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If you are even a bit home in the world of online gambling, you must have heard of his name: Gonzo. This Spanish explorer from Netent has been going on the most bizarre adventures for over 10 years. In this new chapter from the exciting Gonzo series, Gonzo even looks live for the most hidden treasures. All this takes place in the lost city of El Dorado, where it is said that Golden Bergen would be found.

For Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, Netent and Evolution Gaming have joined forces. As you would expect from a collaboration between these two brands, the end result is absolutely fantastic. You can look at an exciting game that still looks astonishingly beautiful, among other things through the application of augmented reality!

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All rules and the explanation at a glance

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is therefore set in a hidden city from the Inca kingdom. An old wall is central. Various symbols will appear on this wall after activating the rolls. It is the task of the players to guess which stones will eventually appear on the wall. Each stone has its own value, which varies from 1x, 2x or 4x your bet up to 8x, 20x or even 65x times your bet. Choose for yourself which stones you want to play or choose the "Bet On All" button, with which you immediately use all stones at the same time.

Once you have determined a bet for the stones, continue to selecting your "picks". With these picks you can have a number of stones that conceal which symbols are behind it, remove from the wall. You can use total between 1 and 20 picks, so that you can remove between 1 and 20 stones. The more picks you choose, the greater the chance that you will conjure up a stone on which you had used. Selecting more picks also logically also costs more money.

Your bet is the total value of your bet on the different stones times the number of picks. So if you bet a total of 5 euros on the different stones and you choose 5 picks, your total bet will be 5 times 5, so 25 euros.

As soon as every participating player has determined his commitment, the stones on the wall will be shaken considerably. All stones are glued, so that no one knows where the stones are. Then there is a countdown clock and players with the number of selected Picks can have stones removed. Every player chooses this for himself, so that everyone experiences a unique adventure.

Simple principle, strong effect

We have already treated the entire basic game with that. "How simple!" You might think at first. You only have to get rid of stones until your number of picks are finished. That must also have been noticed with the makers, who have therefore put many other functions in it. This makes Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt a real adventure.

Gonzo himself has the first important role to take on here. He can turn a key, which ensures a "prize drop" function. Some stones then receive an extra multiplier for extra high payouts and even more tension.

Not only the functions in the game make Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt so very strong, the elaboration of the appearance also makes a big impression. With the "Live" part of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, certainly not think of a boring, standard casino table where a woman accompanies the game. No no, with the help of augmented reality and a ranger dressed in an Indiana Jones-like outfit you really imagine yourself in an old temple of the Incas. Between the overgrown walls you will find the playing field where everything has to happen. To the left of that, Gonzo is filling his time until he can turn the key to Prize Drops again.

RTP, payouts and more For Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

You can easily use it via the different sheets, which you can find at the bottom of the screen. These chips are also easy to remove or to repeat in the next round by means of pre -programmed shortcuts.

You can choose from many different deployment options. That makes Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt suitable for everyone: both beginners with a smaller budget and the professionals can play with a larger budget. You can opt for a deployment of 0.50 euros, 1 euro, 5 euros, 10 euros, 25 euros, 100 euros, 500 euros and even 5000 euros.

You get a very reasonable one for every bet RTP (Return to Player) of 96.56%. Fortunately, Netent and Evolution Gaming do not participate in the trend on the RTP for players to be lower and lower.

Then perhaps the most important thing: the payments. They just depend on which stone you had used and which multiplicates rest on this. These can be considerably increased in the Prize Drops, but especially in the re-drops. In this mode, multiplicators can land on stones that already had a multiplier, so you can really win a lot. By combining all these multipliers, you can win back no less than 20,000 times!

All symbols are placed completely randomly by means of an RNG. This random placement of all symbols ensure a fair play.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt: Doing or not?

With this collaboration between NetEnt And Evolution Gaming is the Gonzo series again equipped with an extra pearl. The fun basic game is already entertaining enough. That is getting even more fun with the Prize Drops and Re-Drops, which can make you pay a lot of payments. The many deployment options and good RTP are certainly important here. Finally: Gonzo is in the game, what more do you want?! As far as we are concerned, a very high recommendation.