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Nowadays you can even earn money with playing games. Gambling with money, how cool is that? It can be very exciting, because you use money without knowing if you get it back. You can often choose to use money yourself, but you play to get more back.

Are you not playing well or are you simply unlucky? Then it may just be that you have lost your money. That is why it is important that you firstly choose a reliable casino. Betting with real money is not yet legal everywhere. So take a good look at which casino you decide to play.

Always check whether they have the right licenses to offer legal games. Only then do you know for sure that what you do is legal. There are always dangers in the world of betting with money, so be critical when you decide to use your money on something.

Where should you be?

You can look online for a Legal Casino that suits you. You can find their range with games and you can find out more about the casino itself. Do the games they offer like you? Then you can often try which ones are reserved for you and which are not. You can play with real money at all online casinos.

However, not all game developers make it possible to practice for free, but if you are looking well you can often try some games for free. Unfortunately not all. So it is an extra gamble that you like. There are probably a number of casinos that you have already heard of.

TOTO around the corner

Part of the State Company De Nederlandse Loterij is the Toto. This was the only provider where you could legally bet on sports. Fortunately, there are several providers from 1 October where you can bet on sports legally. On our site you will find all Casinos with a permit.

As it went for a long time you can go to a Toto point at, for example, a bookstore and fill in a form there. Nowadays, however, it has become normal to do this digitally at a terminal. These EasyPlay terminals can usually be found at most points where TOTO is offered.

Most people nowadays choose an online bookmaker and easily use their mobile phone.


Online casinos are nowadays legal, since October 2021. Companies that want a permit from the Gaming Authority could request these from that moment. The law that came into effect from April was discussed for the first time in 2013. This is the "remote chance of gambling", also known as the KOA Act. So it took a while before this law finally went in force. There were some delays along the way, but from this year you can gamble in more and more places in more and more places.

What happened to illegal casinos?

It was finally decided that online casinos would be regulated and legalized. Immediately, the Gaming Authority has been instructed to take on online casinos that offered illegal gambling games to the American public. This meant that online casinos were no longer allowed to use the American language on their platform and could not use any .nl domain.

However, it didn't stop there. From 1 June 2017, these online casinos were also forbidden to offer iDEAL. This day was therefore labeled as black Thursday by the online casinos founded in the Netherlands.

Some casinos are out of luck

All these online casinos were already prohibited by law. Now that the legislation has been amended and you can be legal with a permit as an online casino, all online casinos do not have equal opportunities. The Gaming Authority wanted as many players as possible to end up at legal casinos. Their goal was to have 80% of players play at legal casinos within three years.

That is why it was able to break a spanner in the works in the past. Online casinos that from the moment it could apply for a permit were checked for mistakes in the past. Those casinos that were therefore more open illegally could not receive a permit. This applied to the casinos that have been operating illegally since 1 July 2018.

The online casinos that have not offered illegal games to American players since that time could therefore receive a permit. The period from 1 July 2018 to the new legislation was also called the "Cooling Down" period.

What should you pay attention to when gambling with money?

It is important that you know what you are doing. You play with your own money and if it is gone, it is gone. So always make sure you play at a reliable and safe online casino. How do you determine whether a company is? You will then have to look at the permits and how large a company is. It is also wise to find out which casino bonus you want. This is often only possible once. Only the first time you sign up.

Also make sure that you can miss your money before you start gambling. You probably can't get rich with it, you have to realize that not to be disappointed. It can be smart to determine a budget for yourself. By not getting over it you will not stay without money. Only play with the money you can miss. You are simply not smarter than the casinos and bookmakers.

How do you check permits?

Although the legislation has been amended since October 2021, not every online casino in the Netherlands is legal. An online casino will have to have a valid permit at all times to continue as legally. As a player you can pay attention to different things to determine whether you can play safely at an online casino.

Of Gaming authority Looks at the granting of permits to casinos in the Netherlands. Has the casino received a permit from the Gaming Authority from your choice? Then you can assume that it is reliable and safe. There are strict rules that the casinos must meet before they can get a permit.

The smallest chance

Remember that you will often go the short end. The bank actually always wins. You cannot beat the bank, from the house in the long term. The games of chance are often in favor of the house. Don't you play against the house, but other players? Then that is something else. Bee poker Don't play against the couch, but play against other poker players who are in the same boat as you. Of course you just have a chance to win if you play well. But even then it is structural winning is only for a small percentage of all poker players.

The games are designed in such a way that the casino deserves from the more you as a player play their games. They will have to pay for their croupiers and other staff. The house advantage can vary per game, but the games are designed in favor of the house. You can do games like poker and BlackJack Always look for the best strategies to play. This can greatly increase your chances.

Play consciously +18

Although gambling is now legal in the Netherlands, there are strict conditions that must be met. All these conditions can be found on the website of the Gaming Authority. One of these conditions is that you have to be 18 years or older to be allowed to gamble. It is therefore also mandatory to show your identity card at the casino where you are going to play.

At some casinos and in many other countries, the minimum age to play is even 21 years. Why is this limit set? The group of 18 to 24-year-olds, ie young adults, have a greater chance of becoming addicted. Online casinos should therefore not focus on this group. This is mainly about advertisements.

Addicted or not?

It seems that some games are more addictive than others. This has to do with the result. Lotteries, for example, are less gambling addiction sensitive. This is because you do not immediately get the result in these games. You have to wait longer and do not continue to play immediately. Compared to the games of chance in a casino, you will immediately get your result. Often you want to continue playing immediately to continue your profit or to make up for the loss.

Drawing that looks like you are a bit addicted are that you look forward to the draw of the lottery all week. Or you can quickly buy a lot for the draw instead of waiting for the next draw. So always check whether you are still in control. You may have to take a step back.

Play consciously tips For gambling with money

There are ways to keep yourself under control and not immediately surrender to the gambling games. For example, you can determine your budget in advance. If you decide in advance how much money you can spend on a certain game of yourself, things get out of hand less quickly. If you still exceed this limit, you can check with yourself whether you are still in control. If not, try to spend less money for really going wrong.

Also make sure that before you play, you know all the rules of the game. If you are not well -owned, there is a greater chance that you will make a loss. The house advantage can rise enormously if you are not aware of what you are actually doing. The chance that you win will decrease and the chance that you lose will only increase. You can read all game rules online at your leisure. You can also request the rules at many a casino.

Be honest with yourself

It is important to occasionally take a break from gambling. If you play for a long time you will notice that you will forget other important things. Do you play too much? Then you can sometimes get irritated faster and that is not fine for anyone. You also play better if you occasionally grant yourself some rest. If you play for hours in a row, the chance is smaller that you are at your best. Also be honest with yourself if you don't like it that much anymore. Do you only do it for winning as much money as possible? Then reflect.

It is intended that you continue to like it. If you start playing out of boredom or out of habit, then that is no longer healthy. Those are signs of addiction. It is therefore important to just stop immediately. It can get a lot out of hand when, for example, you get into financial problems or if there is nothing else you can think about.

Need help?

Do you need help to reduce your gambling behavior? There are plenty of authorities that are ready for you. Beat them before it's too late. You can also help yourself by banning yourself from casinos where you are currently playing. The so -called Cruks stands for Central Register Exclusion Gambling. Every casino must be connected to this. That actually means that when you notice that it gets out of hand, you can let yourself be banned.

This applies to every provider in the Netherlands, so that you cannot play at another casino. So you request a ban on yourself. If you are included in this register, you cannot gamble at this casino for a certain time. In this way you can help yourself.