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In 1993 the world wide web was introduced and we could use the internet. Most people quickly connected, albeit with a very low speed. The few online casinos that were soon found, did not promise much good. For most people first had to download software via the slow connection to play the games.

It all came with hurry and bumps. But just like with everything, the technology became increasingly complicated and better. Nowadays we don't know better than that a visit to one online casinoo A piece of cake is.

With high -quality technology it also became possible to connect directly and let players play online at a real casino table. Not much later, separate studios were set up where no players could be found at the gaming table. Everyone who participated in the game sat at home behind the computer or the laptop. Nowadays these so -called Live Casino Games Even just to play via your smartphone. So from any location, wherever in the world, you can quickly log in to your favorite live casino and take a gamble.

If you are not yet familiar with the principle of a live casino, then this article is written for you! You will find everything you need to know before you play in a live casino.

What all good live casinos have in common

Before you can play in a live casino, you will first Legal online casino Must find that Live Casino Games offers. That is not that difficult, since nowadays every online casino has a range of live casino games. But there are a number of things you should pay attention to and take into account when choosing an online casino to play live casino games. We have listed the most important for you.


A solid online casino has ensured that it meets all legal requirements. If this is the case, this translates into a recognized casino license issued by a supervisory body on online gambling. In the Netherlands that is the American Gaming Authority.

Most casinos have a license that is registered in another country. That doesn't have to be a problem, as long as the license is valid and has not expired. The license number must always be displayed on the website or mobile platform of the online casino. Check if this is the case at the casino where you would like to play.


If you look for an online casino, check in your web browser to see if there is a green lock when you visit the website of the online casino. If that lock is present, this means that all traffic between your computer and the platform of the casino is encrypted. As a result, malicious people cannot run away with your personal or bank details.

Also, all games and the deposits you make on your casino account will go through a secure connection. Casinos that do not have an encrypted connection must absolutely avoid.


There is a huge range of live casino games. Many game developers are involved in devising and marketing new live casino games on the market. The more choice you have at an online casino, the easy it is for you to ultimately choose a game that suits you completely. It is therefore advisable to always take a look at the range of game of the live casino and then especially pay attention to the diversity in games.

A good casino will want to offer live casino games from various game developers. If the range of games is too limited, it might be wiser to take a look at someone else.

Table limites

All kinds of people play in a casino. This way you have people who like to play with a low bankroll and people who prefer to use higher amounts and therefore also have a high bankroll. A solid live casino offers both players the opportunity to make a choice from different live casino games.

This means that there are not only tables with high table limits, but that you can also play on tables where the minimum bet is, for example, $ 0.25. So always check the minimum table limits before you play at a specific online casino.


We already indicated that there are various game developers who are involved in developing live casino games. It is always nice to compare these developers and in particular the games they have developed.

One developer puts a little more emphasis on the game itself, while other developers in particular work to make the atmosphere and setting around the game attractive. Tastes differ and it is therefore nice if you can choose between games from different game developers.

Open an account

You need an account at the online casino to gain access to playing the games for real money. You will have to take a number of steps for this. The first step is to register yourself at the casino and to open an account via a usually simple form.

Usually you only have to specify your name and e-mail address. You must confirm your e-mail address and then the account will be created and you can log in to the website of the casino.

Account verification and documents

Only players who are older than 18 are allowed to visit a casino in the Netherlands. That also applies to online casinos. For that reason, after you first created an account, you must supplement the data that you entered with some extra data. Think of your date of birth and your address details. You must then upload a copy of your identity card via your personal page of the casino so that employees can check your age.

This verification process can take a few hours, but usually this does not take longer than a day. You can possibly play in the meantime. However, we recommend that you first complete the verification process before you take the next step, namely deposit money into your casino account. If your account has not been verified, you cannot have money paid out. That applies to profits, but also to any deposits that you make.

Deposit money on a casino account

If your account is completely verified, you can deposit an amount into your account to play with. For this you use a payment method. Most online casinos offer a large number of payment methods. The most used methods are the deposit of money with your credit card from MasterCard or Visa, an online wallet such as that from Skrill or Neteller and some casinos also simply offer the ideal Payment method.

