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Many casinos worldwide accept Skrill as a payment method. It is therefore a very popular e-Wallet among the serious gamblers. This popularity is due to the low transaction costs, the generous VIP program, and the payment ease of payment. In addition, you can transfer money with Skrill in 40 foreign currencies.

It is therefore a very complete solution that combines various financial services in one electronic wallet. After a short registration process it is easy to use with just an e-mail address and a password. In this article, read what Skrill is, how it works and how you can use it to deposit money and record it at American casinos.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a well-known and widely accepted e-wallet. You use an e-Wallet for instant payments and transfers via an online account. It is fast, safe and reliable. Skrill came from Moneybookers, which was founded in 2001 in the United Kingdom. In 2013 this service was re -launched as Skrill.

Skrill can be used to make online transactions safely and anonymously. It is often used by gamblers to deposit funds at legal online casinos and to include profits. In addition, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Skrill Cryptocurrencies. You can also transfer money to bank accounts around the world in more than 40 currencies.

You can invest the money in your electronic wallet at casinos, spend in web stores, transfer to your bank account, or spend it with the Skrill Credit card. It is one of the most extensive e-Wallet solutions on the American market. A logical choice to safely gamble online on your favorite video slot or at live lightning roulette.

How does Skrill work?

For full use of the Skrill Services, it is necessary to create an account. After creating your account, it is necessary to check a number of data. This is required by the regulating authorities. It is about verifying your e-mail address, identity, bank account and home address. Unfortunately, that is a bit of work in the beginning, but necessary to prevent fraud and money laundering.

You verify your identity by sending a scan of your passport or ID card. You show your home address with a recent bank statement or bill of gas, water or light. Skrill checks your bank account by transferring a small amount of a few cents - which you then enter in the system.

So it's just a work, but then you have access to all Skrill services. The use of the services, on the other hand, is super easy. To deposit or withdraw money at casinos, you only need your e-mail address and Skrill password. One push of a button, and the money is transferred immediately.

Put money on your Skrill account

Most users deposit money on their Skrill account via a transfer from their linked bank account. That goes super fast and is very cheap. Certainly if you compare that with other e-wallets. Skrill only charges 1% of the transferred amount. If you prefer that, you can also deposit money via apps such as iDeal, Sofort and Trustly.

Spend money with skrill

You can spend money from your account in various ways. You can use your e-mail to make online purchases, or you can re-deposit your profits at a casino. Do you prefer money in your hand? Then you can refund your bank account and include it at an ATM. You can also request a Skrill Credit card to have your Skrill balance directly.

Advantages of paying with Skrill

Skrill excels in its international character and extensive package of financial services. At Skrill you can transfer money to countries around the world in 40 currencies. Skrill is also known for the ease of payment and the low costs.

In addition to these benefits, there is a special VIP program for the serious players. Those who register with this program can count on insurance on expenses made, a special helpline, and lower costs.

Skrill in more than 40 currency

Skrill is not only an e-Wallet, with Skrill you can also make international transactions. Skrill automatically changes your euros in 40 foreign currencies. And Skrill does that without costs and surprises - they only use the exchange rate. You can also store multiple currencies in your e-Wallet, so that you can easily visit casinos worldwide.

Ease of payment

At Skrill you have no account number. So you don't have to remember another song. All you need to make transactions is your e-mail address. Deposits and recordings are fully automated and are super fast. In the app or browser you can keep an eye on all transactions anytime and anywhere.


Just like other e-Wallets, Skrill also has no monthly costs. There are, however, small costs for depositing and withdrawing money. As mentioned above, 1% is charged for deposits. That is certainly cheap. When recording, no percentage is calculated, but a so -called flat fairy. This is 5.50 euros. So it is especially interesting to absorb large amounts at the same time.

Skrill VIP program

The VIP program is very interesting for the High Rollers. A VIP pays lower transaction costs, has higher limits and always has priority. You can therefore deposit larger amounts at casinos and count on rapid payouts of the profits you have made. In addition, VIPs can count on an exclusive 24/7 support channel, and 100% money back guarantee on all purchases he or she makes with Skrill.

You will become VIP if you have made more than 6000 euros in transactions in a quarter. You are then a Bronze VIP. There are four VIP levels, each with even better conditions. To become a diamond VIP you have to make more than 90,000 euros in transactions in a quarter. So for the real high rollers.


Is Skrill safer than PayPal?

Both PayPal and Skrill offer debit cards to their customers, who make immediate access to money possible. The use of a debit card is safer than taking cash with you or your own credit cards abroad. It also means that you don't have to wait a few days before the company makes money to your real bank account.

Unfortunately, PayPal only offers this service to American users, while Skrill offers payment passes worldwide. However, buyers and sellers opt for Skrill above PayPal, because it offers an effective payment solution, together with improved security functions such as risk assessment and combating fraud.

More than 25 million people around the world prefer to use Skrill as their payment solution for online purchases.

Is Skrill free?

Skrill is free to use if you only receive money. However, if you have a business account at Skrill, costs can be charged, depending on your account status and the nature of your company for receiving money.