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There are many different ways to transfer money to an online casino. Not all casinos accept all available payment methods. And not all players have all the methods at their disposal. To help players on their way, this article follows an overview of all available methods in American casinos.

There are three main payment methods: e-wallets, internet banking, and credit cards. Everyone has a bank account and can therefore internet banking. To make the process of internet banking easier you can use methods such as Trustly And sofort. Credit cards are a widely used online payment method, especially Visa.

A little less known may be the e-Wallets. These are online accounts that you as a user can deposit money to experience payments on the internet. The best known is PayPal. Newer players are Neteller and Skrill. The popularity of e-Wallets is increasing among the online gamblers.

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🎰 PayPal

Of all e-wallets, PayPal is by far the best known and most used. It is a pioneer in the field of online transactions. PayPal provides simple and fast online payments worldwide. At most casinos in the Netherlands, and also at casinos in many other countries, you can easily transfer money with your PayPal account.

It is especially safe and very fast. With only an account name and password you deposit a balance on your casino account in a few seconds. Paying out your profits is also smooth. Sometimes you already have your profits in your account within an hour. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it will never take more than 24 hours.

🎰 Credit card

The credit card has been in the Omloop since the 1950s. Called over from the United States, it is now a legal means of payment in more than 200 countries. You get a credit card from a bank and is actually a kind of short month of loan. The intention is that you pay it off every month. If you don't do that, the bank will count interest.

With almost all Legal American casinos Can you pay with a credit card. Visa is a good example of this. Paying with a credit card is fast and effortless. The advantages are that your transactions are insured and that you can also save one for points with the card. Plenty of bonus if you pay a casino with your credit card.

🎰 Internet banking

Everyone with a bank account has access to internet banking. This payment method is known to most people and yields few uncertainties. You can transfer money manually to a casino, but that unfortunately results in unwanted delays. Pouring money to and withdrawing, online casinos is basically free. SEPA payments between accounts within the EU are free of charge. In some cases, casinos can count a fairy.

Nowadays everyone actually uses the iDeal app, which automates this transfer. If iDeal is not available, you can also opt for international alternatives such as Sofort and Trustly. By using these apps, the transferred amounts are immediately available for gambling.


IDEAL is a safe online payment method. To be able to pay with iDeal at online casinos, is an important condition for many players. The American online casinos all have this option.

The payments are no different than you are used to at online web shops. It is very false and reliable.

iDEAL is loved by players because you do not need an account specifically. An account at a American casino that works together with iDeal is enough.

🎰 Trustly

In fact, Trustly is not a full payment method. Trustly only acts as an intermediary between the recipient and the payer. You, as a payer, can pay from a bank account at one of the many banks in Europe. Thanks to the use of Trustly, the recipient, the online casino, does not have access to your personal information. You also do not register with Trustly, so you also remain anonymous for them. At Trustly it is ultimately about safety.

🎰 immediately

Sofort is also a kind of middle man who guarantees the anonymity of the payer. It is a new player on the European market and so far available in twelve member states. You don't create an account either at Sofort either. You only use the app at the time of paying, or receiving. Sofort is available at most American casinos.

🎰 Visa

Visa is the third largest credit card company in the world. It is partly responsible for the wide acceptance of credit cards. At practically all online casinos you can pay with Visa. A visa transaction is simple and fast. The physical credit card contains all the information you need to authenticate payments.

To make use of this credit card even safer for online transactions, you can use the virtual Visa Card. This only exists on your screen and makes it possible to make anonymous payments at casinos, for example. If something goes wrong, you can count on the insurance of Visa.

🎰 Neteller

Neteller is an e-Wallet that you can use in all American casinos. Neteller guarantees quality, speed, safety and discretion. At Neteller you do not pay monthly costs. However, administration costs are charged for transactions. Paying with this e-wallet is especially easy, you only need your e-mail address and a password.

You can receive won money just as easily in this electronic wallet. Often this only takes an hour or two. You can refund the balance to your bank account, or have directly at your disposal with the linked Net+ Credit card.

🎰 Skrill

Skrill is also a popular e-wallet that you can use at all American casinos. Skrill guarantees payment ease, low transaction costs and safety. Skrill combines several financial services, such as the worldwide transfer of money in 40 different currencies, the Skrill Credit card, and acting in cryptocurrencies.

It is a favorite payment method among the high rollers. The serious player mainly appreciates discretion. There is also an interesting VIP program with higher limits and lower costs for users who make at least 6000 euros in transactions per quarter.


Why is iDeal very safe compared to other payment methods?

This means of payment has been developed by the largest American banks. Well tested and checked for all safety aspects.

Can you also pay with a bitcoin?

Some casinos offer this possibility. From your own wallet you then transfer bitcoins or fractions to the wallet of the casino.

How long does it take before I have my payout from the casino?

This can differ and this depends on a number of things. Which bank do you have, is your account already verified, at which casino do you play and how much do you want to pay. Usually a payment is made within 3 days.