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Most players are well aware that gambling strategies rarely work in the long term. But this does not prevent them from coming up with new systems and methods with varying success. One of the most special systems is the Base Two strategy, which can be used for multiple casino games, including roulette, blackjack and craps.

The Base Two Strategy is a pretty popular turning system that is based on the simplest strategy you can imagine: the minimum and maximum deployment of the player. Unlike many other methods that consist of arranging someone's bets in accordance with a long and complicated series of numbers, the Base Two system only has two possible insert options and are based on the highest and lowest bets.

This is where the name comes from - that there are two fundamental bets that are placed throughout the game. Sometimes this technique is also called Level Two system.


How and where this strategy originated is not known and experts do not know exactly when the strategy was really used for the first time in playing casino games. What people know is that Base Two is quite risky and can turn out disastrous if it is not applied properly. At the same time, players who know how to use the system can leave the roulette table with a considerable win.

The BASE Two system involves a positive progression, in which the bet is increased after a winning twist to roulette, while after a loss the deployment is lowered. As with most gambling systems, this method can be successfully applied in any casino game with even money bets. That is why gamblers would also use this system for BlackJack of craps.

That's how the Base Two Strategy works

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When we apply Base Two to roulette, we play on the bets that give us almost 50% chance of winning. So these are the bets on red or black numbers, even or odd, or low or high numbers. However, players must know that the chance of getting red or black, for example, is not fifty fifty.

Due to the presence of the green zero (or two zeros in the American roulette version), which is clearly not black or red (neither even or odd, and not high or low), the chance that you are one of the even money bets are 48 , 65% (47.36% in American roulette).

If we follow this logic, we can assume that each of these six bets also apply to progressive gambling systems such as the Base Two Strategy. Players who use it can therefore retain the same effort throughout their game or, as an alternative, change their commitment for every twist on the roulette.

Simple system

It is probably the simplest form of structured bet and is easy to learn and understand for almost everyone. Before applying this strategy, one must first choose two bases, which means the minimum and maximum bet that they feel comfortable with. This of course depends on the height of the Bankroll and willingness to take risks. For the minimal deployment, players are advised to take the table minimum- $ 5, physical casinos and $ 1 when one is with a online casinoO is going to play.

In addition, one must also determine a maximum bet. This must be the maximum amount you want to risk during a single game round. The maximum table limit must of course take into account. Finally, it must be ensured that the entire bankroll is handled carefully. It is advisable not to set the maximum bet higher than to 10% of your bankroll.

Once the two bases have been chosen, players can start playing the minimum insert until one wins. When this happens, the maximum bet is placed. If the next game round also yields a profit, the bet will remain the same (the maximum bet). If one loses, people go back to the minimum bet. Suppose you have a bankroll of $ 200 and the table minimum is $ 5. We then opt for a minimum deployment of $ 5 and a maximum insert of $ 20.

The risks of the Base Two Strategy

The Base Two is a fairly effective gambling system, at least as long as we have a series of winning bets. The idea is that players with this strategy can benefit from their winning streaks. They continue to use the maximum amount until a loss is achieved. But when that happens, they have already won a considerable amount that would not be lost with a single losing twist.

Just as with most gambling systems, the Base Two system is based on the concept of the Hot and Cold Streaks, also called the winning and losing streaks by some players. The method apparently limits the losses during cold streaks and maximizes profit during hot streaks.

However, the conviction that there is such a thing as warm and cold series of game rounds is a misconception. This is the risk of Base Two. If we win several times in a row, we have no winning streak, but we experience a winning streak.

In reality, Roulette is a completely random game that is purely based on chance. On the other hand, happiness is only the perception of people of the opportunities of the game that come to life. This means that players should not trust Winstreeken to make a profit. It may be that they may never experience such a favorable series of victories.

On the other hand, it only costs a long loose streak to lose huge amounts of money when using this method. Even if losses are followed by profits and profits due to losses over a total of 10 spins, the session would even end in a net loss that it is so considerable that it would be difficult to make up for this.

For and disadvantages of the Base Two strategy

The biggest advantage of this branch system is that it is exceptionally easy and easy to learn. It can be applied by both experienced roulette players and by complete beginners. The strategy also eliminates the risk of achieving the maximum table limit. This is because there is no doubling, such as with the Martingale strategy is the case, but a single bet is always looked at.

Aggressive strategies such as the Classic and the inverted Martingale that you doubles your bet after a loss or a victory. And with that the bet can go to hundreds of euros after a few spins.

Under the right circumstances, the system can be very successful, since the main goal is to maximize profit and limit the losses. Series winning game rounds occur, although they are simply random and independent of previous outcomes, as explained above.

Of course, the Base Two Strategy also has its weaknesses, and these must be carefully considered in advance. This way the system does not change the height of it home advantage. And that is much higher with Roulette than, for example, with Blackjack or Baccarat where this strategy can also be used.


Just as almost any other gambling system is the case, the Base Two strategy does not work in the long term. It is not an infallible way to make a profit at the roulette table. If it is applied with caution, it can be very profitable. Helpful for gamblers who are looking for a new and exciting method to bet on roulette.

The strategy is also a good tool for structuring your bets. Certainly if you are new to the world of gambling systems. The Base Two method is simple and can even be easily learned and applied by beginners. However, it would be useful if they not only determine the minimum and maximum insert sizes. The maximum limits for profits and losses expected from a single gambling systems are also useful.