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The Paroli system is a strange duck. Where every system increases the deployment in the event of a loss, you will increase at Paroli if you win. The system is most focused on the single opportunities. However, it is also possible to use paroli with other bets. The chance then becomes smaller, but the payments greater.

Play paroli with the single opportunities

The bets red/black, high/low and even/odd are single opportunities. You choose one of these bets to play the Paroli system. If you lose then you just stay the basic insert with which you started.

If you win, you leave the bet the profit. You can choose how often you leave all the chips. Imagine playing with $ 10 and you leave the bets and profits three times. The $ 10 is 20, 40 and 80 euros to three times a profit. Total you now earn 75 euros and you start using 10 euros again.

If you are a big gambler, you can also choose to leave the sheets longer. After the fifth time you already have 320 euros. This system is very successful if a color falls a number of times in a row. If red and black always fall alternately, then you lose 10 euros every round.

Remember that with this system, just like with the other use roulette, just 2.7% behind the couch and that you ultimately have a big chance of loss. However, if you find a nice series of the same color in succession, the profits can rise quickly.

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Play paroli with columns or dozens

If you play paroli with columns or dozines, the payment will be by sheet 3. If you leave the sheet twice, then the payout is already 9 and after three times, you have already had your bet 27 times.

The chance that you gamble well three times is therefore a lot lower. With the single opportunities you play 18 out of 37 numbers and with the columns and dozines you only play 12 numbers. A smaller chance with a larger payment. So if you put $ 10 on a column and it falls three times, then you have $ 270.

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Play paroli if you bet on 6 numbers

If you play on 6 numbers, the payout is times 5 and your bet will remain. So with a bet of $ 10 you make 60 and the next payment is already 360. In the schedule you can see how much you earn when you leave your bet profit at four times gambling well.

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At Paroli you use profits that come in series. If you are lucky, you can make a big hit with little money. The disadvantage is that you often get frustrated, you have gambled well twice, it goes wrong the third time and you have to start again. With a bit of bad luck, it takes a long time before a series of profits comes and then the Paroli system can also cost too much.

The nice thing is that you can play the system for 10 cents at the online roulette tables. If you let the bets and profits stand long enough, it can yield a lot. We recommend that you first try it out for free and see if this way of playing suits you. Another golden tip is that you only have one Legal Casino must play.