Why you should always increase with Pocket Azen at Texas Hold’em

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With poker players nothing goes beyond the feeling of getting two aces. These are also called pocket aces or pocket rockets. Other names sometimes come by. Pocket Azen, however, is the best known and you will therefore regularly hear when you get started with the game. Seeing that double bait will even cause a lot of excitement for the seasoned poker player.

However, it is particularly difficult to play with Pocket Azen according to Doyle Brunson. These also offer a grim tree or bust scenario. Two things can always happen. Or you win a small pot or you lose a large pot.

This is of course very simple explained, but the basis must be clear. Pocket Azen actually force you to put more chips in the pot. However, it can also be ruined again by other starting hands. This also involves the problem preflop. Only by exerting pressure preflop can you let people fold and/ or get money in the pot.

That is why there are many players who choose an aggressive approach to this hand to ensure that other players do not just go along. By playing and increasing your hand, you ultimately have to protect your hand against the possible damage and settle for the smaller profits.

On the other hand, there are also people who believe it is smarter to play "slow". It is better to call or check. With this you still achieve the maximum return on your hand. By applying this approach again you can ensure that you run a risk of losing, but also to let your opponent fall into the trap. In the casino you will therefore always hear two sides and the arguments fly around. The triumph performance is also discussed.

This also makes it so interesting to further analyze this strategy. Depending on the different variables such as the stack size, table position and the opponent's playing style, the answer can vary enormously. In the end it will always be about extremes. There are also always a number of rules to play with Pocket Azen in the right way.

If you at poker Always increases the pocket aces, you never have to blame yourself for someone flopping. At the same time you will never let your opponent get into the pot without having a preflop pay a considerable price. That is why the details of both sides of the story must be discussed in more detail. In this article a number of reasons therefore come by why you should increase with this hand.

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Limited risk of pocket Azen

The statistical opportunity to get this hand is 1 in 220. This means that you have less than half of one percent the chance to get the best starting hand of the game. There are still likes to take into account. If the random variance is added, it can take up to 400 hands before you get your hand. It is therefore obvious that someone does not just let this opportunity run.

In doing so, the long -term opportunities are mainly looked at. For example, imagine that you are waiting for a perfect hand, eventually get pocket aces and makes an elevation. You immediately see what your opponent will do. Often this is folding without thinking.

The sheets you are going to win are just a pittance compared to the high amounts that you actually wanted to plunder. However, the fear of chasing people is a reason why many people decide not to go directly for the aggressive approach. Getting a small pot is often preferred to lose a huge pot. It is much more likely that you will lose with pocket aces.

They are not as strong as they seem

Every time someone with a strong hand loses with pocket aces, the situation is called a bad beat. However, there are also situations where a smaller pair will be the best option. This makes it possible for you to lose with two aces.

That is why you always have to study everything. For example, you also have to look at the opportunities. Thanks to this information, the players can compare different hands and scenarios to see how the statistics are going to compare themselves from each other. If you then experiment with the calculations, you will immediately see that the pocket aces are much more vulnerable than you will initially think.

View a classic situation for this. Hereby the aces take on a few kings. This is the second best starting hand at Texas Hold’em. If both players have the same colors, then you will have 82.36 percent to win with the aces. The kings have 17.09 percent and there is a 0.54 percent chance of a draw. Of course it sounds very good that the percentage on the win is so high, but you still have a 1/5 chance to lose.

Your chances are getting better when your opponent has an ace and a king. With this you have an 87.23 percent chance of beating the opponent. In addition, there is an 11.51 percent chance that you will lose. You will therefore lose 1 in 10 times from your opponent.

There are hands that have better percentages against AA. The best hand is a J-10 combination. Especially if you have to compete against Pocket Azen. The chances for 8-7 (22.87 percent), 7-6 (22.87 percent), 10-9 (22.61 percent) and 9-8 (22.47 percent) are even better chances. However, these hands will be folded faster if they are confronted with a preflop increase.

Winning a big pot is best with a preflop increase

This tip is much easier than you will initially think. You have to start increasing preflop as early as possible. If someone has a good hand, then the person wants to use an increase as early as possible to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Easy explained you prefer to play against 1 opponent who pays 1000 than against 5 opponents who pay 200.

If you play too carefully with pocket aces and let someone hurt in the beginning, then it will eventually cost you money .. By using the preflop from the start, you can ultimately go all-in and you have the opponents enough Fear driven with your good hand. Even if you lose 1 in 5 games, you can eventually get the most out of it.

Heat the power of your hand

Of course you can let Pocket Azen in Limpen and an opponent trapped. Usually you come home from a cold fair and your hand will only become more difficult to play.

If you are at an opponent at the table who often calls "all in" like a few players limpen, then it can be a good tactic.

The feeling of the pocket aces

A deep pain is accompanied by losing pocket aces. You keep waiting and waiting and you eventually get the hand of your dreams. Only then should you hope that a perfect flop will take place or a very good series of cards. Losing your Bankroll and the Bad Beat that you get with your loss will always feel as if you have lost much more. After all, it will cost you a lot of money if you will lose Azen with Pocket.

If you play the aces more careful, you have to be so strong in your shoes that you can also fold them at a later time. There are plenty of players who aces in Limpen and then against 6 opponent no longer throw their aces away after a bad flop. In the end, Pocket Azen is only 1 pair.


Whether you are a beginner in the game or are already experienced, Texas Hold’em No Limit is always an interesting game. Especially if you get pocket aces. This immediately gives you an exciting experience. You can immediately start switching off your opponents and their bankroll, while you dream about what you are going to do with all the sheets.

At the same time you know that this dream scenario will not always occur and it can ultimately fall out in a nightmare. Increasing the preflop can also turn out incorrectly so that you sometimes lose large amounts.

Now that you know that your preflop has to increase, it is also good to do more research into when you should not do it. This way you can start thinking for yourself what the best tactic is for you.