make almost a number of Slingos, because the chance of a higher profit increases.

The second bonus function is a special bonus round. Here you can win one of the four different jackpots from Slingo Berserk! This is activated because the lightning of the background refers to the coins that you see above your playing field. If coins fall down after the lightning strike, activate the bonus round for the jackpots.

Once in the bonus round, you are supposed to run coins. During the turning you reveal different Vikings, each standing for its own jackpot. You want to turn three the same coins to win the jackpot. You then have a chance to win one of the four jackpots: the mini, the minor, the major and the mega jackpot. The latter will give you a bet 10,000 times!

Slingo jackpot scars

Deployment, variance and return to player

Slingo Berserk has a fixed return to player (RTP) of 95%, which means that 95% of the bets are reflected in the players. The house advantage therefore automatically comes to 5%, which is fairly normal for a winding game. Remember that it is fairly high compared to other games.

You can use Slingo Berserk from 20 cents. This can go up to 25 euros, but depending on the casino where you play, this can also be adjusted downwards. If you play with a larger online platform, you can often use more. So if you can play with 25 euros and you win the Mega Jackpot, you just win 250,000 euros!

Conclusion: Is Slingo Berserk worth the effort?

With the explosively increasing popularity of Slingo, a variant of Vikings could not be delayed. The performance of Slingo Berserk is very strong, especially in combination with the graphics, the background (music) and the bonus functions. Everything hangs together like a beautiful whole.

As beautiful as the game looks, it is so difficult to win the game. You have to turn at least 3 slings in a turn to win something. That did not happen once during testing this game. The makers probably hope that you will buy to win a little, but even then you often fish behind the net. So don't be seduced too quickly by this option!

The option to activate and win the jackpots is fun, but unfortunately is almost never occurring. The lightning hits randomly and it is therefore not a fact that the coins fall.

Because the game looks so incredibly sleek, it is recommended for lovers of casino games themselves. If you would rather play to win something, we should not recommend Slingo Berserk.