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VIP Baccarat is specially designed for players who love high bets and make a luxury online baccarat experience as a requirement. And have you placed the highest bet? Then you can ask the dealer a squeeze.

How do you play the game?

1. You start the game by placing the bets. VIP Baccarat Live you can take out the usual baccarat bets: Hand from the player or dealer wins, or on a draw.

2. After deployment, the cards are shared, two for the player and two for the dealer. The cards of the player are then opened, and after adding the cards it is determined whether a third card should be shared.

3. You can now ask for a squeeze if you have placed the highest bet.

4. The dealer's cards are now also opened and a third card is shared to the dealer if necessary.

5. The cards of the dealer and the player are compared to determine who is the closest near the 9 points and is therefore the winner of the game.

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If you are a high roller and want to play Baccarat seriously, you can take a seat at the online game table of VIP Baccarat. This luxury Baccarat game PlayTech is specially designed for VIP Baccarat players, because if you place the highest bet then you can go to the dealer's cards.


VIP Baccarat follows the same game rules as it Baccarat games Because you know from country based casinos. The only difference are the high limits that are specially set for VIP players. A total of 7 players can take place at the virtual VIP table of this game. The game starts with placing the bets, and in addition to the usual banker, player and Tie bets, VIP Baccarat Live offers 6 Side Bets to take a gamble.

After the bound, 2 cards can be shared to each player and the dealer who are closed. Based on the point total of the cards, it is decided whether the players will receive a third card. King, wife and farmer deliver 0 points, a bait 1 point and all other cards have the value on it. With a point total higher than 10, only the last number counts as a final score, so 16 points is 6. This is how it is decided whether a player will receive a third card:

· Total of 8 or 9 points: no extra card because you have a "natural win".

· Total of 6 or 7 points: no extra card.

· Total less than 6 points: a third card, unless the dealer has 8 or 9 points.

When it has been all players, it is the dealer's turn to open his cards. The player who has placed the highest bet gets the chance to squash a card, a way in which the dealer makes you catch a glimpse of one of his closed cards. After turning both dealer cards, it is determined whether the dealer will receive a third card:

· Total of 0 to 2 points: Extra card unless the player has a natural win.

· Total of 3 points: Extra card, unless the third card of the player is an 8.

· Total of 4 points: Extra card if the total of the player is 2 to 7.

· Total of 5 points: Extra card if the total of the player is 4 to 7.

· Total of 6 points: Extra card if the total of the player is 6 to 7.

· Total of 7 points: no extra card.

· Total of 8 or 9 points: no extra card, natural win.

The hand that has nine points or is closest to it wins the game.

Payments in a winning bet at Prestige Baccarat are as follows:

Dealer hand wint0.95: 1 with deduction of 5% committee
Player Hand wins1:1

Bonus functions of the game

VIP Baccarat also has very interesting secondary bets to close, where you can make even greater profits.

BetWhat is itPay out
Banker pairThe first two cards of the dealer are the same11:1
Player pairThe first two cards of the player are the same11:1
Either pairThe first two cards of the player or the dealer are the same5:1
Perfect pairThe first two cards of the player are the same and have the same color25:1
SmallA maximum of 2 cards are shared per person1,5: 1
BigMore than 2 cards are shared per person 0,54:1

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment $ 5 and maximum bet per round is $ 12,500,-
  • RTP: 98,76%
  • House advantage: 1.26%
  • Highest payment: 25x your bet

The gameplay

PlayTech has made every effort to make the game experience as exclusively as possible. The decor of VIP Baccarat has the luxurious appearance of a VIP cream and the dealers with the assistants treat you like a real VIP. English is spoken as standard, but you can also choose from different languages, including American.

You can choose from two different camera streaks yourself and through the history panel you can also see what previous game outcomes were. On the underside of your screen you can see from which sheets you can choose and place your bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VIP Baccarat use other rules other than the regular Baccarat game?

VIP Baccarat simply uses the same game rules as the regular Baccarat game. It is therefore not necessary to learn other rules if you started playing VIP Baccarat.

Can you also play VIP Baccarat on a tablet or a smartphone?

Which player will get a squeeze if two players have used the same amount?

When two players have used the same amount, the player who has set a higher amount in the previous round will receive the squeeze.

What is the highest payout that you can get at VIP Baccarat?

The highest payout takes place if you have closed and won a perfect pair bet. That is rewarded with 25 times your bet.


Players who like to play in an exclusive environment and keep high bets will feel at home in the private lounge of VIP Baccarat. You can ask for a dealer change if you don't feel a click and you have placed the highest bet, you can ask for a squeeze.

The game is not suitable for players who like a bit of pace, because with such high amounts in the game and the squeeze takes every player to make decisions. The entry of $ 5 for starting and recreational players is also a bit on the high side. But yes, that is not the target group for which the game was designed.