$ 10,000 fine for the Lotto

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The American Gaming Authority has imposed the Lotto a fine of $ 10,000. The company that is part of the American Lottery advertised the Euro Ackpot. This is not forbidden in itself, but if it is aimed at minor. Unfortunately for the Lotto, an advertisement of the Euro Jackpot had ended up on the Girlscene.nl website. The target group of this site are young people from the age of 14.

In a period of 4 months, 218 times an advertisement for the Eurojackpot was shown on Girlscene.nl. The website focuses on young women aged 14 to 30 and mainly places articles related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Advertising gamble related companies May not focus on a minor, because this is contrary to Article 4a of the Gambling Act. Especially now that more than 20 new companies are coming on the market gambling The Gaming Authority has started to check extra strictly.

Not the first fine

It is not the first time that the Lotto B.V. goes wrong. In 2017, a fine of $ 30,000 had to be paid for advertisements on Speeleiland.nl, Colorplaten.nl and Spele.nl. With this fine in mind, the Lotto should have known better and so it was fined again.

The American lottery does not agree with the punishment imposed. They explain that the advertisements ended up on Girlscene by accident. The company has absolutely no interest in advertising on Girlscene.nl and has had no warning in advance.

However, the Gaming Authority believes that the fine of 2017 has already been a clear warning and demands that the fine must be paid within 6 weeks. If the Lotto objects, the Board of Directors of the supervisor still looks at the issue and after this the American Lottery can still go to court.

Gambling companies responsible

Interesting to know is that the fines for non -desired advertisements are always for the gambling provider. So not for the website she places. This is the reason that the new Legal American casinos Being reluctant to search for partners who have advertising space.