Can you count cards at Online Blackjack?

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You have probably seen a film in which a casino visitor can get huge profits in by counting cards. A scenario that is highly unlikely, but does show that money can indeed be won.

However, what you have probably never seen is a film in which a blackjack player makes huge profits from behind his computer screen by counting cards at an online casino. In fact, it is generally believed that counting karting at an online casino game is simply impossible.

And yet it is indeed possible to count cards in an online casino. The only question is whether counting cards when playing in an online casino actually yields something.

In this article I want to disprove the idea that online cards count would not be possible and why it is indeed possible. In addition, I will discuss whether the final yield makes it interesting to count cards when playing in an online casino.

The basis of counting cards

At the BlackJack is the essence of the card to be able to determine how great your chance is for a natural blackjack. With a natural blackjack you will receive your bet one and a half times.

The chance that a natural blackjack falls increases as more tens and aces remain in the game. Theoretically, it is wiser to play with a higher bet, as the chance of a natural blackjack increases. Normally you have no idea when that situation will occur, but counting cards gives you a tool with which you can predict that much better.

To count cards you need a certain system in the first place. There are different systems to count cards and the biggest differences between these systems are the complexity and effectiveness. The Hi Lo system, for example, is fairly easy to learn, but is less effective. With this method you give certain values to every card that is played.

  • AZEN IN HAVE: -1
  • 7, 8 and 9: Neutral
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 in 6: + 1

You know that there are as little low cards in the game as possible and that is why a low card gets an extra point. The Hi LO method can also take into account the number of decks used. This is done by applying the following calculation:

  • The score is +6
  • You estimate that there are two more decks in the game
  • 6: 2 = +3 as a score

As your score gets higher, you can increase your bets. For example, you use the following structure for this:

  • If the count is 0 or +1, you play your normal bet
  • At +2 you increase the standard bet 5x
  • From +3 you increase the standard bet 10x

Why online cards usually does not work

An aspect that is involved in counting cards is the number of decks that is used. Once the number of decks has been played, all cards are shuffled again and you have to start counting again.

  • You play at a table with eight decks
  • Five decks have since been played
  • 5: 8 = 62% of all cards has been played

The more cards are played in combination with your current score, the higher you will bets, since the chance of a natural blackjack is increasing.

Unfortunately at many physical casinos the cards will already be shaken again before you reach such a percentage. But that is not always the case. Other physical casinos are of the opinion that when there is too often shuffle, this is at the expense of the game and ultimately also the income from a game.

Online casinos are not bothered by that. The software that is used often ensures that cards are shaken automatically at a certain moment, without any time loss. Game developers from Online Casino Games, develop their games in a way where cards are automatically shaken, sometimes even after every game round. It makes no sense at all to try to count the cards.

With a game where not after every game round, you could try to count the cards. That will give you no more than 25% insight into the cards that have been played. And that is far too low to be able to use the Hi LO method effectively, for example.

Some online live blackjack games offer opportunities

Live Casino Blackjack games are played with real cards that are shared by a dealer. So it is a situation that is comparable to playing in a physical casino, only you are connected to the dealer via a video connection.

Counting cards is therefore theoretically much more effective when playing in the live casino. But online casinos are of course not stupid. They give their dealers instruct to shake it well before half of the cards are played.

On the other hand, live casinos, just like physical casinos, must also take into account the fact that cards shake time and shaking too much costs the casino money. Casinos that share up to 50% of the cards before there is shaked offer a small advantage for players that count cards. So you could visit different live blackjack tables to look at which games are not too often shuffled.

What does cards count at a live casino?

Counting cards is therefore possible with some blackjack tables. It will usually only give you a very small advantage. In addition, you are dealing with the deployment separation an example:

  • You play at a table with $ 5 deployment
  • Your score is +3 at a certain moment and you scale up to a bet of $ 75,-
  • $75,- : $5,-= $15,-
  • The spread is 1-15

Professional card counters usually keep a spread of 10 or 15. With that, however, they must be careful, because these specific spreading numbers are clear indication for casinos that they are dealing with a card counter. And we are talking about the physical casinos here.

Online casinos Never make it difficult about the spread. There you also need a much higher spread than with a physical casino. For example, a spread of 30 is not unusual in an online casino. In the long term, counting cards in an online casino will give you so little profit. As a result, it is simply not attractive to invest time in it.


Counting cards is possible at games in an online live casino. This is possible if up to about 50% of the cards is played before the karting is shaken. It yields so little that it is not interesting to spend too much time on it.

Counting cards in a physical casino is fun and challenging. You will have to pay attention that you do not play yourself in the spotlight. Betting with a spread of 10, 15 or even 30 will definitely betray you.

If you want to count cards, then you really have to be in a physical casino. It will simply not produce enough results online.