Bet behind blackjack

Are you familiar with the old trusted blackjack and do you feel like playing again? Which can. You can even play a live, online variant of Evolution Gaming. They have added a new element to the regular blackjack. No worries, the Behind Blackjack is very similar to the blackjack that you are used to.

You can play this variation yourself on a mobile device without having to go to a physical casino. The game is guided by a dealer on your mobile device. This live dealer helps you by making the game run smoothly. In this way Evolution Gaming has made the casino game more accessible, because everyone can play it that way.

Don't you feel like going to a physical casino? Then simply play it online. Even if you are not a fan of the crowds around you, you can play money together in peace. You can play at your own pace and you don't have to take those around you into account. Is your interest already aroused and do you want to give it a try?

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Wie is Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming has a lot Nice casino games Put a new look. You can play these games live from home through them. This way, casino games become accessible to everyone. Not everyone goes to a physical casino. Evolution Gaming is therefore innovative and often comes with new live games. This makes them very popular with the audience.

Those who like to go to the casino can continue to play their games, but also those who are new to the world with their games ahead. Because they are so popular and great, chances are that you have heard of them or know games they have developed.

They have Mega Ball, Spin A Win and Monopoly live brought on the market. They have also released old well -known games live such as roulette and poker.

A piece of history

The Evolution Gaming company was established in 2006 and has grown enormously. Nowadays they are among the largest online game developers. They are revolutionary within their field. They have been releasing casino games online for years, often in a unique way. They have become so popular that they won their first international award in 2010. It didn't stop at one price. For example, they later received an award for the success they had with supplying casinos with their games.

In 2012 they brought their first mobile games on the market. Then they opened several international studios in a lot of European countries. Later they even opened studios in the United States and therefore went intercontinental. So they quickly grew into one of the biggest game developers. They released the well -known game of Evolution Games called Monopoly Live in 2019. In 2020 their well -known live casino game Crazy Time followed. It didn't stop there and they successfully continued to release new games. Now they have grown into one of the most popular game developers and you can find many of their games in the larger and more famous Legal casinos.

What is Blackjack?

For those who know the game, but don't know exactly how it works, it can be useful to describe the game. The purpose of the game is not too complicated. The intention is that you play the highest possible value with cards that are allocated to you. Hereby you are supposed to stay under 22. A maximum value of 21 is therefore the winning value.

You play against a dealer who distributes the cards. The dealer is also called the bank. If your cards have a higher value, you win than that of the dealer without passing the 21. You will then receive your bet back with a profit percentage of 100%. The condition remains that you have to stay under a value of 22. Are you coming up here? Then you have automatically lost and you have lost your bet.

Does the dealer have a higher value than 21? Then you win and the money is for you. Now it is clear what the purpose of the game is. How you reach a high value of your cards will probably immediately become clearer.

How is the Behind Blackjack different?

The Behind Blackjack is an extra function within the regular blackjack. You put money on the hands with cards from other players instead of just yours. Is there no place at the table again? Then you can still play. You play as a spectator, but you can do a bet. Does a player win? Then everyone wins with him or her. As a spectator you have no influence on the game.

The Bet Behind function can be found with many variants of the regular blackjack. It's not difficult. You choose a player you want to bet on and determine how much. The minimum bet is five times lower for a spectator than for a regular player. This makes the function a good way for new players to practice. After that it is only waiting, viewing the game and hoping that your player will win.

Where can you play the Behind Blackjack?

There are many live casinos where you BlackJack can play. With many of these variants you can use the Bet Behind function. Evolution Games is a large and popular platform, so it is not surprising that their games are offered at many casinos. On the other hand, Evolution Gaming is picky when it comes to determining where they make their games available.

There is so much money in the world of casino games, so it is not surprising to think that companies are critical. In addition, Evolution Gaming is also a large and popular company, so they have a reputation to uphold. Fortunately there are enough online casinos about where you can play Free Bet Blackjack. So no worries about the possibilities. Who knows you might have to look, but then you know that you end up with a good live casino.

How does Bet Behind Blackjack start?

We will explain to you how Blackjack is played exactly, so that you as a spectator can make the best choices while betting on players.

The play of the game

If the cards are shared, the game can begin. The players all play with one hand. They all play separately against the dealer. The player is going to use his money. As a spectator, you can currently also put a bet on the cards of the player you choose. The minimum commitment that you as a spectator can do is five times lower than that of the players. You can of course also bet more. However, it can be a good exercise for those who are new with blackjack and prefer to practice. Then it can be nice not to use too much money in one go. However, it differs per casino what the maximum bet value is. At the larger casinos you can often use a little more than with the smaller ones.

