Can you start an online casino yourself?

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An online casino is a lucrative way to make money. After all, casinos have built a house advantage, so that you can consider it a good company. However, it is not for everyone. After all, not everyone is willing to go through a large number of steps.

However, it is possible if you are going to deepen yourself well and have enough money available for starting the company. But how can you do it then? The information below lets you exactly what you should think about, so that you can organize your own online casino.

An online casino start almost impossible

Although it is possible to have a Legal online casino To set up, you should not assume that your website will run well. It is made difficult to actually start. Of course you can get started illegally, but the chance that it will cost you much more money is high and you want to prevent this. This may be a good thing too. After all, players must be protected against the illegal practices that take place on the internet.

If you still want to put on an online casino, you have to go through a large number of steps and ensure that you do everything as well as possible. After all, with the new distance games of chance in the Netherlands, it can sound interesting to become an entrepreneur.

The supplies for an online casino

It is not strange that you as an entrepreneur want to work within the online gambling industry. Statista, the statistics database, shows that the market value within Europe is 94 billion dollars in 2024. However, setting up an online casino in the Netherlands is not easy. For example, you are dealing with various permit requirements, marketing the online casino and getting the casino online online.

The permit requirements are so strict that it is not possible for most people to actually get a permit. In addition, the authorities prefer to give permits to the companies that have been showing for a longer period of time that they do not interfere with illegal practices.

Applying for a permit

In the Netherlands, the American Gaming Authority market supervision. It is an independent administrative body that is implementing the policy on behalf of the Minister for Legal Protection. This authority has been found in the applicable gambling legislation. The law that must be viewed for this is the remote Gambling Act (KOA).

The treatments of the permit applications are also with this authority and you are therefore expected to take a number of points with you before you submit your application.

For example, you must always use the original application form of the KSA. You must complete this form completely and also not to forget the appendices. A number of additional documents and documents will also be asked. Therefore, make sure that you have everything at hand before you start the application or that you ensure that you will collect the documents so that you can fully send everything.

Without these additional documents, your application will not be processed and you cannot therefore start with your online casino.

The requirements

The application form has a number of other requirements. These are mainly in the technical field. For example, the application form may only be supplied in PDF format and must be in color at any time. The resolution is 300 dpi/ppi or higher. It is important that the document is searchable via Optical Character Recognition.

For an online casino in the Netherlands, the document must always be prepared in American. Some pieces, such as contracts with third parties, may be supplied in another language. Always make sure that the document is legible.

The costs of the application and the financial security statement

Although you are already going to spend a lot of money on setting up your own company, applying for a permit is not free of charge. The application itself costs 48,000 euros. A financial security of at least 50,000 euros is also requested. You must bear in mind that the application costs are not paid if you do not receive a permit. So you have always lost the money.

The financial security statement is a minimal amount mentioned above. It may also be that the KSA requires a higher amount from you. For example, a maximum of 870,000 euros may be requested as a certainty.

This financial security statement is seen as a form of bank guarantee. The applicant can always go for a different form than a bank guarantee, but then it must be submitted to an external financial institution. The security serves as an extra security for the gambling authorities to be able to demonstrate that you can meet the financial obligations.

Consider, for example, the gambling levy or administrative sanctions that must be paid. Additional financial security is therefore always requested and you must therefore have a lot of money available in advance to be able to submit the application at all.

The content of the permit application

Since the arrival of regulation in the Netherlands, the permit applications have also been put into operation. For example, you have to provide many documents, which must meet a large number of requirements. This way you are the first to deal with the general information. This includes an extract from the trade register, which may not be older than 60 days before the application. The applicable articles of association and an up -to -date organization chart must also be present. From here the application can be further completed.

In addition, a number of rules have been drawn up that must demonstrate reliability. Article 4 Policy rules KOA is about integrity, for example. It must become clear that the integrity risks are mapped, be analyzed and can be prevented. You must therefore be able to demonstrate that you do everything to be able to meet this integrity.

