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  • Own unique functions
  • Home base for the best poker players in the world
  • Smart poker software
  • Legalized and regulated in the Netherlands
  • Exclusive poker games that you don't find anywhere else


  • Many promotions make the range unclear
  • PokerTracker Tool forbidden to use

GGPoker is originally Asian poker website. Since 2014, GGPoker has been serving players in both China and Southeast Asia. The company then received several licenses in countries in Europe. Today, GGPoker is one of the largest poker sites worldwide.

Big competitors are currently pokerstars and idn poker. At GGPoker you will find many unique tools that help you during poker. Unique functions include "Ask Fedor", "NFT Avatars", "Smart Hud" and "Map Squeeze". Exclusive the poker spel That you find are Rush & Cash, All-in or Fold, Flip & Go and Battle Royale.

Furthermore, there are regularly nice poker promotions for the recurring poker players. A VIP program called "Fish Buffet" allows you to iron nice extras as a reward for your loyalty.

GGPoker received a license from the Gaming authority. This means that they have a permit for offering poker games within a regulated gambling environment. GGPoker is 100% legal and regulated by the KSA.

Poker bonuses and extra promotions

GGPoker has many nice promotions ready for you. As a new player you will immediately receive a welcome bonus of your choice. There are regularly extra promotions that are valid at that time for a certain period such as winning tickets for tournaments with millions of euros in the prize pool.

Welcome bonus

You will receive a Welcome bonus From your choice. You can choose between a 100% deposit bonus or free play money.

$ 100 in rewards

If you opt for $ 100 of rewards, you will receive the following:

Day 1: $ 11 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (6 tickets in total)-play 100 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 2.50.

Day 2: $ 6.50 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (5 tickets in total)-play 500 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 10.

Day 3: $ 6.50 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (5 tickets in total)-play 500 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 2.50.

Day 4: $ 6.50 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (5 tickets in total)-play 500 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 10.

Day 5: $ 9 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (6 tickets in total)-Play 100 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 2.50.

Day 6: $ 13 in all-in or fold sit & go tickets (6 tickets in total)-play 1000 all-in or fold hands and receive $ 10.

By completing all 6 challenges on the AOF Sit & Go tables, you will get another $ 10 on top. You get $ 52.50 in free tickets extra money as soon as you complete the challenges. You have to earn the remaining $ 47.50 by playing the successive 6 days all-in or folds with real money.

Got the goals and grab up to $ 37.60 in money. And if you have achieved all the goals, GGPoker will give you an additional $ 10. There is also a temporary "Welcome With Million" promotion that you can read more about below.

100% to $ 225 landfill bonus

If you prefer a deposit bonus at GGPoker, then that is also possible. With the deposit bonus you can double your first deposit and qualify for a total amount of $ 225. The bonus amount will be on your bonus balance and converted into real money while playing. For every $ 5 that you spend on Rake of Fee, $ 1 will be released. You have a total of 90 days to free up the bonus.


  • You must be 24 years or older to participate in the promotions of GGPoker.
  • $ 55 in bonus money consists of $ 52.50 in tickets for all-in or folds and $ 2.50 in tickets for the "Daily Freebie".
  • Select "Match bonus" to receive the deposit bonus of a maximum of $ 225.

Other promotions

GGPoker regularly has fun promotions.

Welcome With Million: Every Sunday it is hit with the Global Million $ tournament with a prize pool filled with $ 1 million guaranteed. Every week 50 Global Million $ tickets are given away to new players. In addition to your first deposit you will also have the opportunity to participate in the weekly Freeroll. If you deposit money again the following week, you will receive another ticket for the next Freeroll.

Honeymoon for newcomers (30-day challenge): Strengthen your relationship directly with GGPoker by getting a 30-day honeymoon. You do have to do something in return to get the attention. But don't worry, it won't cost you much energy. To claim the bonus you have to click on "Start Honeymoon" and it will be available 7 days after the first time you have been logged in.

If you have not started the honeymoon manually, the bonus will eventually expire. By completing missions you will receive nice rewards up to $ 350. The poker bonuses include Sattelite tickets and free play credit up to $ 150 when completing all 3 missions. The missions at GGPoker include showing your cards after a winning pot or playing 50 hands at Omaha or 100 hands at Texas Hold’em.


For your loyalty you will be richly rewarded at GGPoker. Among other things, they have Fish Buffet where you can earn FP (Fish Buffet Points) while playing. Rise in rank to receive better rewards such as extra cashback.

