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Ajax practitioner Alfred Schreuder has a huge luxury problem at the forefront. Vedettes are available at all positions for the Sparta Ajax match.

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Last week Steven Berghuis was child of the bill and he was put on the couch. Dusan Tadic played, unlike in the first league match, at ten. With Brobbey in rush hour, Bergwijn on the left and Anthony on the right, the attack ran like a train. A 6-1 victory with a Hattrick from Bergwijn was the result.

The choice of Tadic during rush hour against Fortuna made the eyebrows frowned with many fans. The leader can of course be able to handle multiple positions, but the choice of a real center striker against Groningen immediately showed a difference on the field. Yet this position is also well manned. Brobbey was changed for newcomer Lorenzo Lucca. Tadic went out just before time for Brian Brobbey. Tadic seemed visibly surprised that he had to hand over his captain's band. However, the fans scream for a base place by Mohammed Kudus who showed a great preparation.


Against Sparta it can just be that Schreuder opts for Kudus above Brobbey. In the away match against the Rotterdammers there are again opportunities for many goals. A playable striker is an important element for this. Brobbey has made his minutes against Groningen so Kudus is a real option.

A very radical setup is 4-4-2, the chance that Schreuder will go for this is therefore very small. He can of course have Brobbey and Kudus (or Lucca) play together, but will then have to return to the flanks.

A luxury problem with which, however, a lot of puzzles must be made as the Vedettes want to play.

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