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Fan Tan Live is the modern online casino version of an old Chinese game where the player has to guess how many beads will eventually remain. Evolution Gaming has transformed this age -old Chinese game into an exciting live dealer game to play online.

How do you play the game?

1. You start Fan Tan Live by guessing how many beads are left on the table.

2. If you have placed your bet, the dealer creates a random amount of beads from a bowl and puts it on the table. The dealer will then always remove 4 beads. In the end, 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads remain on the table.

3. If you have gambled on how many beads remain, then you win the game.

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Do you want to play something different than Sic Bo or Blackjack? Then try Fan Tan Live, a modern live dealer version of an age -old Chinese game. With this game you can bet how many beads are ultimately on the table.


The rules of Fan Tan Live are very simple, because as a player you actually have to do very little. The game is very different in design than what you are used to in a casino. The dealer has a glass jar with large beads. From this pot, a scoop of beads is scooped out and placed on the table with a metal cup.

The dealer will now take 4 beads of the quantity on the table. At the end, a number of beads remain, and it is your job to guess at the start of the game how many there are. So you can bet how many beads remain, and that can be 1, 2, 3 or 4.

There are various bets that you can take out at Fan Tan Live:

BetWhat is the betPay out
FanA bet on the exact number of remaining beads2,85:1
Low HighA bet on a low number of beads (1 or 2) or on a high number of beads (3 or 4)0,95:1
Even oddA bet on an even number of beads or an odd number of beads 0,95:1

Bonus functions of the game

In addition to the standard bets, you can also take 3 special bets in Fan Tan Live. You can find these bets in the advanced menu.

It concerns the bets below:

BetWhat is the betPay out
NimA bet on two exact numbers of leftover beads. With the first number, profit is paid, with the second number you get your bet back.1,90:1
KwokA bet on two exact numbers of leftover beads. With both numbers, profit is paid.0,95:1
Sheh-Sam-Hong (SSH) A bet on three exact numbers. If you have guessed one of the three numbers well, profit will be paid. 0,316667:1

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment is $ 0.50 and the maximum bet per round is $ 10,000
  • RTP: 98,75%
  • Maximum profit: 2.85 times your bet

The gameplay

Fan Tan Live is a special game of Evolution Gaming. That the game has its roots in China you can see well in the decor and design of the game. We see a lot of red and gold when we open the game, and a large table with a raised edge.

On that table is a glass jar with white large beads in it. The dealer creates a random amount of these beads from the pot with a metal cup, and the beads are deposited on the table. With a wooden bar, the dealer will slide away 4 beads. The dealer continues to do this until there are only a few beads left. You can place your bet on the amount of beads that remain in the interface that you can call at the bottom of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fan Tan Live based on an old game?

Fan Tan Live is indeed based on a Chinese game that has been played for more than 2000 years.

Can you also play Fan Tan Live for free?

No, unfortunately you can't play Fan Tan Live for free. Fan Tan Live is a live casino game, and they can almost never be played in demo mode or as a free game.

What can you win at Fan Tan Live?

At Fan Tan Live you can win your bet a maximum of 2.85 times.

Can you also play Fan Tan Live on a smartphone?

You can play great fan Tan live on your smartphone, ideal if you are on the road. The game is completely optimized for mobile devices by the makers, so you have the same game experience as people who play it on a computer at home.


Fan Tan Live is really something completely different than what you are used to to meet in one online casinoo. But that makes the game so much fun. The game is actually exactly the same as how it was played in China centuries ago, which makes it extra special. It is a super simple game, and you don't have to learn rules for it.

So even if you just start with Online casino games Can you play this game well. But the simplicity that is appreciated by one is perhaps also the reason for someone else not to like it. So you have to try Fan Tan Live yourself once!