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A lot is reported about responsible gambling. However hMany people have no idea how this can be done. After all, you spend your money on something that often cannot deliver anything. In addition, there are different views on the effect of gambling on an individual, family or society.

Because how can you work with the gambling industry as gamblers to ensure that more attention is paid to responsible gambling? A few things are examined in the article below.

New types of games of chance on the rise

Responsible gambling is not a new idea within the gambling world. However, not many changes have been made within the casino industry. New types of gambling are spreading slowly, whereby Online Gambling made a big turnout. On the other hand, there were also more and more opportunities in the field of physical casinos.

Legislators and managers from the gambling industry are therefore increasingly concerned about it Gamble to promote. After all, the companies cannot continue to exist if more and more people hunt their full possession through it. In the long run a return will be made, so that the casinos go bankrupt. Therefore, various things must be examined to ensure that people will not get started irresponsibly.


Responsible gambling is actually not easy to name. However, you can look at what the meaning of the problem is. These are the gambling problems that arise.

- Problem gamblers

Problem gamblers are the gamblers who get started with money that they really can't miss. In this case it is no longer about the entertainment that can be obtained, but about gambling compulsively. However, the responsible gamblers will have set a certain budget aside to be able to gamble and will only use that money. They therefore know better when they have to stop.

Problem gamblers have a problem with the realization that it is actually too late. Stupid decisions are often made and it becomes an addiction. It is no longer looked at how much is at stake and the realization for the height of the losses is slowly disappearing to the background.

- Casinos encourage it

Casinos will not just say gamblers that they are responsible or not. After all, they are not going to encourage even more money, but they will not just let you leave. However, there are a large number of games, and in particular slots, which ensure that a certain addiction will be triggered with players.

Slots can be considered treacherous. It knows little skill and you can lose yourself for hours. The developers have also thought of this during the development of the games. At the same time, the casinos also know that they must be accountable for the business practices that happen. After all, they should not ruin lives. Responsible gambling must also be linked to this.

- Casinos do not differ from companies

Casinos are sometimes compared to the tobacco industry. After all, this industry is also set to sell as many products as possible by responding to the addiction. However, you can compare a casino with almost any other company. The more addictive something, the more attractive it becomes for the average person. In the food industry, therefore, substances are often added that must maintain the addiction. As a result, more sales are ultimately created.

You can also compare casinos with the televisions. The price of televisions has fallen drastically, which means that more and more people are purchasing a device. At the same time, the quality of programming has also been improved. This makes it profitable. In addition, social media. For example, if you want to refresh Facebook, you bring the screen down. This can be compared with a slot machine. You never know what rewards you will receive. People also get addicted to the number of likes they get and go further and further to achieve this goal.

This does the gambling industry for responsible gambling

It is no secret that more and more trade associations are joining forces with universities, among other things, to investigate how responsible gambling can be promoted in a good way. After all, results must also be achieved. Responsible Gaming Collaborative has emerged from here.

In the Netherlands all do Legal casinos To limit gambling addiction. The law stipulates that both physical and online providers keep an eye on addiction. That starts with registering. There everyone must indicate how much they want to lose as much as per day or week. In this way you cannot lose more in a brash mood as agreed.

You have to fill in how much you want to have on your account. If you win an amount that is larger than the completed amount, this will be automatically deposited to your private account. In this way you do not lose a won amount so quickly.

All providers of gambling games are also affiliated with Cruks. Here you can tell yourself that you are not allowed to play for a period. Casinos can also register with Cruks. If you are mentioned in this register, you can no longer play in a casino.

Various universities are involved in this process abroad. Think of Harvard and Yale. The American Gaming Association has also joined it. In addition, questions have been set out to various companies within the gaming industry to ensure that more and more people are joining in and starting the promotion.

The aim of this collaboration is mainly to achieve and monitor the results and to ensure that more and more people become aware of gambling and the effects that it can deliver. In addition, the policy is mapped that is currently being used at the various companies. Ultimately, this will ensure that it becomes clear what works and what does not work.