Fish Buffet

With Fish Buffet you start as a "plankton" rank after you have collected 750 FP. In this case you will receive an average of 15% cashback back. In higher rank this gradually rises you receive extra rewards when you reach a higher rank. You can give a twist to the wheel to receive a cash prize.

You will receive 100FP for every $ 1 in striking or fee that you pay. Once you have reached a Platinum rank, you will receive a fixed weekly cashback and it is possible to switch between ranks. As Platinum, receive no less than 60% cashback. To reach the rank Platinum you must have collected 5,000,000 FP within 1 year.

Daily freebie

Every day you can play at GGPoker for real money with your daily Freebie. Log in to your account at GGPoker once a day to be eligible. Click on the "Daily Freebie" tab to claim the Freebie. Receive poker bonuses such as $ 0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket, $ 0.25 Battle Royale Ticket or a buy-in of $ 1 on Saturday for a Spin & Gold tournament.

Games and software GGPoker

View the full range of GGPoker. The range consists mainly of poker tournaments and cash game tables and variants such as No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a unique poker game from GGPoker. You play a SIT & Go with 30 players and you can win "Progressive Bounties" by eliminating players. It goes like this:

  • Phase 1: Play with new players at a new table every time you start a new hand. At the end of the time limit of 15 minutes, the top 15 players will continue to phase 2. The bounties of disabled players will be added to the prize pool. In the case of a draw at the end of the time limit, the player who has the most knockouts has or played more hands.
  • Level 2: Play at a table with 3 players and play until 1 player is left. When more players are left after 5 minutes, the game will turn into an all-in mode. This means that you can only go all-in and it will be looked at who remains. If you get through the fastest in phase 2, you will get the option to choose a Seat at the final table.
  • Phase 3: The final table is played such as a regular tournament and extra bounties with 5 remaining players. All players at the final table are in the prizes. The first place receives 27.40% of the prize money while the 5e place 10.64%. In between it varies. Keep in mind that you have to pay 5% in striking and $ 0.25 of the buy-in contributes to 4% rake.

All-in or Fold

GGPoker has made an exclusive poker variant available with all-in or folds. After you receive the cards, you have two options; All-in or Fold. And this poker site has made it even more exciting by adding an all-in or fold jackpot.

You win the jackpot as follows: 50% of the reimbursement of all games of all-in or folds contributes to the total of the jackpot. To win the jackpot you have to form at least a straight flush while you use both hole cards at Texas Hold’em. At Omaha you have to make a Royal Flush and use two of the four hole cards to form this poker hand.

I do to say to say & go.

With the AOF Sit & Go you play a similar game as all-in or folds. You start with a stack of 800 sheets at the Hold’em game or 500 sheets at the Omaha game. Then you play with 16 players in total and 4 players per table in a "shoot-out" format. You receive three stacks and the number of stacks you have left can be seen on the player's avatar. Click on the stacks to add them to the bet and you can play at the same time with one, two or all three stacks. If you manage to get the final round, your stack will be reset and you will receive three stacks again. It goes like this:

Ronde 1: The winner of each table will come to the final table.

Ronde 2: Every player at the final table is in the money.

Spin & Gold

The Spin & Gold Poker variant of GGPoker allows you to win up to 100,000 times your buy-in. This means that with a bet of $ 10 you could win no less than $ 1,000,000. Of course this is rare and you more often have to deal with payments between 2x and 60x your buy-in. You can also insure yourself against a 2x multiplier by placing a bet that is equivalent to the original bet.

Suppose you play with a buy-in of $ 1, then you pay $ 1 extra as insurance. If the 2x multiplier comes from your buy-in, you will immediately receive $ 2 back and you play at the table with two other players for 2x the insert for the winner. Nowadays you can also play 6 Max with a buy-in of $ 1 or $ 10 with payouts up to 200,000 times your buy-in.

Flip & Go

The Flip & Go is a fun way to enter a poker tournament. You can already expand your stack in different phases in advance and appear at the table as a chip leader. Play up to 8 Flip phases without waiting and all the sheets won are taken to the "Go phase".

With the Flip phase you can select your stack up to 5 times to start with. The more sheets you have at the beginning, the more chance you have to get through the Flip phase.

The intention is that you throw one of the three cards away and go all-in. The board (Run it Twice) is played with an all-in twice until there are two players left.

Another extra option to receive extra tokens is to get a good starting hand with the first three cards. If you have a street, flush, three or a child or straight flush, you will receive between the 2x and 4x extra stack.