Article 5 Policy rules KOA gives more information about continuity and Article 6 is about the payment transactions. The various payment instruments and payment service providers must always be described. In addition, according to Article 7, there must be a separate players credit. This can be done through the bank guarantee, through the American Derdengelden Foundation or other methods.

The bank guarantee

One of the contents of the permit application is the bank guarantee. This is an agreement between the applicant and the bank, which shows that a guarantee has been issued by a financial enterprise. The Assurance report must then clearly demonstrate how the player's credit is guaranteed and here must be a signature of an auditor. A statement from the accountant must also be drawn up according to the format of the KSA.

American Stichting Derdengelden

The American Derdengelden Foundation is another method to give the guarantee. For this, the articles of association and founding deeds must be supplied, which shows the purpose of the foundation. There must also be an extract from the Trade Register, a signed agreement between the applicant and founder, a declaration of the directors of the Foundation's directors, an assurance report that indicates the assets of the foundation and a statement of the auditor according to the format from the KSA.

The other methods

You can also switch to other methods. Strict requirements are set for this. Think of the Assurance report, which indicates how the money from the players is guaranteed. This report must always be signed by an auditor. A statement must also be drawn up according to the KSA format and you have to deal with Article 8 of the KOA policy rules regarding financial security.

For example, you can think of a deposit, bank guarantee or a bail. It is important that you always provide as many documents as possible, which must meet the strict requirements.

Other legislation for the application

As an applicant you have to deal with a large number of laws and policy rules. Think of Article 9 Act to prevent money laundering and financing terrorism. The anti-money laundering policy must ensure that unusual transactions are reported immediately and other players can get started with their favorite games safely.

Article 10 Sanctions Act is also an important regulations. Article 11 outsourcing shows which activities and tasks are carried out by other authorities and which risks this entails. These documents may be supplied in English.

The Central Register Exclusion Gambling (Article 12 of the KOA policy rules)

As an applicant for a permit from an online casino you also have to have a positive Cruks advice. You must therefore go through a number of steps to complete the request. First, an identification and access system must be chosen. This may be outsourced to a third party. There must also be a good reason why you want to join.

If the reason is well -founded according to the Gaming Authority you will receive a confirmation email and you can continue to the next step. You then request a PKIoverheid certificate. This is a public key infrastructure for the government and refers to a computer file that works as a digital passport. The application costs around 400 euros and lasts two weeks.

Once the application for the PKIoverheid certificate is complete, you must install and activate it. This then ensures that a connection is made with the cruks server. The key must then go to the KSA in PEM format. A message then follows whether the KSA can test the registration in the test environment. The connection test is described in the mail, there is also more information about the API specifications, a description of the steps and what details you can consult at the technical service. Finally, the KSA will test the system with the casino. Only when this test is approved, you will receive a release advice and you are affiliated with Cruks.

Working with addiction prevention

Article 18 KOA policy rules is about addiction prevention. The American online casinos must all comply with this. You must therefore ensure that you collect a large number of documents and details that have to do with this. Consider, for example, a evidence that legal representatives are authorized to perform the representation, that they are experts in this area and that various experts from addiction care collaborate with your casino. You must also state the details of the legal representatives.

It is important that you will go through this policy rule well. This is because many different documents have to be included and it can soon happen that you overlook one. Also make sure that you work out your addiction policy well. This can be a decisive factor when obtaining the permit.

Also don't forget the training plan. This must make clear which courses and courses must have been followed and which institutions will offer these courses. The addiction prevention can thus be fully mapped out.

Getting the casino online

As soon as you have the permit, you can start getting your own casino online. This is also not easy. You must have a good idea of the branding of the casino. How are you going to ensure that you get your online casino on the market and how do you ensure that they actually attract players? There is a lot of competition on the market, so it is important that you will pay as much attention as possible to this. Drawing up a good plan can help you with this and ensures that you may get a better running casino than the competition will get.

