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Recently you can play at two branches of Holland Casino at Table Game Cardette. For the time being, Holland Casino Amsterdam and Venlo have the scoop, although it is expected that the game will be expanded quickly to multiple branches. The game is not too difficult to understand and players praise the fun game.

The game is played with 6 standard card games of 52 playing cards, without a joker. In addition, there is played with 2 dice.

How exactly does Cardette work?

The game originally came from a casino in London, but recently the North Sea brought over to the Netherlands. The rules of Cardette are not that difficult to understand. So they play with 6 different card decks. These are put in an automatic shaking machine and then shaken well. In the meantime, players can place their bets before the cards are shared.

You can bet on the value of individual numbers, but also opt for a soggy pot. This pot guarantees a combined total of points. You can choose from a pot of 12 to 15 and 20, 16 to 19 and 21, or 4 to 11 and 22.

Subsequently, 6 cards are handed out and laid upside down in designated courses. So you can't see what value a card has. With the help of the dice, it is determined which cards are ultimately reversed. Once the cards are reversed, the final total of the values is known. The person who had correctly predicted this value or chose a good pot will win the game.

What is the value of each card?

Each card retains its own value reasonably well. In any case, this applies to all maps with numbers: they retain their nominal value anyway. All cards with an image - so the farmer, wife and gentleman - have a value of 10. The bait can only be used as 11.

All deployment options at a glance

The Cardette deployment board consists of three different rows. Each row has its own deployment options, which we list here for you.

The outer row

On the row that is furthest away from the dealer, you will find bets for the suits and the pot bets. So in this ring you bet on a combination of multiple outcomes at the same time. The chance of winning is therefore greater, although it also results in a lower payment. You can also use the cards on the suits (in American: the symbols). You then win when both cards have the same suit.

The middle row

The row in the middle shows all combinations of final figures that have a fairly high chance of falling. For example, there are quite a lot of options to reach 14 or 15. So in this row you only bet on this final total.

The inner row

The row that the Dichst lies with the dealer shows the least occurring final results. These also provide you with the highest payments, such as the 4 (twice a "2") or 2 (twice a bait).

All payouts are based on the chance that these cards will be played as a combination. The results are between the minimum of 4 and the maximum of 22. In addition, you can also earn money with the symbol on the map itself.

What are my chances of winning at Cardette?

Your chances of winning are an important factor to determine whether you want to participate in a game or not. Due to the large range of results, the chances of winning at Cardette vary enormously. That's how it is home advantage With a final total of 6 or 22 only 1.66%. At the same time, a total of 11 yields a house benefit of 14.10% for the casino, which is immediately a very bad deal and a big difference with the other combinations.

All payouts and chances of winning at a glance

The payouts and the house advantage vary considerably for every outcome. We therefore list all possible outcomes for you.

OutcomePay outHouse advantage (in percentages)
Pot 13 : 112,64
Pot 21 : 27,69
Pot 32 : 13,98
4150 : 19,77
575 : 19,77
655 : 11,66
740 : 12,65
832 : 12,87
926 : 13,83
1022 : 15,00
1119 : 114,10
1210 : 12,33
139 : 15,02
1410 : 14,72
1510 : 18,58
1611 : 13,98
1712 : 17,69
1914 : 12,42
208 : 15,02
2119 : 15,33
22200 : 11,66

With that you can best bet on 6 as a final outcome. This combination has a very low house advantage for the casino, which is good news for you as a player. The payout of 55: 1 is also tasty.

It is best to stay away with a deployment of 11. The payout with 11: 1 is fine in itself, but with a house advantage of 14.10% it is almost better to make a donation to the casino than playing along.

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