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There are plenty of nonsense stories in which people answer the question of how to become a professional casino player. Websites with titles such as for example:

  • How professional gamblers play roulette
  • How professional gamblers play blackjack
  • How professional gamblers play slot machines

Experienced casino players immediately see the nonsense of such titles, but for everyone who is new in the online casiner world, a brief explanation:

As a "professional" you will not want to play a game with negative outcomes (losses). No strategy will help you beat the house advantage at roulette or slots. Blackjack, on the other hand, is a different story.

Who wants to become a good casino player will have to learn which games can and cannot be defeated. In addition, it is important to gain insight into your average loss per hour. In this article you can read what is needed to become a professional casino player.

The difference between table games and slots

Basically, casino games can be divided into two types of games:

  • Gokautomaten
  • Table games

Table games are usually superior to Slots. Below you can see the most important table games you need to become an experienced casino player.

The types of gambling machines that you need to know are:

  • Slots
  • Video Poker

All casino games have a mathematical advantage over the player. I will discuss how this works in the next section. However, understand that you will always lose money to casino games over time. However, you get more action and lose less money per hour by playing table games than when you play slot machines.

Understand what the house advantage is and its importance

Most people know that the casino earns money from the casino games. But not everyone understands exactly how that arouses. You cannot call yourself an expert if you do not understand this to a certain extent. The first thing you have to understand is the concept of opportunities. Opportunities are always representative of a ratio. If you play online roulette and bet on a single number, you have a chance (ratio) from 36 to 1 to win.

That's because you have 37 songs on the roulette wheel, and you only gamble on one of these songs. So you have 36 ways to lose, and only a single chance to win.

In other words, for every euro that you bet, you get $ 35 in profit. See the difference? That difference is how the casino earns its money, and the principle is more or less the same for each game.

The chances of winning and the opportunities for payment are not proportional, which gives the casino a mathematical advantage that you cannot beat. That advantage is displayed as a percentage of every bet you place.

In the roulette game (American) the house advantage is 5.26%. For every $ 100 that you bet you lose an average of $ 5.26, but only as an average over a long period. In the short term you will of course lose $ 100 or you win a multiple of $ 100.

How chance calculation works differently on slots

When you win a bet on a table game, you get your original bet the win. But if you win a bet on a slot machine, you will not get the amount that you have used.

Let's say you bet a euro on a single number at Roulette and get 35 against 1. You then put $ 36 in your pocket, $ 35 in profit your first bet of $ 1.

If you bet a euro on a turn of the slot machine and 35 for 1, you only receive $ 35. You will not get your initial deployment of $ 1 back.

The most important thing to remember is that with a table game we speak of a house advantage and a repayment rate is used in a slot machine. This is also called the Return to player or called RTP. A slot machine with an RRTP of 95% therefore has a house benefit of 5% which is quite substantial.

Understand the loss per hour

An individual gambler can win a lot of money in the short term. A single bet on a winning song at the roulette table can already occur with your first game round. If you walk away afterwards, you are a winner.

In fact, you can lose 33 times in a row and still achieve a net profit if your number falls during that 34th turn to the wheel. But if you look at the average over hundreds or thousands of spins, you always start with an average lost amount.

Everyone can estimate with a little bit of knowledge and some multiplication how much money is lost per hour. The first thing you need to know is the house advantage or the RTP. In addition, the amount of your deployment is important. Finally, you should have an estimate of how many bets you place per hour.

Casinos is not interested when you win a game round on the roulette. They understand that this is part of the game. What is important for the casino is to know that they pay 95 cents all day long (with a house advantage of 5%) for a whole euro. With hundreds of customers and thousands of game rounds, that naturally taps nicely.

Slots let your play credit evaporate

The biggest factor in determining your average loss is the number of bets per hour. A game of roulette with 40 spins per hour is a relatively relaxed activity compared to playing slot machines.

An average player on a slot machine makes 600 spins per hour. And the house advantage on a slot machine is almost always at least 5%. But usually it is more, such as 8% or 10%. On some games, the house advantage can be 25% on a slot machine.

Let's assume that you have found a slot machine with an RTP of 95%. You bet $ 1 per turn, what is 1/10 of what you had used at the roulette table.

But since you do 600 bets per hour, you use $ 600 per hour. This means that your expected loss is $ 30 instead of $ 21. And that can be much more.

So it doesn't matter which game you play in the casino, always ensure good bankroll management. This prevents your play credit from disappearing in no time.

Learn to play the best casino games

Those who want to become a professional casino player will of course have to know the games through and through. That is easier than many think.

Casino games are designed in such a way that they are easy to understand. If a game cannot be explained to a gambler within a minute or two, it is already unattractive to start. And games that people do not want to start does not yield the casino.

The casinos therefore make it easy to learn the basis of a game. Even craps, perhaps the most intimidating game that you can play in a casino is not that difficult once you have mastered the basics.

Learn to choose the best bets

A professional casino player understands that the house advantage when playing blackjack with real money is 0.5%. At least when you choose the right game and play with the right strategy.

A professional player also understands that games have a house advantage of more than 10%, makes the spelling that he will want to avoid. And he knows that slot machines are always a bad gamble. Even if they are one of the few games where a huge jackpot can be won in the casino.

By enormous I mean lives changing. And winning life -changing amount of money on a table game is simply not possible. Whoever understands that is already well on your way to becoming a professional player.


A professional casino player becomes you by learning how the opportunities and payouts work for different casino games. First play one in the free casino games, so that you understand how the gameplay goes for each game, without it costs you money.

Then try some of the games at a real casino and play for real money. Measure how much pleasure you have against the amount that you expect to lose during that game. Ultimately, choose a game in which you will further develop yourself.