In addition, you have to start thinking about the game offer. This range of game must also be distinctive from the competition. An online casino is therefore not possible without a good range of game. For example, the games of reliable play providers must come and the range must be varied.

Therefore, look for different types Slots and table games, but don't forget to look at bingo, poker or scrick cards. Larger developers may be able to help you get the games on the website. If you enter into a collaboration with big time gaming, Netent or Microgaming, players will also be more inclined to create an account at your online casino.

The layout of the website

The website is the online business card of your casino. It is therefore important that it looks completely good and actually starts to attract the attention of players. This starts with the name of the casino. The website must also be striking and catchy. If the website does not work properly, players will look for a different environment.

It is therefore important that you have the website made by a professional, so that you are sure that no problems can arise in this area. With this you also see your income grow considerably. The more players there are, the higher your income will ultimately be.

So you are going to look at a good appearance. As a gamble enthusiast you often already know what attracts you best and what is just repeling. You can include this in the development of your own online casino. If the website looks sloppy, you will not appear reliable either. That is why you should never save on your website, no matter how attractive it sounds. Also look at any solutions for malfunctions. Disruptions can cause a lot of damage to the income. Your website will therefore have to be online at all times.

You also ensure that the website of your online casino is accessible on various devices. Nowadays, websites can be set up in such a way that they automatically adjust to the size of a screen. This way, players can not only get started with your games from behind their computer or laptop, but also via their mobile or tablet.

In addition, you must continue to ensure that it all goes smoothly. This entails extra costs, but at the same time offers a large number of benefits. You can also start to think about launching an app. This ensures even more customers in the long term.

Offering payment methods

As the owner of an online casino you have to provide your players with as many conveniences as possible. This happens, among other things, in the field of payment methods that are offered. The players must be able to deposit money into the account in various ways and also be able to request payouts when achieving profits.

It is therefore best to see which payment methods should not be missing. Mastercard, iDeal, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are one of the most used payment methods at online casinos. So most players will know these methods and you indicate that you are reliable.

You must then conclude agreements with these payment providers. So you can't just open an online casino and put the payment methods on your website. After all, payments will run through the provider and be settled. Keep in mind that a provider always wants to see a permit before an agreement is concluded.

The total costs for starting an online casino

It is good to not only look at the costs of the application, but also at the other costs involved when starting an online casino. There is a starting package for a range of game, which costs around 200,000 euros. This also includes a percentage for profit, which is usually between 20 and 40 percent. As a casino you can immediately get started with offering the casino games.

If you want to get separate slots, you must count on amounts between 3000 and 5000 euros. A larger range of playing therefore automatically means much more costs.

In addition, there are various gambling games from suppliers where a mandatory central jackpot can be found. The casino will then have to be able to pay the jackpot if it falls. A reserve of around half a million euros must be demonstrated for this. This ensures that other winning players can also be easily paid out. This seems a lot, but it can happen that a jackpot falls and you have to take care of a payment.

It can considerably deteriorate your reputation if you cannot meet the payment obligations and you want to prevent this at any time.

Marketing your casino

It is then important that you put your online casino on the market. However, regulating advertising and marketing and its expression is of paramount importance to the KSA. Stricter requirements have therefore been drawn up for advertising a casino. For example, participation in this should not be encouraged.

The risk of an addiction must be prevented as much as possible. In addition, nothing else may be promoted than for which a permit has been granted. Of course, the advertisement should not be misleading and not seem aggressive. This ensures that misinformation no longer occurs.

The players may not be encouraged for participation if it has a bad effect on financial, social or social situations or health. It must always be indicated that there are risks associated with gambling.

Access to addiction care must also always be indicated. It is therefore not allowed to make the players nice with bonuses that apply at that time or a certain Happy Hour. So you need to take this into account if you are going to advertise for your own online casino. This prevents your permit from being purchased. You can then get started with your own casino.