Rush & Cash

With Rush & Cash you play poker faster than ever before. After every hand you can click on "Rush" you can click to go to a new hand. All players are placed on the button just as often. Cash drops can appear at the cash game tables with prices between 10BB and 600BB.

When a pot at the cash game tables exceeds 30BB, 0.5BB will be stopped to stop in the prize pool of the "cash drop" to make this possible. You cannot have the common cards share more often (Run it Twice) on the Rush & Cash games. Keep in mind that you will not receive a rakeback if the table is not full.

Cashgame tafels

Do you like to play cash game? GGPoker offers various options to participate. View the range:

Texas Hold’em

It is not for nothing that Texas Hold’em is played the most worldwide. The poker game can be learned within a few minutes, but to really control it you are many years later. Each hand increases the tension as soon as you almost have a good combination or if you already receive two good cards in the beginning. Take it against other players at GGPoker.

You can play No Limit Texas Hold’em CashGame. This means that there is no maximum limit on how much money a player can use in one go. They must have the money for themselves. The limits of the cash game tables vary. For example, with blind people of $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 you play with a standard buy-in of $ 0.50, but there are also blind people of no less than $ 500 / $ 1000 with a standard buy-in of $ 100,000.

6+ Short Deck

A unique concept of GGPoker is the Short Deck Poker. The cards 2 to 5 have been removed from the deck. The Flush beats a full house and you can make the lowest street with an A-6-7-8-9. You can sit at the table with 5 players. The cash game tables of 6+ Short Deck start with a minimal blind of $ 0.02 and a standard buy-in of $ 1.

Low limits go up to $ 0.10 blind, while agent up to $ 1 blinds with a standard buy-in from $ 50 and high up to $ 10 goes with a standard buy-in of $ 500. A deck of 36 is used Tickets played instead of 52 cards.


You can play at GGPoker Pot Limit Omaha. Omaha Poker works about the same as Texas Hold’em, only you now receive four hole cards instead of two. Use two of your own hole cards and three of the common maps on the table to form a good poker hand.

Register and log in

Step 1: Click on the Registration button next to "Register" in the top right corner of the website

Step 2: Enter your details and confirm that you are above 18 years old

Step 3: Think a strong password

Step 4: Enter a GGPoker bonus code if you have it

Step 5: Click on "Do deposit" or "Skip now"

Step 6: Select your deposit method and confirm

Step 7: Take a place at a poker table in the lobby

GGPoker app download

You can download the GGPoker app for free on your mobile device. Click on "Download the free app" to start. Open the file and save it in the "download folder". You can then select the preferred language and click on "Install" in the menu to continue. Registering an account is free. Open the app on your device and click on the "Register" button. You will receive a form that must be completed.

Provide your own e-mail address or telephone number and provide additional additional information that is requested. Now you are ready to log in to the app with your GGPoker account. Choose your own username to play with and you can play poker online! At "Kassier" you can deposit money to get started for real money.

Unique Functions GGPoker

GGPoker offers a huge number of unique functions that you will not encounter at any poker site. It is one of the reasons why GGPoker is so loved. It makes playing online poker even more fun and you will be more interactively involved in the game.

Ask Fedor

Fedor Holz is a well -known poker player. Do you want to improve your poker skills yourself? Then you can opt for the "Ask Fedor" option. You will receive an analysis of an AI system that uses Prometheus. This enables the software to make analyzes and evaluations about the hands you played afterwards. If you have played the hand wrong, the AI system will offer your suggestions for better decisions that you can use in the future.

Fedor Holz

You can request a membership for $ 29.99 per month for 30 analyzes. The package for "advanced" costs $ 99.99 per month and then you can get 100 + 20 extra analyzes on played hands. Then there is the "Premium" option for an amount of $ 199.99 per month. With this you can receive unlimited analyzes.


The moment you have had a "bad beat" around your ears or lose a large pot, you can use "Splashes". There are three types of splashes, including the water bucket, the egg and the smoking screen. You can apply these splashes to the opponent who knows how to beat you at that time. Show in this way that you are disappointed. You can also leave the table reactions such as a thumbs up or down while playing.

NFT Avatars

The NFT, also known as non-bungible token, can be used as an avatar. Are you in possession of a great NFT? Show this as your avatar and other poker players can find extra information about, for example, the value in Ethereum.


With the EV Cashout function you can ensure that your aces are never cracked again. You can get out of one hand early as soon as you are all-in with other players. If one of the players at that time has more than 60% equity after the flop has been opened, the player can opt for the EV Cashout. Regardless of the result of the hand, the player receives the payment and gives the pot with it.


