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Twitch is a platform that is often used by visitors to online casinos. Via Twitch they stream the visit live at the online casino. If you visit an online casino, then of course you want to feel the tension and sensation of a normal casino. This is possible by visiting the online casino via a live stream.

To get such a live stream going, you need a platform. Twitch is a platform on which you can visit the online casino via a live stream.

The difference between a live stream and YouTube

Sometimes people think that a live stream is the same as a YouTube video. That is definitely not the case. There is a big difference between a live stream and a YouTube video. A video on YouTube was recorded in advance and then posted on YouTube. The video can be edited and adjusted. If you watch a YouTube video, then that is never live. The video can be years old.

If you look at a live stream, you will always watch live. Nothing can be edited or adjusted. You watch the camera live and you see what is happening at that moment. If you look at a live stream of an online casino via Twitch, then you will see what happens live in that casino at that time. You are really there. You visit the casino online.

Why would you view a live stream from an online casino?

Now you might wonder why you would view a live stream of an online casino via Twitch. The answer is pretty simple and it is also the reason that hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people view a live stream. Namely out of curiosity.

Many enthusiastic casino visitors are very curious about how things are going in an online casino. A live stream may be able to convert their curiosity into an actual visit to this online casino. And that is of course the ultimate goal behind this live stream for the online casinos.

Tips via a live stream

By visiting a casino via a live stream you can learn a lot about the online casino as a gambling enthusiast. You can judge for yourself whether a slot machine or a certain game is worth it. But you can also visit the live casino, for example. By looking carefully how the games are played you can also learn from everything about how to make a profit in the online casino. By watching a live stream of an online casino via Twitch, you can gain many tips for when you actually play a game in the casino.

For example, you can see how others have a number of jars via a live stream roulette Or play blackjack, you can take advantage of it. You often know exactly how the game works and how to play the game to win. This gives you a lead on playing the game as a gambling enthusiast. Via a live stream you can also talk to other streamers at Twitch. This way you can share experiences and tips with each other. You can also ask other streamers about their opinion of a certain game.

Who are the streamers on Twitch?

If you take a closer look at the streamers, who take a closer look at a casino via Twitch, you see that these are often all experienced slot machine players. They all have a lot of experience with all kinds of different slots and online games.

That is why it is so nice for streamers to be able to talk to other experiential experts about everything they see in the live stream of the online casino. You talk to like -minded people and you know that you talk to people who, like you, know about it.

Streaming on Twitch is a form of blogging

What many YouTubers do also do many streamers on Twitch. A well -known YouTuber with many followers also often holds a live stream. During that live stream you can then ask questions via chat. Or you can leave a comment via the chat. The YouTuber often directs the fun, funny and interesting reactions. You can also see something like that at the streamers on Twitch.

Gok lovers who make a live stream via Twitch often talk to their live viewers via chat. They often ask viewers to actively participate in this live stream. In this way the online casino visit is made interactively. You often see that the streamers ask their viewers for help while playing a certain game. The viewers give their opinion through the chat. Just like with YouTube and other social media channels, you often see here that viewers express their emotions and feelings in the chat.

Angry reactions during the live stream

If a streamer makes a choice during a game, which a viewer does not agree, you can often read this directly in the chat. That chat is visible to all viewers and therefore not just for the streamer. Such an angry reaction naturally provokes many other reactions among the other viewers and you get an interactive live stream. Although you can also make a live stream on YouTube, Twitch is a very popular platform among the casino streamers. You will therefore almost never find this on YouTube.

Well -known casino streamers on Twitch

The Twitch platform is best known among the casino streamers. The well -known names such as Rocknrolla, LetsGiveitaspin and Davidlabowsky are very large here. They have between 13,000 and 15,000 followers. And some accounts have more than 300,000 views. Many professional casino streamers make live streams on this platform. And they are very successful in this. Many streamers are traditionally professional poker players. You see that many poker players have made the switch to streaming. These famous casino streamers are very popular with the casino visitors.

The benefits of a live stream of an online casino

If you look at live streams from online casinos you can provide a number of benefits. You can use these benefits if you decide to take a gamble in one Legal online casino.

Learning to play the game and learn to win

One of the benefits of viewing a live stream is that you learn to play the game. By looking at how the streamer plays the game, you can also learn how to play the game in such a way that you actually win. You can also help all comments, tips and experiences that share the other viewers of the live stream via the chat. You can all take this with you if you finally decide to play the game yourself.

Get to know new slots

The streamers naturally want to make interesting streams. As a result, they will often look up the newest slots in the live casinos. They will play the game and so you can get to know that new slot machine in an accessible way. You learn how the cupboard works, you learn how to play the game tactically and you mainly learn how to play to win.

