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Dragon Tiger is an Asian card game that looks great of Baccarat. Dragon Tiger is often indicated As a variant of Baccarat, but given the antiquity of both games, it seems to be the other way around. Dragon Tiger is in any case the simpler version of the two, which ensures even easier and faster rounds. The 5 percent commission to the bank has also been canceled.

To pay tribute to the region of the origin of Dragon Tiger, Asia, the live studio of Evolution Gaming is dressed in Asian atmospheres. To reinforce the name, the dealer on his left is accompanied by a dragon and on the right by a tiger.

How does Dragon Tiger work live?

As we said, Dragon Tiger is actually a simpler version of Baccarat. Two different sides were made on the table. One bears the name Tiger, the other bears the name Dragon. For you as a player it is the task to predict which side will receive the highest card. After deployment, the cards are shared and then reversed. The side with the highest card wins the game. If you had used this side, you also win the game. The bait is the card with the lowest value. The Lord is the map with the highest value.

It can also happen that there is a draw if both sides have a map of the same value. Because we work with multiple sticks cards at the same time, two different types of draw can occur.

The first variant is a draw based on the symbol or the image on the map. This is a draw like with multiple table games. The second variant is a draw with two exactly the same cards. This is possible by using multiple card decks. Such a draw with two identical cards bears the name "Suited" draw.

These draws give you the highest profits as a player. For a bet on a normal draw you get 11 times your bet paid. A bet on a Suited draw yields no less than 50 times your bet, considerably higher than with Baccarat. Only used Dragon or Tiger, you will get half your bet back.

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Step -by -step plan to play Dragon Tiger live

Step 1: Choose your bet

First things first: First choose the height of your bet. For this you use the trusted chips, which you will find at the bottom of your screen. Each of these sheets has its own value. You can opt for a sheet with a value of 1 euro, 5 euros, 25 euros, 100 euros and 2500 euros.

Step 2: View the statistics

You can view multiple statisticals around the deployment options. On the left you see an overview with the last hands played. On the right we come across a well -known part of Baccarat. Here you can see the "roadmap" of the game. Click on one of the symbols and then see how much the winning card was worth.

Step 3: Choose your place

Now that you have looked in the statistics, it is time to secure your bet in a specific place. You do this above where you can select your sheets. You can opt for four different options here:

  1. Dragon wint
  2. Tiger wint
  3. Normal draw
  4. Suited Tie

Click on the expected outcome of your choice and record it. You do this by dragging the selected sheets to your outcome.

Step 4: Wait in tension

As soon as the use of all players are inside or the timer has ended, it's time to hand out the cards. The dealer hands out a card on both sides. Because the cards are laid with the top upwards, you can immediately see which card is placed. As soon as the second card is deposited, you can also immediately see whether you have won or not.

Step 5: In your winnings

Have you placed a correct prediction? Congratulations! Don't forget to include this in your player account. You do this by pressing "recording" in the "pay-out" menu. This way you can have all the profits that you made live at Dragon Tiger to your account.

Conclusion: recommended or not?

Dragon Tiger is best described as the smaller brother or sister of Baccarat. The game plays a lot faster than a game of regular baccarat. The maximum profit benefit is then higher. So you can play faster and achieve higher profits. Bonus points also score the decoration of the studio and the height of the minimum and maximum insert.