Would you like to express yourself while playing at GGPoker? You can record a video of 15 seconds and send it to the rest of the players. Keep in mind that no racist or sexist messages or images are allowed.

Smart HUD

With Smart Hud it is possible to view detailed statistics from opponents or yourself. View the three biggest hands against the player you are playing against or learn from the style of opponents at that time and improve your own mistakes.

Smart Betting

Smart Betting is especially for mobile users. With Smart Betting, GGPoker makes it easier to use players and offers suggestions for what you can use. Smart Betting adapts to you based on previously played hands and your own playing style.


After you have received your cards, you can let them "squine". In an all-in or showdown situation you can squeeze the cards on the board. Furthermore, you can view the turn or river after folding in pots that are larger than 100bb. Keep in mind that you cannot squeeze holecards in all-in or fold sit & go games.


You can win various jackpots at GGPoker.

Bad Beat Jackpot

GGPoker offers a Bad Beat Jackpot. You can win this jackpot the moment you lose with a full house of Azen over Tienen or better at Texas Hold’em and Rush & Cash. At Pot Limit Omaha you have to lose with a four or a child two or better while using two of the Holecards. At Plo5 you are eligible for the jackpot if you lose with a Four of A child or better and better and with short deck poker if you lose with a four or a child six or better. The hand must come to a showdown to count.

All-in or Fold Jackpot

During All-in or Fold games you can win a jackpot at Hold’em Poker if you can form the best possible Straight Flush with your own two holecards and three common cards on the table. At Omaha you have to get a Royal Flush to hit the jackpot.

Payment methods

GGPoker offers the most familiar deposit options in the Netherlands to transfer money to your poker account. Playing with iDeal poker is possible at GGPoker. Pour money through your own bank and within a few minutes you can already play for real money. Another similar option is Trustly. There are also credit cards such as Visa & Mastercard with which a deposit or payment is possible.

Responsible play at GGPoker

At GGPoker a lot of attention has been paid to responsible play. You can find enough information about this on the website

What does GGPoker do about safety and protection?

  • GGPoker points you to a "reality check" to remind you that you have been playing for longer than you have set. You can set a reality check for, for example, a period of 60, 120, 240 or 360 minutes.
  • Advice and help from independent organizations is offered. GGPoker has this neatly on the "Responsible Play" page. You can go to organizations such as counter opportunity game, Center for Responsible Games, Agog and Ready for Change.
  • You get the opportunity to set your own deposit limits and have it adjusted at any time. You can [email protected] And you will be helped in time to set the limits for even more control during your game. Set how much you want to spend per day, week or month or how long you want to play as much as possible.
  • Cruks is central register exclusion of games of chance and serves as a register for players with a gambling addiction. GGPoker always keeps a close eye on whether you do not show exceeding playing behavior. You can be forced to be placed in Cruks, but you can also register yourself voluntarily for this. Once you are registered in Cruks, you can no longer go to Online & Offline Casinos with a permit from the Gaming Authority for at least 6 months.

Background ggpoker

Since 2014, GGPoker has focused on the Asian market and in 2016 extended the supply to European countries. In October 2021, GGPoker received a license from the Gaming Authority to operate legally in the Netherlands. Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 players at the same time during high peak moments. GGPoker has grown so quickly because of the unique tools that they make available to the players. Setting your own avatar in NFT or the "Bubble Protection" to asking questions about the hands played for Fedor Holz has been made possible.

Frequently asked questions ggpoker

Find the answer to frequently asked questions about GGPoker.

Does GGPoker have a permit?

Yes, GGPoker is managed by Nsus Malta LTD and operates License (KSA 1612) under the American Gaming Authority. The permit was issued by the KSA on September 29, 2021. GGPoker has been live since October 2, 2021.

What makes GGPoker worthwhile?

GGPoker has a huge prize pool for online poker tournaments. On September 6, 2020, GGPoker managed to set a record for biggest prize pool ever at an online poker room. The many unique functions and exclusive poker games that you can play at GGPoker make it worthwhile. Moreover, you can regularly enjoy fun promotions and poker bonuses and/or cashback as a VIP.

Do I receive a poker bonus at GGPoker?

Yes, there is a welcome bonus where you can choose from rewards up to $ 100 or a deposit bonus from 100% to $ 225. View the conditions for how you can play the bonus freely.

Can I play casino games at GGPoker?

No. No casino games have been made available for American players. This is possible on the international website of, including the "Live Casino" very popular.