Ask cards

After the first two cards, the players can ask for extra cards. They do this by clicking on "hit". The player then receives a card from the dealer. At 21 the player will be paid immediately! Do they have no value of 21, but would they rather no longer take the risk of coming up? Then they can opt for "stand" and you no longer get cards. It is then the bank's turn. This can continue to go for cards until it reaches the value of 17. Then the dealer is obliged to stop.

With regular blackjack the limit is 21, but with the Free Bet Blackjack variant this limit for the dealer has been increased to 22. This does not change for the player. Does the dealer achieve a higher value than the player? Then both the player and you as a spectator unfortunately lose your commitment. With a draw, also known as "push" you get your bet back without a profit.

Double Down

From the moment you have placed your commitment, your task is as a spectator and fellow player. The rest of the game is in the hands of the players. With all Blackjack variants, the player can choose to use extra money with the idea of winning more money.

One of the options is to go Double Down. This means that you double your bet. You will then only receive one card. Nothing more nothing less. With the three cards you have then you must win, otherwise you will lose your bet. So if you have a lot of confidence that you will win with one extra card in your hand, you can double your bet.


The players can also choose to split their cards if they have two the same cards. From that moment they play with two hands instead of one. The player then puts a bet on the second hand and has a chance to win the dealer twice. However, it is not necessary. There is one variant where you do not bet the bet on the second hand again. Bee Free bet blackjack You can split your cards for free.

to ensure

A player can also choose his or her cards to to ensure. This can be done after all cards have been shared and the bets have been made. It is also only possible if the dealer has a bait. A player then uses half of the original bet again.

So did the player use $ 5? Then the insurance option costs another $ 2.50. Total the player uses this round $ 7.50. This has the advantage that if the dealer wins round with a blackjack, you as a player will not have lost your bet. Normally if the dealer gets a blackjack, you have lost your bet. With insurance you no longer run this risk.

Side Bets

With many variants, players can still do side bets. The player can use extra money to win more money. The Side Bets that can be done differ per variant and are in principle done before the cards are shared, because they apply over the open cards. A number are the following. "Any Pair" is a Side Bet where the player uses money on the chance that the first two open cards form a few forms. Multiple combinations are possible, such as the same type or the same value. With the Side Bet "21 +3 "the player focuses money on the chance that the first three cards, namely the two of the player and one of the dealer, form a combination such as Straight Flush or Suited Trips.

For example, there are more possible combinations. Another Side Bet is "Hot 3" where the player uses money on the chance that all open cards together have a value of 19, 20, or 21. A player can also gamble that the dealer goes above the maximum value and bet money on it. This Side bet is known as "bust it". With "Perfect Pairs" the player gets extra profit if the first two cards get a few forms. This may be that they have the same color, the same kind, or an identical pair.

Deployed possibilities

A few rules

When he or she has reached a value of 17, the dealer may no longer ask for extra cards. So he stops. Double Down is also allowed only with the players' initial two cards if these together have a value of 9, 10 or 11. He or she may also only split these initial two cards if they have the same value. They can only do this once per hand they get shared. They can therefore be a maximum of one to two hands. Does he or she have the same cards again at the second hand? Has the player chosen to split cards? Then they are no longer allowed to go Double Down.

What can you win at Bet Behind Blackjack?

The profit that you can make as a spectator depends on your own commitment. You will get the main insert back if the round is won by your chosen player and you get the bet as a profit one and a half times. The player's profit depends on their own commitment and on the side bets they do.

The different combinations at Side Bets yield different multipliers. For example, a flush, where the three cards are of the same symbol, can multiply the bet five times as a profit. A "bust it" Side bet can multiply 250 times the bet if the dealer considers or more asks cards before he or she exceeds the maximum value.

What exactly is the RTP?

The RTP is the payout percentage. What this means is that depending on your bet you can expect a certain percentage back. It is also referred to as the statistical benefit of the player. However, that does not mean that you always get that percentage back, but it is a kind of chance calculation. The RTP of regular blackjack is 95.5%, which is very high.

The RTPs of the Side Bets can vary because it concerns extra deployment amounts. The higher this RTP, the more attractive it is for a player to play the game. Do you already feel like playing? Then grab a snack and a drink. Lots of fun.