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One of the most popular and versatile gambling systems for roulette is the Labouchere strategy. It is a complex yet easily adaptable system that can be used by both experienced and beginning players.

It is suitable for bets on single opportunities with roulette, as well as with others Casino games Two possible outcomes have around 50% chance of success.

The inventor of this strategy

This casinost strategy is named after an English aristocrat, Henry du Pré Labouchère, a 19th-century politician and known for its various interests and professions. Labouchere was a member of the Parliament, but also a writer, a publisher, a theater owner and presumably an avid gambler.

Although there is no factual evidence that he played a role in the invention of gambling strategies, the Labouchere system still bears its name and is popular among roulette players.

The strategy is based on a negative progression, whereby the amount of the deployment increases after each loss. Unlike many other popular progressive systems such as the Martingale, the Labouchere system does not try to compensate for all losses by winning one big bet.

Instead, players who use the system try to restore their losses through multiple victories. This is done by applying an apparently complex mathematical system and a strictly arranged series of numbers.

Although the Labouchere strategy in the first instance sounds too complicated, it is easy to understand and applied in game sessions. As soon as players get to know the basic concept, they can change it and adapt to their own needs in various ways. This is why there are so many variations on the Labouchere system. It is flexible, easy to use and very versatile.

It can be formed in such a way that it is suitable for risk -aging players, but it can also be adapted to those who are willing to play with higher bets. Below you will find a complete description of the Labouchere system, how it works and what variations it has.

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How does it work?

This strategy works best with bets with a bit of money at roulette, such as red / black, high / low and even / odds. It can also be used with inside inserts or use other types, but they all have a lower chance of winning than the Even-Money, outside.

This is why the Labouchere, as well as most other gambling systems that are popular with roulette, can be extremely risky and dangerous if they are applied to bets with a lower probability.

The Labouchere system differs from most gambling strategies in the way it is formed and in the way it functions. It does not consist of a series of consecutive numbers that represent every subsequent bet. Here we start with a series of random numbers and their total represents the net profit that we try to achieve at the end of the session.

The numbers series

In other words, the sum of the numbers in our series is the amount we want to win. In the example 1-2-3-4, the total of the numbers is 10 units, which could be $ 10 (for simplicity 1 unit is $ 1).

In fact, players not only determine the goal, $ 10, but also how it is divided into the order. For example, it can be 1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2 or 4-2-4. To start playing with the system, players simply take the leftest and the right number and add them to get the bet amount for the first bet.

So let's take a longer series as an example-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2. The first bet is $ 3 and if he wins, the player scraps the songs that have just been used and continues with the next series of numbers in the series, which sum is also $ 3. The process remains the same for all winning bets until there are no more numbers in the series.

However, if the first bet loses, the players add its value to the right-hand side of the series and the progress is 1-1-1-1-1-2-2-3. According to this simple rule, the next bet we post is $ 4.

If he wins, we will remove the first and final numbers from the series, but if he loses, we will add it to the progress. The idea is that the larger bet created by adding up the numbers of the two sides of the series would eventually win and that the winning bets could compensate for any losses.

TurnNumbers seriesEffortOutcomePay outGain
Totally deployed:$43Alter:$48Net win: $ 5

Playing style and variations on the Labouchere system

Since the Labouchere strategy enables players to determine the numbers in the series, it is quite flexible. This gives you the opportunity to play more conservative or with more risk. Of course, the riskier playing style of roulette is associated with higher bets, so coming up with the right progress is the key to success.

Some players prefer playing with high bets and would therefore opt for a longer series with larger numbers. On the other hand, those who have a more careful approach would go for shorter progressions with smaller numbers.

Below we have illustrated various playing styles and variations of the Labouchere system, which should be suitable for different types of roulette players.

A very careful playing style

As we have already mentioned, the Labouchere strategy is very flexible and adaptable to the individual experience of players at the roulette table, their bankroll and their willingness to take a risk.

Even before they become familiar with the use of a certain system, they can try a version of the Labouchere, which is extremely safe and even suitable for beginners. Also known as the Johnson Progression, it contains different zeros in the series.

A good example of this interesting system would be 0-0-0-0-0-0-1, where the goal would be $ 1 win. If the initial deployment of $ 1 loses, the second is also $ 1. If those in the progress are all crossed out and only zeros remain, the session ends and players can start all over again.

The more zeros in progression, the safer it is in general. So let's try the series with 10 zeros in the following example:

TurnNumbers seriesEffortOutcomePay outGain
Total deployment:$11Total payout:$12Net win: $ 1

Players must take into account that this is a fairly long series and that it starts with different losses in a row. After a total of eleven spins, the system managed to make a profit and achieve the goal of $ 1.

