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At Peek Baccarat you can look at your cards during the dealer during the dealer, and adjust your bet on it. In this game of Evolution Gaming you can thus determine your bet more accurately and increase the chance of winning.

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How do you play the game?

1. Place your bet on the hand of the player or the bank, or on a draw

2. If necessary, place a bet on the Side Bets Player Pair and dealer Pair.

3. After deployment, the dealer will share two closed cards to the player and two closed cards to himself.

4. You can peek at the closed cards for a fee of 20% of your bet. You can view between 1 and 4 cards, starting with the player cards.

5. After peeking you get the chance to adjust your bet, but you can only increase.

6. After this, the outcome of the game will be shown on your screen. If you have won your profit will be paid and otherwise your losses will be collected by the bank.

Do you first want to peek at your cards before you bet at Baccarat? That is possible with Peek Baccarat from Evolution Gaming. In fact, you can even adjust your bet. So you are even more likely to win with this live dealer Baccarat game.


Peek Baccarat from Evolution Gaming has not yet been launched (July 2022), but what we know will largely follow the same game rules as regular Baccarat and you play against the dealer immediately. Before the dealer starts sharing cards you get the chance to place a bet. You can bet the bank wins, the player wins or that the draw will be. So you don't just have to gamble on your own cards. The dealer then shares 4 cards, 2 for the dealer and two for the bank that are all placed on the table with the image.

When the dealer has shared the cards, you can peek at the cards for a fee of 20% of your bet. We do not yet know exactly how that works and how many cards you can view. The only thing we know is that the cards are first open for the player, and then the cards from the bank. After you have shifted you can increase your bet if you want, the reduction of your bet is not allowed.

The game will then take the same course as the regular baccarat. The cards are opened and the points added up, and if a third card is needed, it will also be shared. With Baccarat, pictures cards such as a 0, a bait like 1 and all other cards have the value on the card. When the sum of the cards exceeds 10 then only the second number applies. For example, with a total of 16 points, the outcome is 6. The one who has nine points or is closest to it wins.

Bonus functions from Peek Baccarat

Whether you can still place additional bets at Peek Baccarat next to the Ante bet, we do not know that at the moment. As soon as we know more you can read here what the side bets are!

Deployment and payouts

No info yet!

The gameplay

Peek Baccarat is not there yet, but what we have seen from the previews will this again be a tastefully designed game of Evolution Gaming. The gameplay can therefore also tell very little about the gameplay, but as soon as we know more you can read it here.

Frequently Asked Questions over Peek Baccarat

When will Peek Baccarat finally come out?

According to the roadmap, Peek Baccarat will be launched in 2022. We will keep you informed of the release date here.


We are tensioning the launch of Peek Baccarat, because this new game from Evolution Gaming predicts a lot of good things. There are already several Baccarat Live Dealer games where you get the opportunity to peek at your cards, but this is the first where you can also increase the bet. So we are very curious about the gameplay and the chances of winning this promising game. Keep an eye on this website if you want to know when you can play Peek Baccarat.