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Blackjack is a card game that is offered in every casino. It is an easy -to -learn card game that looks a lot like the one -legged that many people used to play at home.

In addition to Holland Casino, playing blackjack is now also a possibility. Wherever you play this card game, it is important that you know the rules of the game.

Goal of the game

The goal of Blackjack is to get a higher number of points than the bank. You will try that by getting as close as possible to or at 21 points. If you go over the 21 points, you have bought yourself dead and you lose anyway.

After you have made the decisions for one hand, it is the turn of the bank. If you have a higher number of points than the bank, you win. With an equal number of points your bet remains and you have fewer points than the bank then you lose.


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As mentioned, Blackjack looks like the old one -warm. At one -day, 32 cards are played and the king is 3 points, the woman 2 points and the farmer worth 1 point.

At Blackjack you play with one or more decks of 52 cards and you also try to get as close as possible to 21, but the point count is slightly different.

  • A bait is worth 1 or 11 points.
  • The 10, farmer, wife and king are worth 10 points.
  • Tickets 2 to the 9 represent their own indicated value.


Blackjack is the name of the game but what does it mean if you have blackjack while playing. This means that with 2 cards you have 21 points. This is only possible if one card is a bait and one card a 10. If you have this combination you will get 1.5 times your bet.

An exception to this is if the bank also has blackjack, your bet will remain.

The play of the game

The game explained in steps

  1. The players make a bet

    Before cards are shared, the players must make a bet. They do this in the available round or square.

  2. The first card for the player

    The dealer starts giving one open card from left to right. The open cards are therefore visible to everyone

  3. An open card for the dealer

    After all players have received their first card, the dealer will also receive one open card. With the strategy articles you will learn that the dealer's map has a major influence on your purchase or new behavior.

  4. The second card for the player

    All players are still shared an open card.

  5. Players can buy or fit

    The dealer starts with the first player to his left asking if the player wants to buy or fit. Buying means that the player asks for a card. So he doesn't have to pay anything for this, what you could think through the word.

    He can ask as many cards as he wants, as long as he is not about 21 points. If a player fits, the dealer goes to the next player.

  6. The dealer's turn

    If all players have made their decisions, it is the turn of the dealer to draw cards. He will draw a card until he has at least 17 points. With 16 he has to buy and from 17 he has to fit.

  7. When do you win?

    If you have more points than the bank then you win. You will then receive your bet once. If you have fewer points than the bank, you lose the bet. With an equal number of points your bet remains.

  8. The payment

    The dealer will start paying out with the player on the right.


If you have a total of 9, 10 or 11 points with the first two cards, you can use your bet double. If you play with $ 20, you can add another $ 20. Since there are a lot of ten, chances are that you will end up on a nice point total.

The disadvantage of doubling is that you only get one card. Since the bank buys itself more often with a 4, 5 or 6, it is wise to double if one of these cards is the open card of the bank.

These are the rules that are used in Holland Casino. There are also casinos in the world where you can double every two cards. If you are going to play blackjack online, it is good to see when you can double. Every casino can have its own rules.


If you have two the same cards then you can divide. If you want to split then you must also place the initial bet again. An example if you get an 8 shared twice.

You get a new card on the first splint 8 and play that hand further. Then you get a card on your second 8 and you play the hand further. Suppose there is another 8 then you can split again.

If you split the eights and there will be a 3 on the first 8, you can also double. A split hand with also a double there can therefore be very expensive, but also yield a lot.

The exception is when you start splitting aces. You then get a maximum of only one card on each bait. The rules per casino can differ on how many times you can split.

Insurance at Blackjack

If the bank has a bait as an open card, you can insure yourself against a blackjack from the bank. You have to put half of your bet in the box intended for the insurance.

If the bank pulls a 10 then you lose the normal bet but you will receive the insurance twice. So everything added up immediately. If the bank does not pull 10, you will lose the insurance.

It is therefore possible that you lose the insurance and the normal bet. For example, you have 18 points and the bank attracts a 4 and a 5 and arrive at 20 points.

You can also lose the insurance and win the normal bet. For example, you have 18 points and the bank attracts a 3 and twice a 10 and therefore die.

Such as insuring in normal life, insuring at Blackjack you also cost you money in the long run. Four of the thirteen possible cards are worth 10 points. So you have 1/13th part disadvantage on the couch. If you happen to have just placed a big bet, then you can consider doing it once.


If you use "Surrender", you will give up your hand. You can find this possibility mainly in Las Vegas and in Belgian casinos. In a American Casino This possibility does not exist. If you have a bad hand and the bank a good one, you can consider giving up. Example: you have 7 and an 8 and the bank has an ace. If you give up then you will lose half of your bet.

There are also two forms of Surrender, namely the early and late Surrender. If the casino has the possibility of an early Surrender, you can give up before the first player and third card asks. Sometimes you are not allowed to give up if the bank has a bait, this also differs by casino.

If the casino only has a late surrenderer, the dealer will see if he has no blackjack. So this is a rule where the dealer gets two cards instead of one. You can see this in Vegas and then the dealer has an open and a closed card.

Where can you play blackjack?

Every Holland Casino offers blackjack in the Netherlands. You can also play this card game in every casino in other countries. The rules can contain small differences such as the number of cards with which the dealer starts.

In the Netherlands there are often only a few tables per casino available and you sit at a table with several people. Other players can also bet on your cards, but you are the one who makes the decision. You too can play with other cards, but you will give the decision off your hands.

In Las Vegas you have a lot of blackjack tables in every casino. A handsome dealer is waiting behind each table (usually). So if you prefer to play alone against the dealer, it's best to travel to Vegas.

Of course you can also play blackjack online. It is even possible to play live blackjack online. You then play against a dealer who shares the cards live in a studio. A much safer feeling than you are playing against a computer even though the cards are really random.

Play free blackjack

You can play online at every casino in a practice mode. Especially if you have no experience in this game yet, it is a good opportunity to master all the rules. Ultimately, most players want to play for real money because it gives that extra bit of tension.

The nice thing about playing online blackjack is that with a deposit you usually get extra bonus money. This is also a form of free play. There are always conditions associated with this free play money.

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Are there winning strategies for blackjack?

They are actually not there. We deal with different strategies in the Blackjack section. The most have to do with the number of sheets that you are going to use. If you are also going to count cards, it should be possible to play profitably. By reading well you can at least limit your loss.

Do you always have to double if you have the option?

No, if, for example, the bank has a bait then you should not double.

Is it possible to count cards?

That is possible if the dealer shares from a shoe or out of hand. Then it is very difficult but possible. The Holland Casinos in the Netherlands work with shaking machines. Here the cards used are constantly again shaken by the cards to come. Then it is really impossible to count.