ONE blackjack

One Blackjack is a version of Pragmatic Play’s Live Blackjack where an unlimited number of players can play the same hand. Hundreds of players can participate in a game round, while it looks like he or she is the only one playing for every player.

The outcome of the game is different per player, because each player makes individual decisions what he or she would do with that hand.

How do you play the game?

1. The dealer shares the player two cards and places them in a closed container. The player cards appear virtually on the screen with the image upwards.

2. Every participating player can now decide for himself what he or she does with this hand. The player can decide to have another card share, too double Or to split.

3. If the player has received all the cards to get as close as possible to 21, the dealer shares himself cards to get to the 21.

4. After all extra cards have been shared, the dealer shows his cards and the individual bets are settled per player.

One blackjack can be done at different American online casinos to play.

Casinos with live games from Pragmatic Play

16 against a king. What would you do with this hand? Would you ask for another card or not? With the game your One Blackjack from Pragmatic Play you decide for yourself what your next decision is, while hundreds of other players make their own decision based on the same two cards. At the table of One Blackjack there is always a place for you.

Rules ONE blackjack

One Blackjack does not bring much news in terms of game rules. The game uses the Vegas rules, where the intention is to reach 21 as quickly as possible. If a player manages to get closer to the 21 with the total of his cards than the dealer, without exceeding the 21, the player has won. One Blackjack is played with 8 decks and although there is visual but there is room for one player, hundreds to thousands of players can play round at the same time.

Before One Blackjack starts, the players get the chance to use and start Side Bets. The dealer then shares a card in the normal order and then the dealer shares a card for the player. The second card for the dealer is closed. The cards for the player are placed in a closed container and appear virtually in the interface.

After the first two cards have been shared, each player can decide separately, they want another card with this hand, want to double or split. If the player chooses to get another card, the card is placed in the closed container again and the card appears virtually on the screen shortly thereafter. Every player sees his own set with cards, and the extra cards can be different per player.

The game continues in this way until all players who participate have received the cards to reach the 21. Then the dealer shares himself cards until he exceeds 17 or dies because he has more than 21 points. After the end of the, all bets placed by the players are settled.

Bonus functions of One Blackjack

One Blackjack has several exciting side bets that you can start before the game starts. With this version of Blackjack you can choose from the Side Bets Perfect Pairs, 21 + 3, Bust Bonus and Crazy 7. One blackjack also uses the Six Card Charlie rule that means that when a player gets 6 cards and still not above the 21 comes out, the player wins anyway.

Perfect Pairs

With the Side Bet Perfect Pairs you bet that the first two cards you get have the same value. The payout with the Perfect Pairs bet is as follows:

Perfect Pair 25:1

Coloured Pair 12:1

Mixed Pair 6:1

21 + 3

With the Side Bet 21 + 3 you can see with your first two cards and the open card from the dealer to make one of the poker combinations below:

· Suited Three of A Kind: Three cards of the same value of the same color

  • Straight Flush: Three cards with successive values in the same color
  • Three of A Kind: Three cards that have the same value in different colors
  • Straight: Three cards in different colors with successive values

Bust Bonus

With this bet you guess the dealer loses. How many cards the dealer has in his hands when he loses determines the amount of the payment.

Crazy 7

With the Crazy 7 Side bet you guess that there is a 7 between the cards you get shared and the open card of the dealer. The more sevens, the higher the payment. And if you have three sevens of the same color, then your payout is 2000: 1.

Deployment and payouts

  • The minimum bet is $ 1 and the maximum bet is $ 5000 per game round.
  • RTP main hand: 99,28
  • Maximal multiplier is 2000x

The gameplay

One Blackjack is one live casino spel In which a real dealer leads the game. When you open the game you will see a blackjack table and background in purple and gold, which gives a luxurious look to the game. Unlike other blackjack games, the cards that you get as a player are not real cards but virtual cards.

Tickets are drawn by the dealer, but they are placed in a closed container. Ultimately, this solution was chosen because not every player makes the same decision with the cards that are shared so that the extra cards can differ per player.

At One Blackjack you get 16 seconds to use. On the screen you also see all the choices that the other players have made, which can help you make a decision yourself. Because of the relatively short reaction time and that you have the feeling that you play on your own against the dealer, the game is very dynamic and plays nice and fast.

Conclusion over ONE blackjack

One Blackjack is a version of BlackJack Who is especially fun for people who love a fast game and do not need much social interaction while playing. The setting of the game is stylish. Due to the luxurious appearance and the live dealer you also have the idea that you are playing in a real physical casino.

In terms of gameplay, the game does not really bring much news to the table. For the starting Blackjack players it might be easier to play because there is no distraction from other players.

One Blackjack is definitely worth trying. Especially if you just feel like playing blackjack without too much distraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does One Blackjack use other rules?

No, One Blackjack just uses the Vegas Strip game rules, so you don't have to learn any other rules when you play this game.

What is the best strategy I can use to win with One Blackjack?

Since One Blackjack uses the Vegas rules, you can use a standard Blackjack strategy to win.

How many players can play during a round One Blackjack at the same time?

The number of participants is actually unlimited with One Blackjack, but you have the idea that you are playing one -on -one with the dealer.

What is the maximum multiplier at One Blackjack?

The maximum multiplier is 2000x, and it is paid if you know how to collect three sevens of the same color at the Side Bet Crazy 7.