The importance of the promotion

You can say that it doesn't work, but you can still look at it optimistically. After all, it is that the damage to people and society is prevented by removing the negative effects of gambling. That is why it must also be looked at where the money is going. By looking at different strategies to remedy gambling problems instead of the strategies that do not do this, a result can ultimately become visible.

Within the gambling industry, 300 million euros a year is currently being allocated to promote responsible gambling. In the first instance, this is a low amount if you know that more than 70 billion is dealing with this industry worldwide. However, it can cause major changes. However, there are not yet many possibilities to measure the actual effectiveness. There are therefore many experts who report that the problem has not yet been investigated.

At the same time, promoting responsible gambling is more important than ever before. After all, there are more and more options to be able to gamble and it is becoming legal in more and more countries.

The size of the problem

The problems surrounding gambling are larger than most people will think. It is a wrong approach if you put it on someone's disease. That is why you cannot just ridicule problem gamblers or say that they are weak. After all, with this you will not be able to improve the problem within society.

The problem gamblers will have actual problems in all forms of gambling. So it does not only have to take place at the casino, but also with bookmakers and lotteries. All activities in which gambling with serious money can already destroy lives.

In addition, it is not only weak people who develop a problem with gambling. Problem gamblers are in all layers of the population. Of course, certain people are more susceptible to an addiction than others.

The number of problem gamblers

The number of people who have problems with gambling will certainly increase in the Netherlands now that the online gambling has become legal. A lot of advertising is being advertised on TV and more people come into with playing online. That automatically means more problem gamblers and this despite the measures that the state and the providers take.

The figures in the US speak for themselves, here the number of problem gamblers is estimated at around 2.5 million. In addition, there are only 15 percent of these people who are actually looking for treatment. So far, the government has investigated exclusively what was needed to help these people, while the remaining 85 percent started to get little to no help. Nor have preventive measures been taken to ensure that the number of problem gamblers does not go up.

The differences between responsible gamblers and problem gamblers

At Gamblers Anonymous a questionnaire has been drawn up with 20 questions that you could ask yourself about the gambling habits you have. With this you could get an idea what the difference is between a problem gambler and a responsible gambler.

The first question on the list is whether you have ever lost time from work or school because you wanted to gamble. For responsible gamblers, the answer will be no. They will set their priorities and let the responsibilities for gambling go. A problem gokker will have regularly skipped work or school to meet the addiction.

Another question on the questionnaire is about family life. Gambling can also make family life unhappy. Often the entire family will lead under it if someone has built up a gambling addiction.

The influence of gambling on your reputation

Gambling will not deteriorate your reputation in most cases. However, if you develop serious problems, this does happen. Responsible gamblers therefore do not regret gambling and do not have to pay off debts or to solve the financial problems. If you are a gambling addict, you will be able to lose your work because the ambition is no longer lying here. This does bring financial problems.

Gambling until you are brutal, should never happen. If you are in danger of touching, this may indicate a problem. For example, you should never start selling your assets to get money again to be able to gamble. All life problems that have to do with gambling can therefore indicate that you are a problem gambler. In all other cases you can be labeled as a responsible gambler.

With gambling, it is therefore best to stay with a certain budget and have other hobbies in addition to gambling. In addition, you should never start gambling with money that you do not have or what is needed to be able to pay the fixed costs. If you notice that you have a problem, it is good to stop immediately. Never wait until the problem gets too big.


Responsible gambling is better than problem gambling at all times. That is why all casinos should actually promote responsible gambling. Make sure you play at least at a legal American casino and register yourself with Crocx If you don't control yourself.

The American state and the casinos are increasingly bringing gambling to the attention. It is actively examined that the advertisements focus on people of 24+ and that these advertisements are only broadcast in the late evening. With the limits that you have to set when registering, there is a brake on everyone's gambling behavior. Hopefully the joint efforts will yield results.