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For introverted people, a visit to a physical casino is often a very overwhelming experience. Extraverted people, on the other hand, often immediately after entering, often feel completely like a fish in the water.

Physical casinos are known for everything to happen on the casino floor. People who become enthusiastic about winning, being busy placing their bets, ringing machines and blinking lights that make it all a big spectacle. As a player you soon have the feeling that you are visiting a place where you are part of something that is bigger than yourself. For extrovert people, that feeling is something they feel wonderful.

But not all parts of the casino are set up in the same way. There are plenty of games that extroverted people are completely released, but there are certainly also games where they can relax and still get the kick that are so incredibly important for extrovert players. Let's see which games in the casino are most suitable for extrovert players.


Not everyone will agree with this choice, but I think poker is definitely one of the best games for extrovert players. poker Is the game where you often come across the same players and where social interaction is almost a mandatory part of the game.

Not only do you come across the same players, people often sit at the poker table longer than any other casino game. New relationships often arise at the poker table, both business and personal.

Of course you will also come across players at the Pokertafel who do everything they can not to give away what cards they have in their hands. A tight poker face and lips stiff together. But the more seasoned poker players will definitely not give away with a chat and be open to it.

Extrovert players often like fast games, with quick results and poker is a game that contains less of these elements. This allows some extrovert people to experience poker as a boring game. But with faster games you often don't have time to have a chat. You are then so busy placing your bets and the play of the game that when someone tries to chat, this is more annoying than pleasant.

Are you an extroverted person, try the poker table. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Blackjack is a game that is just a little more speed than poker and has another big advantage: it is very easy to understand and easy to learn to play well.

Why is this important? When a game becomes too complicated and complex, the players will also want to turn more in themselves and the smaller will be the chance that fun and spontaneous conversations will arise ... except when won of course.

Of course this applies to every game that you can play in a casino. Some players, extroverted or not, simply tackle it very seriously. On the Blackjack tables you will find all kinds of people because of the simplicity of the game. From the serious professional to the player who is joining for the first time to play a game of blackjack. People who just visit the casino are usually very open to a chat and the Blackjack table is a popular table for new visitors to take a seat. "

BlackJack attracts many new players, because the game itself is more or less known to many. Who did not play the twenties in his or her childhood. The rules are slightly different, but in the base new players join a game that they often recognize equally and quickly in their fingers.

The advantage of playing at the Blackjack table for extrovert people is that there is a good chance that you will find someone at the table who is in for a nice chat. And if that is not the case, then you just play a few hands and then just slide at another blackjack table.

Craps a game for extrovert people

I would lie if I write sou that craps is an easy game to learn. On the other hand, it is also the game par excellence that you cannot miss out during a visit to the casino. The Rules of Craps Take some time investment, but if you get the hang of them then this is definitely the game for the extrovert player.

In daily life you have doers and thinkers and these groups you see translated when you visit the casino. You have people who perform the action and people who only want to see the action. The Craps table is definitely a highlight to view from a distance. The enthusiasm of the players often splashes. The amounts that are sometimes won leave enough space to dream away.

Furthermore, Craps also does justice to the feeling that extrovert players experience as pleasant to do something as a team or as a group. At Craps a players throws the dice, while others use and depend on the actions of the pitcher.

That, let's call the group feeling, you will find no other casino game. With poker everything revolves around you and your cards and with blackjack the same actually applies. You can say that it is about you and the dealer, but he will not be seduced into a cozy cows and calf conversation.

Of course you know that nobody at the Craps table has some influence on how the dice rolls. And yet because of the enormous ambiance it seems that as a group they have that influence. Everyone knows that this is just a sham feeling, but is never pronounced aloud.

The tension and atmosphere around the Craps table cannot be compared with any other game in the casino., If you have never experienced it, try the Craps table, especially when you too fall under the group of extrovert players.


I know the roulette More looks like a game for introverte than for extroverted people. That is possible, but I call the game here. Roulette is, just like Blackjack, a game that everyone knows and whose rules are easy to learn.

Placing bets often makes it difficult to start a whole conversation. Nevertheless, short conversations are regularly conducted during the rotation of the roulette. And just like with Craps, there is often such a group feeling around the roulette table. More than once, people comfort each other when they miss out on a big win or congratulate each other when winning a nice amount.

The roulette is perhaps the game par excellence where both groups of people. Both introverted and extrovert players will feel at home and find each other.

Conclusion casino games for extrovert people

Casinos are great for extrovert people who are looking for an energy -rich place where there is everything to experience. After reading this article, you now know as Extravert what games you best choose. Have fun during your visit to the casino.