This may not be much, but these types of progressions are a great tool for less experienced players who want to learn the basis of the Labouchere strategy and apply them in games for real money.

A moderate playing style

Most players would not even bother for a progression full of zeros and ones. What most people are usually interested in are the net profits that are expected from different gambling strategies.

To avoid excessive risks, you can take various low figures. In fact, the Labouchere system is usually used in this moderate way.

This variation of the strategy ensures relatively good bankroll management over a longer period. Players will not lose large amounts of money and their profits are relatively small, but reliable. If we take $ 10 for our net profit at the end of the series, we distribute it in 1-1-2-2-3-1.

In the table below we have shown the results of nine random results. In this case the bet loses four of the spins and wins in five of them. The balance on our bankroll remains positive most of the time and although the profits are not substantial, they are consistent.

TurnNumbers seriesEffortOutcomePay outGain
Total deployment:$42Total payout:$52Net win: $ 10

The inverted Labouchere Casino strategy

The Reverse Labouchere strategy was more recently devised by players who believed that the original system led to rapidly increasing bets in the case of a long losing series. Indeed, when using the Labouchere, the bets go up at any loss and the succession of numbers extends quickly.

Players with particularly bad luck would rarely reach the table limits, but there is a very real risk that these increasing bets are too much for their bankroll.

With the Reverse Labouchere casino strategy, on the other hand, they would only lose small amounts. Winsts would of course be rare, but considerably in size and many players find this variation of the system much more sustainable in the long term.

So, how it works - it looks a lot like the classic system, but the rules are reversed and the strategy of a negative progression becomes a positive progression.

Players choose a series of random numbers and if they lose their original bet, they remove the first and final figures from the series. When they win, they add the commitment to the end of the progress. To demonstrate the reverse system, let's take the series 1-2-3-4 as an example and see how effective it could be.

TurnNumbers seriesEffortOutcomePay outGain
Total deployment:$72Total payout:$62Net win: -$ 10

Is the Labouchere system effective?

Compared to most other gambling systems used in roulette, the Labouchere strategy is much more flexible, more interactive and more fun. Players determine the amount that they win at the end of each series and the risk associated with their game.

In fact, individual decisions here influence the final outcome of the game, even though they cannot change the chances and the benefit of the house at Roulette. After all, the purpose of this classic casino game is to win more than you lose and players can do this with this system.

They must of course be very careful with how they apply the strategy and plan everything in advance by creating the optimum series of numbers. Longer, aggressive progressions with larger numbers can be very risky and rewarding at the same time. That is why players must decide how much risk they are willing to accept for each game session.

Inexperienced roulette players are advised to stick to and learn and adapt to the safest variant of the cancellation system while gradually making small profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Labouchere strategy

As mentioned above, the Labouchere Casino strategy is flexible and versatile. The largest and most obvious advantage is that it can be adapted to any type of player and every bankroll. Those who are still uncomfortable when using gambling systems on roulette can adjust the Labouchere so that they can make a small profit before they get into trouble with their bankroll.

On the other hand, players who have more self -confidence can try more unconventional solutions, such as the Reverse Labouchere. However, they must be very careful and determine the exact moment when they will stop the series.

Another great aspect of this system, especially if we compare it with other popular strategies such as the Martingale, is that the risk of achieving the maximum table limit before profit is made is quite low. Such a scenario is of course still possible, but highly unlikely. Moreover, the Labouchere system has a disciplinary role and teaches players how to plan their victories and losses.


Setting systems such as the Labouchere strategy are usually applied to bets with single opportunities. So you can choose the following external use with roulette: red or black, even or odd and high or low.

Some players believe that it is essential to stick to the same effort, but it actually has no influence on the system. For example, gamblers can bet on red during the entire game session or change their bets from red to black whenever they want. The results of the Labouchere system will be identical.

In general, this is a good strategy for players who want to play a new way of roulette without running too much risk. Other systems can lead to larger losses and in a shorter time. This of course depends on the Labouchere variant that you have chosen and on the exact series of numbers with which you start your game.

And last but not least, beware of long losing series if your bankroll is limited and you cannot collect large losses. If you play more aggressively, you can lose a lot of money without the guarantee that you can win it back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I practice this system for free?

Yes, there are demo versions where you can play roulette for free. If you have found the good numbers series and it works for you, then you can try it for money.

What is the best roulette to play the Labouchere system?

At least take a roulette with a single zero. You also play with a Legal Casino. Here you are assured of a fair game course, good service and fast payouts.

Does it matter if I play this system at a live casino?

You can do it in one Live Casino play or against the software. In both cases the system should do its work.