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In general there are 2 different types of gamblers in online casinos. One type just wants to take a chance for pleasure and relaxation and does this for an hour or two. The other type does it to make big profits and is working for hours to improve his play and profit.

Whatever type of gambler you are, it is always important to remember that the casino wins the most. It makes no difference which game you choose.

It online casinoo Do not offer these games so that you can earn money from it, but so that they can achieve big profits with it themselves. This does not mean that you always lose, but more often than you win.

Choose a low house advantage

An important factor that you should think of when you choose a game is the house advantage. The higher the house advantage, the more chance the house has to win and that is of course not favorable for you as a player.

If you always start a casino game before you look at the house advantage, you can easily determine for yourself whether it is a game that you can win with. It can help you improve your game behavior and let you make better choices.

It can also help to see which strategy works best for which game. A good strategy can also help you reduce the house advantage and can make you more profit.

Built -in Huisvoordeel

If you talk about the house advantage of a Casino games, then this is about how the benefit system of the game is made and how much advantage that the casino can deliver. At the same time it indicates how much chance you as a player to win.

This house advantage is always a percentage. Since an online casino wants to earn money, every casino game is provided with a system with a house advantage. If a casino does not have this, chances are that it will lose a lot of money. The online casino is of course not created for this.

With a house advantage of, for example, 3%, an online casino lags 3% of your bet as a profit for the casino. At $ 100 that is around $ 3 per bet. The lower the percentage, the better.

Influence the game yourself

The house advantage therefore shows the possible payouts shared by the possible outcomes of a game. One game works differently than the other. For Poker, for example, it is more difficult to calculate the house advantage than with a slot machine.

By choosing a game where you have to use your skills, you can therefore lower the house advantage. You can then influence the game yourself and are not dependent on a game system such as with a slot machine.

A combination of your strategy and choice for a game with a low house advantage can help you win money instead of losing. Your chance to win a game are very close to this house advantage percentage.

The payment percentage

In addition to the house advantage, there is also another term that is related to this and that is the benefit percentage. In principle, this is a representation of how the house advantage relates to the player. You can calculate this percentage by picking up the house advantage of 100% and then you know how many cases are being paid.

With an advantage of 3%, the benefit percentage is therefore 97%. The higher this percentage is, and therefore the lower the house advantage, the more favorable it is for you as a player of course.

With a lower benefit percentage, the casino will earn more and of course you do not want this as a player. So always look at this before you choose a game in an online casino.

Video poker a blackjack

There are a number of games where the house advantage is low and those are the games where you as a player should actually make a move. One of the games with the lowest house advantage is Video Poker.

There are different versions of video poker and then you have the lowest house advantage at Jacks or Better. In addition, it is important that you play with a good strategy and play with maximum bets. This version of Poker is only played with automated systems and has a house advantage of 0.44%.

With Blackjack the advantage of the house is up to 0.5% and this can be played online and in physical casinos. Here too, your strategy is important to be able to get the most out of it.

Pontoon and baccarat

Another version of Blackjack, Pontoon, also has a very low house advantage. This is often between 0.4% and 0.71%. Pontoon is the same as blackjack alone is played with a card game without ten.

There are also several online slot machines that have a very low house advantage. This can be 1% to 2% and can give you a lot of benefits. By searching well for these types of lock machines you can achieve more winnings.

Another game that is also popular thanks to the low house advantage is Baccarat or also Bank point. This is a good game for high rollers and has a house advantage of 1.06% to 1.04% depending on whether you bet on the couch or player. With a draw it is 14.36%.

Games to avoid Through the big house advantage

There are of course also many games with a high house advantage. As mentioned, it is best to avoid these types of games, at least if you want to keep your chances of winning as high as possible.

The games you want to avoid are land based slots with a house advantage of 15%. It is also better to ignore Keno through the house advantage up to 29% and Money Wheel with a house advantage of 22% idem ditto.

With Three Card Poker and American roulette The house advantage is a bit lower, but with 7.28% and 5.26% it is still games that you should not play. It is of course up to yourself to choose a game, but by looking home advantage, you can enlarge your chances of winning.