In the Netherlands, we also increasingly see the Trustly payment method at online casinos. With this method, which works almost the same as iDEAL you can not only make deposits, but you can also have profits paid out. The advantage of this method is that profits are in your account within the hour. With other payment methods this often takes between 24 and 72 hours.

Activate bonus

Online casinos are engaged in an insane competition. Every casino tries to bring in players by offering them beautiful money bonuses, among other things. With these bonuses you can often double your entire deposit. This means that you deposit an amount on your casino account and you then receive the same amount as bonus money from the casino. You can then play twice as long or just decide to play with somewhat higher bets.

There are different kinds Bonuses offering those casinos. For example, the welcome bonus is only for new players. The amount of the amounts that you get with the welcome bonus are often much higher than with other bonuses. This is because the welcome bonus can only be claimed once. Once you have used the welcome bonus, you can activate other bonuses that the casino offers.

The reload bonus is such a bonus because this promotion is intended for existing players and most casinos offer the reload bonus once a week on a fixed day. With a reload bonus, the same principle often applies as with a welcome bonus, which means that you deposit an amount and you get the same amount as a bonus. There is, however, a limit to the amount and this is always clearly indicated.

A separate bonus shape is the cashback bonus. This can sometimes be combined with other bonuses. Casinos that offer a cashback bonus will give you a certain part of the amount you have paid. This can happen when your play credit is used up or it may also be that you will receive an amount to your player account at a fixed moment.

Note the bonus conditions

When you use a bonus, you get free money from the casino. It is then logical that the casino does connect a number of conditions to it. These conditions are different for each online casino. It is important that you take knowledge of the conditions of a bonus before you activate the bonus. There are a number of things that you should pay attention to.

Playing regel
The round play line means that when you receive a bonus amount, you have to use this amount a number of times while playing in the live casino. If the casino indicates that you must first have set the bonus of $ 100 30 times before you can record a profit, then all bets must together form an amount of $ 3000. Only when that is the case can you have profits paid out without problems that you made with bonus money.

The parliament lime
At many casinos, deposit limits are used if you want to activate a bonus. Often a percentage of your deposit up to a certain amount is added to your casino account as extra money. For example, a bonus can indicate that, for example, you will receive 100% of the amount you pay to your account, whereby a maximum amount of, for example, $ 300 is maintained. For example, if you deposit $ 500, you will receive up to $ 300 in extra money from the casino.

Exhibited deposit methods
With a number of deposit method it is not possible to claim a bonus. This mainly applies if you want to make a deposit via an online wallet from Skrill or Neteller. Whether there are exceptions at your casino with regard to the deposit methods can be read again in the terms and conditions of the casino.

Maximum deployment height
When you play with bonus money, then there is often a maximum bet amount, especially with games that you play in the live casino. Your play credit can then be quite high, but only amounts to the maximum deployment amount to play around bonus money. This rule is intended to prevent people who quickly play the bonus money.

With many casinos you have to use a separate bonus code to activate a bonus. Often this bonus code is simply on the promotion page of the relevant bonus. A bonus code ensures that only players who actually want to use a bonus are added to their account. If you do not want to use a bonus, you do not enter the code and you will not receive extra money.

Time limits
In many cases, the money bonus must be played within a certain period. A usual period is a month, but it also happens that casinos apply shorter periods, for example a week or just a few days. We recommend that you only activate a bonus if you have ample time to take advantage of it, which amounts to a minimum limit of a month.

Play in the Live Casino

If you have completed all the steps above, you can play in the Live Casino. The area is simple because it is simply incorporated in the online casino itself. The game control of each live game may differ slightly, depending on the game developer of a specific casino game.

To start with, log in to the website of the online casino and look for the part with the live casino games. The rules of each live casino game will usually not differ much from those from a physical casino or the regular gaming tables. The rules can always be found with every game.

The deployment limits are slightly higher in the live casino than in the table games. Go responsibly with your bankroll and certainly do not play with too high amounts in the beginning. Use all the possibilities of the game, including the chat box with which you can chat with other players and ask the dealer questions.