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Casino monitoring is one of the most mysterious parts of the gambling world. We all know they are there, but what exactly do they do? In films, the impression is often created that the surveillance of a casino is watching all kinds of monitors all day and night. However, that is only a small part of the work that the casino monitoring has in its duties.

In this article you can read more about the tasks that belong to casino monitoring. You can also read how you can get this special job.

The tasks of a casino security company

As already mentioned, the job description of the people who work as a casino guard will go further than just shifts to screens. They are there to discover cheaters and must regularly report incidents that occur in the casino. However, their most important task is to ensure that players play fair and according to the rules of the casino.

In addition, it is also their task to keep an eye on dealers and croupiers. It is not common, but every now and then a corrupt dealer is indeed unmasked.

Spotting professional players

Professional players often have an extra advantage on other players and also on the casino. Casinos therefore have the right to deny these types of players access to the casino.

Professional players will do everything to hide their skills. If she does not succeed, the casino will request them to leave the building without detours. It is also not inconceivable that these players are banned from the casino. It is up to the casino monitoring to absorb the signals from professional players and to expose them.

Pick up

Professional players can be denied access to the casino, but what they do is of course not punishable. That applies to people who cheat in the casino. Just as shop staff have the right to secure a shoplifter, casino staff can also hold chief players.

Well -known techniques that are used to cheat are, for example, marking cards or dropping sheets. It is up to the surveillance for this falsewear to spot. They can then record their false playing practices. The last step is to confront the player and call in the police.

Players can only be prosecuted for cheating if there is evidence for this. For that reason, the casino is full of cameras. And there are often many more than can be seen with the naked eye.

Secure the cash registers

In the past there have been enough robberies worldwide on casinos. An important task of casino security is therefore to monitor all money flows in the casino. The central cash register is where the most money is from the casino floor, where security certainly keeps a good eye on things.

Writing incident reports

Observing and reporting, just like actively monitoring via cameras, is an important task of the casino security company. A player who is difficult to do or is suspected of cheating. But also a dealer who sometimes behaves very strangely will be mentioned in reports.

Enough happens in the casino and it is up to the security to ensure that situations do not repeat themselves. Reporting incidents is essential here.

Remove players from the casino

Most casinos will have a small team of security guards that together can ensure that a player leaves the casino. Perhaps the player has caused nuisance or the man has drunk a bit too much. Whatever the reason, the team of security guards must then ensure that the person in question leaves the casino without too much tumult.

In large American casinos there is often a special team of security guards who are extra trained in removing difficult casino players. We do not know such special security teams in the Netherlands.

How much does a casino security company earn?

Working in a casino usually provides you with a reasonable to good income. The amount of your salary depends on the period that you work at the casino, your age and your position.

On average, a casino security company earns a basic salary at the Holland Casino that varies between $ 2500 and $ 3000.

What training do you need for a casino security company?

There is no special training available to become more casino security. There are of course numerous training for guard available. It helps when you have followed such a training, but it is not essential.

The casino itself ensures that you go through a complete training program before you can actually get started as a casino security company. You will be taught step by step all kinds of skills. In principle, a secondary level training is therefore sufficient to apply as a casino guard.

However, you will have to be very lucky, since there are not as many casinos in the Netherlands as in the United States, for example.


With casino security, people often think that this consists of constantly observing tables, players and dealer. An idea that is not right.

Casinob securityers have to spot cheats and professional gamblers. They write, incidents reports and are responsible for the security of money flows in the casino. The cameras that the casino has hung up are only aids.