Gain social s

During a live stream you can also chat with all other viewers. In this way you always get to know new people. If you regularly follow a live stream on Twitch from a famous streamer, you will find that you often come across the same people who also look at this live stream. That way you can make new social s by looking at a live stream. You are often already interested in common, namely the interest in online casinos. This can even lead to new friendships.

Share ideas and tips with others

You don't watch a live stream alone. Together with many others you look at the same live stream. Sometimes with hundreds or thousands at the same time. You will also notice that many people leave a comment through the chat. You can respond to this again. In this way you can use the live stream to share ideas and tips about certain slots with others.

It's free and educational

The last advantage of viewing a live stream is that it is free and educational. You can get acquainted with various games in the online casino for free. You can form an opinion about a certain game and you can then make a well -considered decision whether or not to play the game. In addition, a live stream is also often very instructive. You can learn from the streamer, from the game, but also from all the comments from all other viewers.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is best compared to YouTube. It is a platform on which you can watch and post videos. With Twitch it is often about live streams, while YouTube often concerns pre -recorded videos. Twitch is a popular and well -known platform among visitors to online casinos and also among streamers of live streams at online casinos. On this platform you can learn a lot about playing slots and dice games.

The disadvantages of live streaming via Twitch

A disadvantage of the live streams that you can view via Twitch is that there is no age limit to it. Everyone can view these live streams, just as everyone can watch all the videos on YouTube. At the online casinos in the Netherlands you can only gamble when you are 18 years or older. The online casinos also check this with everyone who creates an account at an online casino. The live streams on Twitch can be viewed for everyone, young and old.

Accessible to everyone, including people who are younger than 18 years old

That Twitch is a platform that is also accessible to people under the age of 18 can be a disadvantage of this platform. Young people can easily access the live stream in this way. So they can also watch the online casinos, they learn how to play the games and they can even post comments and ask questions via the LiveChat. As a result, they often know at a younger age how to play certain games, while the American Gaming Authority wants to protect these young people from gambling addiction.

The streamers are often sponsored

A disadvantage of the live streams on Twitch is that the streamers themselves are often sponsored. So you no longer know what their own opinion is and for what opinion they are paid by their sponsor. This makes it no longer transparent and honest. Because sponsors sometimes work with contracts, the streamers are forced to get positive about certain games. That way you as a viewer sometimes do not know where you stand.

Fortunately, the viewers can always ventilate their comments in the live chat. This gives you as a viewer a realistic picture of a certain game. You know for sure that they are not bound by a sponsor contract. So on the basis of the reactions you often know where you stand.

What makes a live stream of a casino so interesting to look at?

People like to look at a live stream from an online casino for various reasons. First of all out of interest. They would like to know what a live casino looks like and what games are offered. By looking at a live stream, the viewer knows exactly where he stands. He can immediately determine whether the online casino is worth a visit or not.

  • No risk for you

Another reason that a live stream from a casino is viewed so well is that you can get to know a game well in this way, without running the risk of losing money. Normally you only get to know a game by actually using money. Via a live stream you can get to know the game for free, you do not run any risk and you also get all kinds of tips and tricks to see and hear.

  • It is addictive

Finally, it has an addictive effect for many people. We are increasingly on our phone. And people are watching videos more and more often. A whole generation grows up, which no longer reads, but mainly learns by watching videos. Once you have looked at a nice live stream, you are inclined to watch this person's live streams more often. You are there, as it were. And you get the feeling that you are friends with the person of the live stream.

  • Own community

Sometimes you have some time left and then it is easy and fun to have a look a piece of a live stream. For when your favorite streamer plays a game, it is sometimes almost addictive to watch. You feel the tension of winning or losing. And that feeling ensures that you want to look more often. You look the live stream together with many others. You can talk to each other about the game, you can exchange tips. It is actually a very own community that you are in. Together with all like -minded people with the same interest, the live stream is a safe environment.


From the above you can conclude that Twitch is a platform in which people with a love for online casinos meet. They are not physical encounters, but these encounters take place online. The streamer makes a live stream in a casino and the viewers go with him during that live stream.

It is a social event in which the viewers talk to each other. But first of all, the streamer is talked about. The viewers tell him through the chat on Twitch what they think of the game, but also what they think of the choices the streamer has made.

By viewing different live streams, you as a viewer learn how to play the games, you get tips, advice and ideas. You ultimately know exactly how a game works and often you also know which tactic you have to apply to actually win. Twitch is a platform on which many enthusiasts of online casinos meet. Friendships are made and you can learn and learn a lot from each other. Via a live stream on Twitch you can take a look at a real online casino, without it costs you money.